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Then and 1954
Then in 1950 came the fast and dangerous Carrera Panamericana, a road race in stages across Mexico to celebrate the opening of the asphalt highway between the Guatemala and United States borders, which ran until 1954.
Then in 1954, H. J. Cook added new considerations to support Lederer's thesis, beyond just the pragmatic " it works.
*" Till Then " ( 1954 ) ( revival of a 1944 hit for The Mills Brothers )
Then, on November 22, 1965, the Staten Island Citizens Planning Committee ( SICPC ), which had begun in 1954 as an ad-hoc committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Staten Island, issued the first of many position papers beginning by invoking Olmsted s plea for a linear park ; it concluded by presenting an alternate parkway plan that would spare what has come to be known as the Staten Island Greenbelt, a term proposed by landscape architect, Bradford Greene, one of the group s founding members.
Then in 1954 at Georgetown University she earned a Ph. D.
Then, in 1954, he appeared in the Broadway production of Fanny opposite Florence Henderson.
Then U. S. Under-Secretary of State Walter Bedell Smith said, " In connection with the statement in the Declaration concerning free elections in Vietnam, my government wishes to make clear its position which it has expressed in a Declaration made in Washington on June 29, 1954, as follows: ' In the case of nations now divided against their will, we shall continue to seek unity through free elections, supervised by the United Nations to ensure they are conducted fairly.
Then, in 1954 the first president of the BfV, Otto John, fled to the GDR.
Then, in 1954 – 55, the icebreaker USS Atka ( AGB-3 ) made a scouting expedition for future landing sites and bays.

Then and acquired
Then, when it has acquired strength, it takes up that nest in which are the bones of its parent, and bearing these it passes from the land of Arabia into Egypt, to the city called Heliopolis.
Then John M. Landis, a veteran newspaperman who had established a paper in Gillett, moved to DeWitt and acquired the name of the New Era.
Then in 1909, were acquired by the Seminole Land & Investment Company as the site for a Grand Army of the Republic veterans ' colony.
Then in 1546 the King, who had broken from the Church of Rome and acquired great wealth through the dissolution of the monasteries in England, refounded the college as Christ Church as part of the re-organisation of the Church of England, making the partially demolished Priory church the cathedral of the recently created diocese of Oxford.
Then all five major “ free standing ” investment banks ( i. e., those not part of a bank holding company ) entered bankruptcy proceedings ( Lehman Brothers ), were acquired by bank holding companies ( Bear Stearns by JP Morgan Chase and Merrill Lynch by Bank of America ), or became bank holding companies by converting their industrial loan companies (“ nonbank banks ”) into a national ( Morgan Stanley ) or state chartered Federal Reserve member bank ( Goldman Sachs ).
Then he worked for several publishing companies where he published, acquired, edited, marketed, and developed quality children's books.
Then, on December 7, 2006, Washington announced that they had acquired a full W-League franchise.
Then, prior to their season opening game of the 1963 season, Saskatchewan acquired Ottawa Rough Riders quarterback Ron Lancaster on July 30 on a straight cash basis following three years with the Eastern Riders.
Then, in 2011, when Southwest acquired AirTran Airways, Pensacola city officials were excited about the prospect of Southwest beginning service to the airport.
Then in 2002 after a protracted hostile buyout, the company acquired Willamette Industries, Inc. of Portland, Oregon.
Then in November, Take-Two acquired Firaxis for including possible performance bonuses.
Then William Ogilvie, who had acquired the Ardglass estate, had a harbour built.
Then the dome was known as the Trans World Dome, after Trans World Airlines, until 2001, when TWA was acquired by American Airlines ( American already has its name on two NBA / NHL venues in Dallas and Miami ).
Then, on 24 February 1996, British Rail's three trainload freight companies-Loadhaul Ltd, Mainline Freight Ltd and Transrail Freight Ltd-were acquired for a total of £ 225 million.
Then, from September 1992 until September 2010, WBZ aired Entertainment Tonight ( which it had acquired from WHDH-TV ) at 7: 30pm.
Hidden Beach Recordings, an independent label, acquired the masters from Atlantic and released the album as Back to Then in July 2002.
Then in June 2004 it acquired a 40. 5 % holding in the Christchurch Casino when it bought Aspinal Limited.
Then after a series of lawsuits and appeals, Caltrans had to abandon the project in 2004 and sell off the property it had acquired in the name of eminent domain along the proposed route.
Then, in 1993, Hospitality Franchise Systems acquired Super 8 Motels for $ 125 million.
Then in the mid-1990s, the name Land Warrior was initially handled by a division of Hughes Aerospace, which was subsequently acquired by Raytheon.
Then, on August 30, 2002, Barry Tunick, who had been the Chief Executive Officer since 1991, acquired Estes-Cox Corporation from the private equity fund, TCW Capital, for the sum of $ 15 million.
Then in 1999, Midland Bank acquired the government of Malta s 67. 1 % direct holding in Mid-Med, as well its 2. 7 % indirect holdings.
Then in 1963, the bank acquired 50 % of the finance company, Aymoré de Crédito, Financiamento e Investimento.
Then in October 2003, Banco Real acquired Banco Sudameris from Banca Intesa ; in 1998, Sudameris had bought Banco América do Sul, which Japanese immigrants had founded in 1944.
Then by June 1969, North American Van Lines Inc. was fully acquired by PepsiCo through PepsiCo's already existing subsidiary, Spedco Inc.

Then and Banque
Then, however, investment bank Lazard, on the behalf of Banque de France and powered by J. P. Morgan & Co., bought immense amounts of francs, causing the franc to rise again, to 15 franc per dollar.

Then and pour
Then pour water or light oil from a graduated beaker into the chamber to fill the chamber to its gasket surface.
Then he will pour hot water on the diskos ( paten ), which is then poured into the chalice and consumed ( this is to consume any particles that may remain on the diskos ).
Then his faithful disciples bring him saké in place of a ceremonial offering, pour electricity back into his robot heart, and wait for him to start moving ...
Then add the almonds and pour the mixture in waxed paper cups and leave to cool.
Then the Cardinal Bishop of Porto said: We supplicate you, Almighty God, effect your customary devotion and pour out on this your servant, __, the grace of the Holy Spirit that he who is constituted at the head of our church as the servant of the mystery, you would strengthen with the fullness of virtue.
Then, he was secretary general of the Rally for the Republic ( Rassemblement pour la République or RPR ) political party from 1988 to 1995.
Then pour the water on the top of the forehead and wipe down with the right hand.
Then the host pours hot water onto the leaves and will then pour out the water very quickly, thereby rinsing the leaves of any dust and opening them up slightly.
Then, the host will pour the hot water into the decanting bowl and allow it to cool to the correct temperature for the tea they are using.
Then pour over his head from the torment of scalding water.
Then, he followed, with Malraux and Aragon, the Journées d ' amité pour l ' union sovétique ( The afternoons of friendship for the Soviet Union ).
* Then, carefully pour a small amount of water.
Then we can become pour de bon a military state and organise and rule the conquered lands with a firm military hand.
Then slice the peel and pour the boiled water in a cup.

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