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Then and 1983
Then during the regular-season finale on December 17, 1983, Moseley set an NFL scoring record with 161 points while Riggins ' total of 144 points was second.
Then in 1983, various trapped gases were reported in impact-formed glass of the EET79001 shergottite, gases which closely resembled those in the martian atmosphere as analyzed by Viking.
He is best known for his works A Long Day ’ s Dying ( his first work, published in 1950 ); The Book of Bebb, a tetralogy based on the character Leo Bebb published in 1979 ; Godric, a first person narrative of the life of the medieval saint, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1981 ; Brendan, a second novel narrating a saint ’ s life, published in 1987 ; Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations with Frederick Buechner ( 1992 ); and his autobiographical works The Sacred Journey ( 1982 ), Now and Then ( 1983 ), Telling Secrets ( 1991 ), and The Eyes of the Heart: Memoirs of the Lost and Found ( 1999 ).
To date, this includes four volumes: The Sacred Journey ( 1982 ), Now and Then ( 1983 ), Telling Secrets ( 1991 ), Secrets in the Dark ( 2006 ).
* 1983 Now and Then published ( second volume of autobiography )
* Now and Then: A Memoir of Vocation, 1983
101 or from the author of Panzers in Normandy – Then and Now, located Wittmann and his crew's unmarked grave in 1983.
Then he appeared in the 1983 movie Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island as Yosemite Sam's first mate.
This led some of their more hardcore fans to feel alienated, and in the face of low sales and concert attendances, they broke up in 1983, when Burns said: " Our last LP Now Then was to my mind the best album we have made.
Then in 1983 he graduated from Higher Military Aviation School in Akhtubinsk, with a engineering diploma.
Then he joined the Associated Press, serving in Asia and Africa before being assigned to Lebanon as the chief Mideast correspondent in 1983.
Then he met Beatrice Ingermann, who in the Lower Town area ( Eifel ) had bee operating since 1983 a similar project that was also a community.
Then Shreveport Journal editor Stanley R. Tiner reported after the campaign of 1983 that Edwards disbelieves in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and does not personally expect to go to heaven.
After the short-lived Now And Then ( 1983, ITV ) they returned to form with Ever Decreasing Circles, which reunited the writers with Briers.
* Now And Then ( 1983 )
Then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton proclaimed March 26, 1983 " Economic Dignity Day " in the state of Arkansas.
Then in 1976 he took up an appointment with the World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ), in which he was appointed in 1983 to the newly-created post of Director for Asia and the Pacific.
Then he became alderman in Jodoigne from 1977 to 1983, " secretary-general " of the Parti Réformateur Libéral ( PRL ) political party from 1980 to 1982 and chairman of the PRL from 1982 to 1990 and from 1995 to 1999.
Then, it was reconstructed thanks to contributions from notable people of the city, but it was necessary to restore it again after the earthquake of 1983.
Then, in the aftermath of the assassination of Marcos ’ s chief rival, Benigno “ Ninoy ” Aquino in 1983, Pimentel won a seat in the Batasan Pambansa elections of 1984.
Then around 1983 he began to draw heavily from Jean Gebser, Sri Aurobindo and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to point to a new cultural paradigm based on integral consciousness.
Then in 1983, AIB invested in First Maryland Bancorp in the USA.
Then it will either go under or it will attack you, so you have to be a bit careful ..." ( Fan-club magazine, 1983 )
Then, Tarasti served at the University of Jyväskylä between 1979 – 1984, where he was appointed Professor of Arts Education in 1979 and Professor of Musicology in 1983.

Then and college
Then the various officers of the college might take up the case.
Then she takes the college yearbooks and leaves.
Then, as community sentiment favored forming a public school system, the college was closed, and the property deeded to the Pea Ridge Public School.
Then a controversy exploded: in 1918, the white community of Lauraville was incensed that the Ivy Mill property, where Morgan was to be built, had been sold to a " negro " college.
Then in 1546 the King, who had broken from the Church of Rome and acquired great wealth through the dissolution of the monasteries in England, refounded the college as Christ Church as part of the re-organisation of the Church of England, making the partially demolished Priory church the cathedral of the recently created diocese of Oxford.
Then, in 1863, the college instituted the policy that no applicant was to be rejected on the basis of race.
Then Year Seven and Year Eight are Intermediate, and from Year Nine until Year Thirteen, a student would attend a secondary school or a college.
Then, to earn a college scholarship fund, she worked for a year as a typist and stenographer, for the Dayton Herald and several other companies, and did minor journalistic assignments ( obituaries, etc.
Then Lola's dad says he gave it " the old college try ".
Then a two-year technical institute, Cal Poly, under President McPhee's leadership, evolved into a four-year college in the California State College system.
Then, from March to July 1965, the Michigan State Board of Education recommended a four-year college in Flint and the phasing out of UM ’ s involvement.
Then a meeting occurred that changed not only the Union College campus, but many other American college designs for the next several decades.
Then a year later, in 1920, the college transitioned into a four year college following the liberal arts philosophy of the Free University in Amsterdam as laid out by Dutch theologian and statesman Abraham Kuyper.
Then he was chosen to appear in Horse Feathers ( 1932 ) with the Marx Brothers as one of the two college football players who kidnap Harpo and Chico, and his career began to develop.
Then Jeffries was proselytized and started to attend a Salvation Army corps, soon becoming an active Soldier, and then after attending training college, became an Officer.
The former Wuhan Transportation University mainly originated from National Maritime Vocational School in 1946. Then in 1949, the college changed its name to Wuhan Transportation College.
Then in 1961, the college merged with the other two colleges, respectively, Wuhan Institute of Technology and Hubei Industry College and thus named itself Wuhan Institute of Technology.
Then followed Laura Mackey, who Dan met while both were studying guitar at college.
Then after freedom Indian government took a long place from the garden and made the college.
Then on this one particular hot, dry October afternoon, my older brother left for college and left behind his Bob Dylan Songbook.
Then the college was taken over by the Jesuits, and Müller ( though retaining his salary ) returned to the Itajaí River valley.
Then we follow him to college, and eventually his attempt to get a job.
Then while in college he was an All-American at UNLV.

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