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Then and 1992
Then presented 1992: Richard Carr
* Tony le Tissier: Berlin Then and Now, 1992, After the Battle Publishers, ISBN 0-900913-72-X
She was a child actor in the 1990s, starring in movies such as All I Want for Christmas ( 1991 ), Patriot Games ( 1992 ), Hocus Pocus ( 1993 ), Monkey Trouble ( 1994 ), Now and Then ( 1995 ), and Alaska ( 1996 ).
Then drummer Gilson Lavis was let go in 1992, and replaced by Nieve's fellow Attractions band mate Pete Thomas.
Those songs that went the distance on other charts, but not Billboard ( although all were top five hits on the Billboard chart ), are " Here We Are " and " Then Again " ( 1991 ); " Born Country " and " Take a Little Trip " ( 1992 ); " Once Upon a Lifetime " ( 1993 ); " Give Me One More Shot ," " She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl " and " In Pictures " ( 1995 ); " Sad Lookin ' Moon " ( 1997 ); and " How Do You Fall in Love " ( 1998 ).
He is best known for his works A Long Day ’ s Dying ( his first work, published in 1950 ); The Book of Bebb, a tetralogy based on the character Leo Bebb published in 1979 ; Godric, a first person narrative of the life of the medieval saint, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1981 ; Brendan, a second novel narrating a saint ’ s life, published in 1987 ; Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations with Frederick Buechner ( 1992 ); and his autobiographical works The Sacred Journey ( 1982 ), Now and Then ( 1983 ), Telling Secrets ( 1991 ), and The Eyes of the Heart: Memoirs of the Lost and Found ( 1999 ).
Then in 1992, the birth and death of a child with a physical defect — anencephaly — stirred suspicion from several residents.
Then, again in response to political pressure arising from events unrelated to ocean dumping, the practice ended entirely in 1992.
Then, in 1992, Hannover put together an impressive run that would lead them to the capture of their first DFB-Pokal and help to set their finances right.
Then on 1 January 1992, the Nordnes area of Lyngen ( population: 38 ) was transferred to the neighboring municipalities of Kåfjord and Storfjord.
Then on 1 January 1992, one uninhabited farm in the Nordnes area of Lyngen was transferred to Storfjord.
Then on 1 January 1992, the Nordnes area of Lyngen ( population: 38 ) which was on the mainland was transferred to Kåfjord.
Then he came to public attention for playing Mr. Pink in Quentin Tarantino ’ s 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs, a role that Tarantino wrote for himself.
Then on 1 January 1992, the village of Lote ( population: 152 ) was transferred from the municipality of Gloppen to Eid.
Then in 1992, the German sociologist Gerhard Schulze argued for the idea of the “ experience society ” in his book " Erlebnisgesellschaft ", which was translated into English as " The Experience Society " in 1995.
Then in 1992, Urban left the group and was replaced by Michelle Valentine, leaving Jackson as the sole original member.
Then in 1992, Albert Reynolds became Taoiseach and Flynn was rewarded for supporting Reynolds by becoming Minister for Justice.
Then came Mehdi Karroubi ( 1989 – 1992 ), Ali Akbar Nategh-Nouri ( 1992 – 2000 ), Mehdi Karroubi ( 2000 – 2004 ), Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel ( 2004 – 2008 ) and Ali Larijani since 2008.
Then they withdrew again with the next pulse of glaciation, eliminating biological diversity at each change ( Emiliani 1992 p. 491 ).
Then in 1992 BoB incorporated its operations in Kenya into a local subsidiary with a small tranche of shares quoted on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.
Then Eckhard Weyand was in charge until 1992.
She worked continuously throughout the 1990s, starring in many films including The Bonfire of the Vanities ( 1990 ), A Stranger Among Us ( 1992 ), Born Yesterday ( 1993 ), Milk Money ( 1994 ), Now and Then ( 1995 ), and Two Much ( 1996 ), where she co-starred with future husband Antonio Banderas.
Then they become married in " Smotherly Love " ( 1992 ), whose wedding is handled by Lilith's mother Betty ( Marilyn Cooper ).

Then and Justice
Then in April 1963 the first Universal House of Justice was elected, six years after the passing of Shoghi Effendi, by 56 national spiritual assemblies.
Then he became a member of the executive of the canton of Geneva, being put in charge of the Department of Justice and Police.
Then in 1924 the Court of Appeal was refashioned into the Supreme Court ; the Lord Chief Justice became simply Chief Justice and head of the judiciary ; and the Master of the Rolls was replaced with a President of the High Court.
Then Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced a bill in 1967 ( amendment to Section 251 of the Canadian Criminal Code ).
Then, between 1785 and 1789, he served as Justice of the Peace in Providence County.
Then he drains the energy of a nuclear plant before engaging the other Justice League International members.
Then, the Council put forth some highly controversial opinions in a decision related to the International Criminal Court, in Decision 98 – 408 DC, declaring that the sitting President of the Republic could be tried criminally only by the High Court of Justice, a special court organized by Parliament and originally meant for cases of high treason.
Then the President, after consultation with the Chief Justice and the leaders of political parties represented in the National Assembly, chooses the judges from this selection.
Then in Ballistic ( 1995 ), ( known in some countries as Fist of Justice ) she reprised the evil musclewoman role with bravado.
Then, Justice may overthrow Power.
Former exhbitions have included Susan Moore: Paintings, Jerome Hershey: Then & Now, Luba Lukova: Social Justice, and
Then Opposition leader Prem Singh objected on the grounds that in the midst of the Fiji coup of 2000, Fatiaki had joined Tuivaga and Justice Michael Scott in advising the then President, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, to abrogate the constitution, in accordance with the wishes of the Military.
Then in November 1961 his Minister for Justice, Charles Haughey established military courts which handed down long prison sentences to convicted IRA men.

Then and John
`` Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Then the king came to the Haye in Touraine and his men had passed the river of Loire, some at the bridge of Orléans and some at Meung, at Saumur, at Blois, and at Tours and whereas they might: they were in number a twenty thousand men of arms beside other ; there were a twenty-six dukes and earls ( Counts ) and more than sixscore banners, and the four sons of the king, who were but young, the duke Charles of Normandy, the lord Louis, that was from thenceforth duke of Anjou, and the lord John duke of Berry, and the lord Philip, who was after duke of Burgoyne ".
Then Monroe travelled to New York to appear at a birthday celebration for John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, where she famously serenaded the President.
Then in 1202, disaffected patrons petitioned the French king to summon John to answer their charges in his capacity as John's feudal lord, and, when the English king refused to appear, Philip again took up the claims of Arthur, to whom he betrothed his six-year-old daughter, Marie.
: Then arose the famous murderer, Robert Hood, as well as Little John, together with their accomplices from among the disinherited, whom the foolish populace are so inordinately fond of celebrating both in tragedies and comedies, and about whom they are delighted to hear the jesters and minstrels sing above all other ballads.
Map of Saint John from 1894, including the lower west ( Then Carleton ), and uptown
Then on third down, wide receiver John Stallworth caught a 12-yard pass to the Cowboys ' 40-yard line.
Then in the seventeenth century John Ray ( England, 1627 – 1705 ) wrote many important taxonomic works.
Then there was the attempted arrest of John Wilkes for seditious libel against the King in the notorious issue No. 45 of his The North Briton in early 1763.
Then, in February 1978, before the release of their second single, X-Ray Spex recorded the first of two sessions for John Peel at BBC Radio 1.
Then, through a smashed out 38th floor window, she told Goodwin, who was hanging from the building's side a floor below, that though she did not agree with his climbing of the John Hancock Center she certainly opposed the fire department knocking him to the ground below.
Then from Jop he took the horn and blew loudly, and warned John the Wright, who thereupon struck out the roller with skill ; when the pin was out, the rest of it fell down.
Then in 1958, he was offered the part of Jimmy Porter, " an angry young man " role, in the film version of John Osborne's play Look Back in Anger, a gritty drama about middle-class life in the British Midlands, directed by Tony Richardson, and again with Claire Bloom as co-star.
Then, in 1960, Pope John XXIII issued the Code of Rubrics, completely ending the ranking of feast days by doubles etc., and replacing it by a ranking, applied not only to feast days but to all liturgical days, as I, II, III, and IV class days.
Then on August 5, 1797, John Brown of Providence, Rhode Island, was tried in federal court as the first American to be tried under the 1794 law.
" Then follows the Collect prayer, and the reading or chanting of,,, and the Passion account from the Gospel of John, traditionally divided between three deacons, yet often divided between the celebrant and more than one singer or reader.
* John 6: 28-29: " Then they said unto him, ' What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?
Velvet Underground members Lou Reed, John Cale and Sterling Morrison contributed to the album, with Nico, Reed and Cale co-writing one song, " It Was a Pleasure Then.
Then they learn that John intends to have himself crowned king by the Bishop of the Black Canons in Nottingham the next day.
Then Prime Minister John Howard was questioned at the time by British journalists about the future of the monarchy in Australia, and there was debate about playing God Save the Queen during the opening of the Commonwealth Games.
Then a strange story a few decades later came to start the rumor that the little King John was not dead.
Then in 1306, 30 Ethiopian ambassadors from Emperor Wedem Arad came to Europe, and Prester John was mentioned as the patriarch of their church in a record of their visit.
Then radio stations carried announcements inviting people to take part in ' a John Hughes movie '.

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