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Then and August
ESPN. com's lead story on August 29 stated: ".... Then there are the Brewers.
Then the feast of Saint Joachim on 16 August was moved and the date became available for another celebration, so the feast of Saint Stephen of Hungary was moved to that date, the day immediately after his death.
Then, on August 15, 1971, United States President Richard Nixon announced that the United States dollar would no longer be convertible to gold, effectively ending the system.
Then, between 27 and 30 August 1865, he took up Parsifal again and made a prose draft of the work ; this contains a fairly brief outline of the plot and a considerable amount of detailed commentary on the characters and themes of the drama.
Then there is " Byzantine New Year's Eve " ( 31 August ) celebrating the beginning of the New Year according to the old civil calendar of the Byzantine Empire.
Then, other areas were destroyed between March and August 1944 just before and during the Battle of Normandy, that ended on the left Seine bank of Rouen with the destruction of several regiments, belonging to the German 7th Army.
Then on August 5, 1797, John Brown of Providence, Rhode Island, was tried in federal court as the first American to be tried under the 1794 law.
Then a combination of pressures led El Salvador to agree to a withdrawal in the first days of August.
Then, in August, Henry VI suffered a catastrophic mental breakdown.
Then the inevitable happened, a traitor opened the gates to Alaric's troops and they sacked the city in August 410.
Then, in August 1997, Lord British had an unfortunate accident.
Then on 24 August 2005, the Minister for Employment, Education and Training announced that the government would be " revitalizing bi-lingual education " at 15 Community Education Centres: Alekerange, Angurugu, Borroloola, Gapuwiyak, Gunbalunya, Kalkaringi, Lajamanu, Maningrida, Milingimbi, Ramingining, Ngkurr, Shepherdson College, Numbulwar, Yirrkala and Yuendumu.
Then in August 1858, John Brandon, purchased in the New Hope area ( now Brandon ).
Then on August 30, 2012, Eddie Van Halen was diagnosed with diverticulitis and underwent surgery which will push the planned November shows in Japan back into 2013 at the earliest.
Then they carried out a landing near at Beitang ( also spelled " Pei Tang "), some from the Taku Forts on 3 August, which they captured after three weeks on 21 August.
Then in August 1966 The Bluesbreakers released the single " Lonely Years " with the b-side " Bernard Jenkins ", which was released by Purdah Records.
Then, on August 21, 1876, Awaji Island separated to join Hyogo Prefecture and the Awa region separated to form Kochi Prefecture.
Then, on 14 August, he led a surprise attack of 300 – 400 anti-treaty IRA men on Dundalk.
* And Then There's Bea in Johannesburg, South Africa ( August 12 – 24, 2003 )
* And Then There's Bea in Cape Town, South Africa ( August 26 – September 7, 2003 )
Then, in August, the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb.
*" OK Then " by Garrett Kamps, SF Weekly, August 27, 2003.
Then in August 2001, Lillian died from lupus with complications.

Then and 1497
Then, in the Autumn of 1497, Perkin Warbeck tried to usurp the throne from Henry VII.
Then followed a long period of contention which included the Cornish Rebellion of 1497, the 1549 Prayer Book Rebellion, the Persecution of Recusants, the Poor Laws, and the English Civil War and Commonwealth ( 1642 – 1660 ).

Then and James
Then I say, such an engine may be made large enough to do the work required in employing eight, ten, fifteen, or twenty horses to be constantly maintained and kept for doing such a work …" The idea was later used by James Watt to help market his improved steam engine.
Then in 1939 James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake appeared.
Then, during the total solar eclipse of 29 July 1878, two experienced astronomers, Professor James Craig Watson, the director of the Ann Arbor Observatory in Michigan, and Lewis Swift, an amateur from Rochester, New York, both claimed to have seen a Vulcan-type planet close to the Sun.
Then the English supply train was attacked at The Pows, a wooded marshy area, by James Stewart and the other Scots lords, killing many of the fleeing soldiers.
Then, in 1704 James Louis Sobieski and his brother Alexander were seized by Augustus II ’ s troops and imprisoned.
Then, in 1502 James signed the Treaty of Perpetual Peace with Henry VII.
James Bacque and Richard Matthias Müller, Dear Enemy ; Germany Then and Now ( Bolton, ON: Fenn, 2000 ).
Then on February 19, 2009, the NBA trade deadline, the Bulls traded Larry Hughes to the New York Knicks for Tim Thomas, Jerome James, and Anthony Roberson.
Then, in 1930, he spotted future stars James Cagney, Joan Blondell, and Frank McHugh in the cast of a New York play called Penny Arcade.
Then James VI began fighting with the Catholics, but eventually gave them rights ( after his secretly Catholic wife probably persuaded him to ), exempting the Catholics from having to pay the tithe to the Anglican Church, but this caused a great decrease in Anglican Church revenue, so he quickly took those rights away.
Then came new lead singer James " J. T.
Then in 1922 Irishman James Joyce's important modernist novel Ulysses appeared.
Then in 1939 James Joyce's published Finnegans Wake.
Then came the Sheep Farming in Barnet EP, produced by Steve James and Keith Hale.
Then, as so often happens in the play, Mary and James try to get over their animosity and attempt to express their love for one another by remembering happier days.
Then James IV himself leading a great force came on to Surrey and Lord Darcy's son who " bore all the brunt of the battle.
Then, in 1908, in his article " A Neglected Argument for the Reality of God ", mentioning both James and the journalist, pragmatist, and literary author Giovanni Papini, Peirce wrote:
Then the Pope offered his newly-invented fief to James II of Aragon, promising him papal support should he wish to conquer Pisan Sardinia in exchange for Sicily.
Brigadier General | Then Brigadier General James Dozier while assigned to Fort Hood, Texas
Then, having explained how he wished to see peace between the families, the Earl thrust his hand and arm through the hole to shake hands with Black James.
Then on 22 August 1812,, under the command of Captain Thomas Huskisson, captured the USRC James Madison after a chase of seven hours.
Then, in 1843, James Lindsay, 7th Earl of Balcarres put forward his claim, based on the research of his eldest son Alexander ; in 1848, the House of Lords allowed it.
Then, in 1966, he joined with James Bevel, Martin Luther King Jr. and the other leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference ( SCLC ) during the Chicago Movement.
Then, in September, he was captured by Tories under the command of Col. David Fanning, and imprisoned by the British Army on James Island near Charleston, South Carolina.

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