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Then and June
Then, on his 35th birthday on 22 June 1792, he returned to Point Grey, the present day location of the University of British Columbia.
I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky ( 1995 ): A stage piece with libretto by June Jordan and staging by Peter Sellars.
Then on 4 June 1990, ethnic tensions between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz surfaced in an area of the Osh Oblast where Uzbeks form a majority of the population.
Then he followed that up by hosting the CMT Awards in June and performed " Cowboy "," Bawitdaba " and " Good Ol Boys " with Hank Williams Jr, Trace Adkins, Martina McBride, Kellie Pickler, Randy Houser, Zac Brown and Jamey Johnson.
Then in June 1853 the legislature enacted a head tax on cattle in the Territory.
Then Surveyor 1 fell freely to the surface from this height, and it landed on the lunar surface on June 2, 1966, on the Oceanus Procellarum.
Then Edwin Binney, working with his wife, Alice Stead Binney, developed his own famous product line of wax crayons beginning on 10 June 1903, which it sold under the brand name " Crayola.
Then, in June 1924, the newly paved Route 8, today US-24, was opened.
Then, with little or no warning, a " cyclone " swept down upon the town on June 13 and nearly blew it away.
Then I'm getting married in June.
Then Congress Party President K. Kamaraj was instrumental in making Shastri Prime Minister on 9 June.
Then in June 1854 another crew marked all the section corners in the township, walking through the woods and swamps, measuring with chain and compass.
Then in June 1854 another crew marked all the section corners in the township, walking through the woods and swamps, measuring with chain and compass.
Then Prime Minister Keizō Obuchi confirmed this meaning with a statement on June 29, 1999:
Then from September 14, 1958, to June 1959, CBS carried The Jimmy Dean Show on weekday and Saturday afternoons.
Then came the riot of 20 June and the invasion of the Tuileries.
Then & Now, a compilation of greatest hits and several new Clark compositions, entered the UK Albums Chart in June 2008 and won Clark her first silver disc for an album.
Then he travelled to The Hague and departed for England on 2 June.
Then, on June 4, 1915, Massey married Alice Parkin, the daughter of Sir George Robert Parkin, who was a former principal of Upper Canada College ( UCC ) and secretary of the Rhodes Trust ; through the marriage, Massey later became the uncle of George Grant and the great-uncle to Michael Ignatieff.
Then he moved to provincial politics, serving as leader of the Ontario NDP from February 7, 1982 to June 22, 1996.
Then in June 1868 the situation changed drastically with the arrival in Hawkes Bay of Te Kooti.
Then in June 1947 purchase tax was doubled — home market sales had already been restricted to cars for " essential purposes ".
Then, on June 24, 1963, Giardello upset boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson, and at the age of 33, was finally named as the No. 1 challenger for the world middleweight title.
Then in June 2011, Avaya filed with the SEC to raise up to $ 1 billion in an initial public offering.
Then he became Secretary of State for Local Government and Regional Planning until the election defeat of June 1970.

Then and 1962
Then, from 1962 to 1964, Léger held the commission of ambassador to Italy, and, from 1964 to 1968 was the ambassador to France.
Then George Macfarlane ( after postings outside RRE ) became Director in 1962.
Then, in 1962, he became a second-rank red cap chieftain or Ndichie Okwa as the Oziziani Obi.
Then in 1962 she married Barry Crump, divorcing in 1963.
Then, there was a single release on Robin's Nest ( as the " Four Tunes And One ") in 1962.
Then, Toho released King Kong vs. Godzilla in 1962.
Then Jamaat launched campaign for the restoration of Islamic articles in the constitution of 1962 and submitted 9 miles long signatory paper for basic rights.
Then a chiefly agricultural area, it was rapidly urbanized following the opening of the Champlain Bridge in 1962, with development including contributions by the famous Modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
Then Chrysler's president overheard and misunderstood Chevrolet chief Ed Cole saying Chevrolet would not have true full-size cars for 1962.
Then from 1962 to 1967, he served as the Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, director of School of Humanistic & Cultural studies, editor of mission's monthly.
** ... And Then There Were None ( also here and here ) ( 1951 ; expanded into novel The Great Explosion, 1962 )
Then, in 1962, he was picked by Edward Steichen to be Steichen's successor at the Museum of Modern Art.
*" Oo-La-La-Limbo " / " Now And Then " ( 1962 ) U. S.
Then Paar moved from mornings to late night, and from 1957 to 1962, Melis served as the musical director of The Tonight Show during Jack Paar's tenure as host.
Then its stature was modified several times such as Saint-Mathias-de-Cabano ( 1907 ) – municipal village of Cabano ( 1923 ) and city of ( 1962 ).
Then in 1955, Alpha Chapter was reactivated, and in 1962 Iota Chapter was chartered at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Then he hosted the quiz programs Caccia al numero ( Number Hunting, 1962 ), La Fiera dei Sogni ( Dream Fair, 1962 – 1965 ) and Giochi in Famiglia ( Games in Family, 1966 – 1969 ).
* Then Came Two Women, 1962

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