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Then and mid
Then the World Wide Web and the popularization of the Internet hit in the mid 90s, changing the engineering of software once again.
Then, during the early to mid 1900s, the more distinct features of E. granulosus and E. multilocularis, their life cycles and how they cause disease were more fully described as more and more people began researching and performing experiments and studies.
By the mid 1970s, one third of the properties were still owned by Onslow Village Ltd. Then, in 1984, the company was wound up and many shareholders and tenants had the chance to buy their homes at extremely affordable prices.
Then, in mid 1870, a diplomatic crisis concerning the Spanish throne led eventually to the Franco-Prussian War.
Then in the mid 1950s he began research to develop catalytic converters for gasoline engines used on cars.
Then in mid 1990s, Roland entered to the hype, with the MC-303, and also Korg and Yamaha followed suit.
Then, as prices for agricultural products fell further and the weather worsened in the mid 1880s, tenants organised themselves by withholding rent during the 1886-1891 Plan of Campaign movement.
Then in the mid 1960s, he invented chocolate fondue as part of a promotion for Toblerone chocolate.
Then in mid 2001 a small company called GarageGames showed an interest in Robot Battle and Brad agreed to sell the game through them.
Then in mid 1955 the first of the Hunter operational conversion courses was started: flying was still mainly on the Vampire FB5 with approximately 20 hrs on the Hunter F1 before pilots were sent to their operational squadrons.
Then the increase in accuracy due to the introduction of the pendulum and balance spring in the mid 17th century focused attention on error caused by the escapement.
Then in the mid 5 Century, Kent was re-organised into lathes, or districts.
In the mid 1980s Pattie released singles on the Easy Street label, including a contribution to the 1985 Emilio Estevez movie That Was Then ...

Then and 2009
Then, in early May 2009, when questioned by the press on his visit to Agadez to begin peace talks with Tuareg rebels, Tandja announced that " the people have demanded I remain.
Then, during the third quarter of 2008 the national GDP contracted for the first time in 15 years and, in February 2009, it was confirmed that Spain, along other European economies, had officially entered recession.
Then, with the dramatic decrease of oil prices that took place in the second half of 2008 plus the manifest bursting of the real estate bubble, concerns quickly shifted over to the risk of deflation, as Spain recorded in January 2009 its lowest inflation rate in 40 years, followed shortly afterwards, in March 2009 by a negative inflation rate for the first time since the gathering of these statistics started.
* David N. Reznick ( 2009 ) The Origin Then and Now: An Interpretive Guide to the Origin of Species ISBN 978-0-691-12978-5.
Then producers of the film hoped for a 2009 release.
Then in the mid-2000s, Christie Van Hees and Rhonda Rajsich were the dominant players, but Paola Longoria finished # 1 at the end of the 2008 – 2009 and 2009 – 2010 seasons.
Then, on July 21, 2009 manager Izvor Zivkovic confirmed the departure of Dan Nelson, due to illness.
Then, in 2009, an unproduced pilot script written by Horne and Millest in 1966 was revived by the same Radio 4 team.
Then in December 2009 Phil Plait left the JREF due to involvement in a television project, and D. J. Grothe assumed the position of President on January 1, 2010.
Then on February 19, 2009, the NBA trade deadline, the Bulls traded Larry Hughes to the New York Knicks for Tim Thomas, Jerome James, and Anthony Roberson.
The channel ceased operations on December 31, 2007 on digital cable providers and DirecTV, with an automated loop remaining on Dish Network due to unknown factors until April 23, 2009. and Then The Neighbors Bring in September 3, 2012-present
Then in 2009, Marilyn confirmed it and said they had been " together five years " in the 1980s ; in 2010, Rossdale said it had been experimentation and " part of growing up.
Then in 2009, Speight's Traverse, a low-carb beer, was released on to the market.
Then on September 18, 2009, John Rzeznik stated in an interview on Good Day L. A., that the new album had tentatively been titled Something for the Rest of Us.
Then, on 16 December 2009, Tatchell announced that he was withdrawing as the Green party candidate due to brain damage incurred on three occasions ( when assaulted while protesting in Brussels in 2001, when assaulted while protesting in Moscow in 2007, and in an accident on a bus in July 2009 ).
Then on 10 March 2009, Linfox announced that Avalon would indeed handle international flights within two years and the Government would approve of a $ 50 million terminal by the end of 2009.
Then, in 2009, Nauru became only the fourth country to recognize the breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which are both claimed by Georgia.
Then, on February 11, 2009, the Morris family announced that they had bought back intellectual property as well as naming rights to the company, their hope being to relaunch as an internet-based enterprise.
Then, on Friday, October 3, 2008, Robb announced the return of the team for the 2009 season but renamed as the Albany Firebirds in the hopes of " re-branding " the team.
* Then Go Beyond the Reach of Road: An Evening with Poet Peter Fallon Poetry reading at Boston University, video, March 30, 2009
Then the show returned on May 3, 2008, until September 16, 2009.

Then and introduced
Then, following the programme he outlined in his talk at the 1958 International Congress of Mathematicians, he introduced the theory of schemes, developing it in detail in his Éléments de géométrie algébrique ( EGA ) and providing the new more flexible and general foundations for algebraic geometry that has been adopted in the field since that time.
Then, after the pump energy stored in the laser medium has approached the maximum possible level, the introduced loss mechanism ( often an electro-or acousto-optical element ) is rapidly removed ( or that occurs by itself in a passive device ), allowing lasing to begin which rapidly obtains the stored energy in the gain medium.
Then, by skipping the leap day, the Swedish calendar was introduced, letting February 28 be followed by March 1, giving the entire year the same pattern as a common year starting on Monday.
Then, from 1336 onwards, a series of schemes aimed at increasing royal revenues from wool export were introduced.
Then, in his office, Red Skull introduced Lukin to his old / new associates, Crossbones and Sin.
Then Peter E. Hart introduced an argument that established A2, with only minor changes, to be the best possible algorithm for finding shortest paths.
Then in 1856, following the Hatt-i Humayun, which introduced social and political reform and greater religious freedom for the various peoples of the Ottoman Empire, the church of Archangel Michael was rebuilt on a rocky mount overlooking the sea.
Then, group gears were introduced, and another gear stick was added.
Then, in 1977, the Uncle O ' Grimacey character was introduced for a brief promotion for Shamrock Shakes around St. Patrick's Day.
Then universally quantify over each Y immediately after the corresponding X is introduced ( that is, after X is quantified over, or at the beginning of the statement if X is free ), and guard the quantification with P ( X, Y ).
Then 84-year tables were introduced in Rome by Augustalis near the end of the 3rd century.
Then, in November 2004, the Government introduced an amendment in the Lords which wholly removed references to the Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, changing them to ones about the Lord Chancellor, with the positions of Secretary of State and Lord Chancellor envisaged as being held by the same person.
Then, the first shell guns firing explosive shells were introduced following their development by the French Général Henri-Joseph Paixhans, and by the 1840s were part of the standard armament for naval powers including the French Navy, Royal Navy, Imperial Russian Navy and United States Navy.
Then Sunil Santha who also did not stick to Hindustani music introduced light music of his own.
Then came a similar Class 144 train, a Walter Alexander body on BREL underframe, which was introduced in 1987.
Then Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced a bill in 1967 ( amendment to Section 251 of the Canadian Criminal Code ).
Then a hardener is introduced which makes a transparent solid out of the volume occupied by the solvent.
Then the camera pans over all the marine characters introduced during the episode, all of whom are dead.
Then the first double-bladed razor was introduced.
Then in 1972, a new, decimal Maltese currency, the lira, was introduced, in both coin and banknote form.
Then, in November of that year, Serge Koussevitzky and the Boston Symphony Orchestra introduced the score to America and recorded it for RCA Victor, using an optical sound film process introduced by RCA in 1941 ; it was initially issued on 78-rpm discs and later on LP and CD.
Then council members Walter Wilson and Matthew Landy Steen introduced the legal resolution to amend existing ballot options for elections from then on.
Then, during driver introductions immediately before the Cup series race, Keselowski introduced himself and then shouted " Kyle Busch is an ass!

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