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Then and is
Then he would get to his feet, as though rising in honor of his own remarkable powers, and say almost invariably, `` Gentlemen, this is an amazing story!!
Then, Jesus indicated that God's forgiveness is unlimited.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Then it added: `` It is not possible to determine how extensive these ill effects will be -- nor how many people will be affected ''.
Then the words fell into a pattern: `` Mollie the Mutton is scratching her nose, Scratching her nose in the rain.
Then he thought of Aaron Blaustein standing in his rich house saying: `` God is tired of taking the blame.
Then it is marked on the inside where it comes in contact with the transom, frames, keelson and all the battens.
Then it is replaced and fastened.
Then the chines are rounded off and the bottom is rough-sanded in preparation.
Then, a group of eggs is deposited in a cavity in the beebread loaf and the egg compartment is closed.
Then there is a diagonalizable operator D on V and a nilpotent operator N in V such that ( A ) Af, ( b ) Af.
Then in 2 we show that any line involution with the properties that ( A ) It has no complex of invariant lines, and ( B ) Its singular lines form a complex consisting exclusively of the lines which meet a twisted curve, is necessarily of the type discussed in 1.
Then, too, the utmost clinical flexibility is necessary in judiciously combining carefully timed family-oriented home visits, single and group office interviews, and appropriate telephone follow-up calls, if the worker is to be genuinely accessible and if the predicted unhealthy outcome is to be actually averted in accordance with the principles of preventive intervention.
Then the editorial added prophetically: `` how far they may reach in Asia is yet undetermined, but they fall far short of our dreams of the war conferences ''.
Then she catapults into `` everything and everybody '', putting particular violence on `` everybody '', indicating to the linguist that this is a spot to flag -- that is, it is not congruent to the patient's general style of speech up to this point.
Then comes the time when the last wire is removed and Susie walks out a healthier and more attractive girl than when she first went to the orthodontist.
Then, with the new affluence, there is actually a sallying forth into the wide, wide world beyond the precincts of New York.
Then, if the middle number is activated to its greatest potential in terms of this square, through multiplying it by the highest number, 9 ( which is the square of the base number ), the result is 45 ; ;

Then and group
Then the figures which held his attention became a group of shattered trees, standing like the grotesques of a medieval damnation scene.
Then suddenly a group of men and dogs circled him.
Then, in order to prevent Polk from dissipating his forces by implementing his proposal to allow some men to join a partisan group, Johnston ordered him to send Pillow and 5, 000 men to Fort Donelson.
Then the required information is collected from a simple random sample of the elements within each selected group.
Then the lists are compared atom by atom ; at the earliest difference, the group containing the atom of higher atomic number receives higher priority.
Then, the leaving group, usually a proton, is split off and the aromaticity is restored.
* Let H be a group, and let G be the direct product H × H. Then the subgroups
Then it took 3 to 6 millions of years for the crown group to differentiate in Mid Cretaceous.
Then G is a group under composition, meaning that ∀ x ∈ A ∀ g ∈ G ( = ), because G satisfies the following four conditions:
Then in the early 1980s there were major changes in the Australian brewing industry, including the merger of Castlemaine ( Brisbane ), Swan ( Perth ) and Toohey's ( Sydney ) into a national brewing group, as a result of acquisitions by Perth entrepreneur Alan Bond.
The character and themes from the comic strip Little Nemo were used in a song " Scenes from a Night's Dream " written by Phil Collins and Tony Banks of the progressive rock group Genesis on their 1978 recording, ... And Then There Were Three ... Another progressive rock group, from Germany, called Scara Brae also recorded a musical impression of the comic on their rare self titled disc from 1981 ( the track was actually recorded 2 years earlier ).
Then in 1965, a group in Atlanta applied for franchises in both the American Football League and the NFL, acting entirely on its own with no guarantee of stadium rights.
Then there are operators to rename columns, and summarizing or aggregating operators, and if you permit relation values as attributes ( RVA – relation-valued attribute ), then operators such as group and ungroup.
Then the equivalence class of the identity is the symmetry group of the figure, and every equivalence class corresponds to one isomorphic version of the figure.
⟨ H ⟩, be the group generated by H. Then the word problem in H < sup >*</ sup > is solvable: given two words h, k in the generators H of H < sup >*</ sup >, write them as words in X and compare them using the solution to the word problem in G. It is easy to think that this demonstrates a uniform solution the word problem for the class K ( say ) of finitely generated groups that can be embedded in G. If this were the case the non-existence of a universal solvable word problem group would follow easily from Boone-Rogers.
In 1986, a screening of the entire Monkees television series by MTV led to renewed interest in the group, followed by a single (" That Was Then, This Is Now " reached number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U. S .), a 20th Anniversary Tour, a greatest hits album and a brand new LP, Pool It!
Then the subjects meet with a group of experts, who give the subjects instructions on how to improve things ; they offer aid and encouragement along the way.
Then in 630, Bishop Cyrus was made Patriarch of Alexandria, and he soon won over another Non-Chalcedonian group.

Then and whose
Then epistolatory me was a foreign correspondent dispatching exciting cables and communiques, full of dash and wit and glamor, quoting from the books I read, imitating the grand styles of the authors recommended by a teacher in whose special, after-school class I was enrolled.
which is the length of chain whose weight is equal in magnitude to the tension at c. Then
Then a Canon to the Theotokos is chanted, entitled, " On behalf of a man whose soul is departing, and who cannot speak ".
Then 2-polytopes ( polygons ) are defined as plane objects whose bounding facets ( edges ) are 1-polytopes, 3-polytopes ( polyhedra ) are defined as solids whose facets ( faces ) are 2-polytopes, and so forth.
Then whose identity do they reveal?
Then, when similar diagram is plotted for a cluster whose distance is not known, the position of the main sequence can be compared to that of the first cluster and the distance estimated.
Then the result is another analytic signal, whose real part is the actual transmission:
Then Karlis, whose earlier 48-yard kick had tied Jan Stenerud's Super Bowl record for longest kick made in the Super Bowl, was sent out to try a 23-yard field goal and missed it, setting another, this time infamous, mark of having the shortest missed field goal in Super Bowl history.
Then an area of flat lands dotted with rocky hills whose altitude seldom reaches 400 meters extends around Nikki and Save.
Plutarch noted, " Then the poor, who had been ejected from their land, no longer showed themselves eager for military service, and neglected the bringing up of children, so that soon all Italy was conscious of a dearth of freemen, and was filled with gangs of foreign slaves, by whose aid the rich cultivated their estates, from which they had driven away the free citizens.
Then the magistrate's wife and her assistants made bowers of vine-leaves, and decorated the house's banqueting hall with " all manner of growing and blooming plants " except for myrtle, whose presence and naming were expressly forbidden.
Then, because of rings of cellulose microfibrils that prevent the width of the guard cells from swelling, and thus only allow the extra turgor pressure to elongate the guard cells, whose ends are held firmly in place by surrounding epidermal cells, the two guard cells lengthen by bowing apart from one another, creating an open pore through which gas can move.
" Then with her right hand she would sprinkle water at the head of the child and say, " Behold this element without whose assistance no mortal being can survive.
Then, there was the woods rider, whose job was to inspect the trees and see if the workers were chipping properly.
" Then they continued fighting at the gates, till they penetrated it, and slew the etheling and all the men that were with him ; except one, who was the godson of the alderman, and whose life was spared, though he was often wounded.
Then it transfers to the anilox roll ( or meter roll ) whose texture holds a specific amount of ink since it is covered with thousands of small wells or cups that enable it to meter ink to the printing plate in a uniform thickness evenly and quickly ( the number of cells per linear inch can vary according to the type of print job and the quality required ).
" Then another friend, whose name I've forgotten, gave me 100 dollars.
Then, a tail event is an event whose occurrence or failure is determined by the values of these random variables but which is probabilistically independent of each finite subset of these random variables.
The 1920s also gave rise to one of the most popular mystery authors of all time, Agatha Christie, whose works include Murder on the Orient Express ( 1934 ), Death on the Nile ( 1937 ), and the world's best-selling mystery And Then There Were None ( 1939 ).
Let X be a g-dimensional torus given as X = V / L where V is a complex vector space of dimension g and L is a lattice in V. Then X is an abelian variety if and only if there exists a positive definite hermitian form on V whose imaginary part takes integral values on L × L.
" Then a former U. S. representative, Blackburn noted that no claim of corruption arose against Maddox, whose administration was characterized by economic development and the appointment of African Americans to state executive positions.
Then one day she gave birth to Väinämöinen, the first man, whose father was the sea.
) Then, the transitions can proceed through the technifermion's dynamical mass by the emission and reabsorption of ETC bosons whose masses M < sub > ETC </ sub > ≅ g < sub > ETC </ sub > Λ < sub > ETC </ sub > are much greater than Λ < sub > TC </ sub >.

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