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Then and next
Then maybe next time he won't be so quick on the trigger ''.
Then I spent the next two days at the baseball park and at Jack Doyle's pool parlors.
Then, getting back into bed, he thought unashamedly of Mrs. Flannagan, planning where they would next meet and what they would do.
Then the wife bed-hopped to the next on the list.
Then one day Dick's classmate Jimmy, from next door, let the cat out of the bag.
Then Via called to say they had decided to cremate her -- as they had Ellen, the thought leaped to my mind -- and did I want to meet her at the funeral home the next morning.
Then he met the grave eyes of his wife, Anne, from the photograph next to David's.
Then one must extract the principles, analogies and statements by various courts of what they consider important to determine how the next court is likely to rule on the facts of the present case.
Then Husserl traveled to Vienna to study at the Realgymnasium there, followed next by the Staatsgymnasium in Olomouc ( Ger: Olmütz ).
Then, using information in its routing table or routing policy, it directs the packet to the next network on its journey.
Then, after putting the matter to God in prayer, he determined that the first person to enter his room the next morning should be the next Emperor, and that person was Justin, the chief of his guards.
Then, the process repeats with the next neighboring digit until there are no more digits to process.
Then on the next play, Morrall fumbled the snap.
Then on the first play of the Cowboys ' next drive, Steelers defensive back Mike Wagner intercepted a pass from Staubach and returned it 19 yards to the Dallas 7-yard line.
Then a pass interference penalty on defensive back Lyle Blackwood on the next play moved the ball to the Miami 42-yard line.
Then after the 2-minute warning, Brown caught a touchdown pass on the next play, increasing the Redskins lead to 27 — 17 and putting the game away.
Then on the next play, running back Timmy Smith, a rookie in his first NFL start, took off for a 58-yard touchdown run, making the score 21 – 10.
Then, on the Bills next drive, Washington defensive back Darrell Green intercepted a pass from Kelly at the Redskins 45-yard line.
Then aided by a 29-yard pass interference penalty on Redskins cornerback Martin Mayhew in the end zone, the Bills finally scored a touchdown on their next drive with a 1-yard run by Thomas to make the score 24-10.
Then on the second play of the Bills ' next possession, Everett intercepted a pass from Reich and returned it 22 yards to Buffalo's 8-yard line, setting up another touchdown on Smith's 10-yard run.
Then on their next drive, kicker Steve Christie made a 29-yard field goal to give the Bills a 23-17 lead.
Then after a 1-yard run by Meggett on the next play, Bledsoe completed a 7-yard pass to receiver Vincent Brisby to bring up 3rd down and 2 yards to go from the Packers 42-yard line.
Then they quickly fall, and after about the 4: th round they are 14: 1 and for the next 20 rounds they slowly fall towards 13: 1.
Then in 1957 he directed Laurence Olivier as Archie Rice in Osborne's next play The Entertainer, again for the Royal Court.

Then and three
Then the dynamic program would require about a minute whereas the direct search would take more than three millennia!!
Then, by squeezing her foot three times, he came up -- presto -- with a different diagnosis with each squeeze.
Then three consecutive pinch-hitters failed to produce.
Then Chris Broad scored three hundreds in successive Tests and bowling successes from Graham Dilley and Gladstone Small meant England won the series 2 – 1.
Then the reservists have to serve up to three weeks a year and can be called up to serve two weeks during a non-military crisis.
Then the last three games were played at the home of the team, with home field advantage.
Then the show was changed to three segments.
Then Asmund set himself to wait the agreed upon three days:
For about three decades immediately before 1902 it was negative, reaching − 6. 64 s. Then it increased to + 63. 83 s at 2000.
Then Wollheim changed everything when he brought out an unauthorized paperback edition of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in three volumes — the first mass-market paperback edition of Tolkien's epic.
Then, considering all three colour channels, and assuming that the colour channels are expressed in a γ = 1 colour space ( that is to say, the measured values are proportional to light intensity ), we have:
Then the following three connected theorems hold:
Then FC measures ( three times ) length EA.
Then, after her return to Japanese islands, the boy was born, three years after the death of the father.
Then an insignificant eleventh king will arise, who will overcome three of the ten kings ... after they have been slain, the seven other kings also will bow their necks to the victor.
Then the case is settled by three judges and four lay-judges.
Then supra-village aggregation began in earnest, and in barely three millenia the autonomous political units of the world dropped from 600, 000 to 157.
Then after forcing Minnesota to punt after three plays, the Dolphins went 56 yards in 10 plays ( aided with three runs by Csonka for eight, 12, and eight yards, and Griese's 13-yard pass to Briscoe ) to score on running back Jim Kiick's one-yard run ( his only touchdown of the season ) to give them a 14-0 lead.
Then on third down with less than three minutes remaining in the period, Staubach spotted 38-year old reserve tight end Jackie Smith wide open in the end zone and threw him the ball.
Then they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game, 9 – 0, scoring only three field goals.
Then a subset is called a σ-algebra if it satisfies the following three properties:
Then, in chapters 23 and 24, three successive hostile pericopes are recorded.
Then they take their places, one on each side of the Hazzan, and the three recite ( in Hebrew ):
Then, from October 24 – October 29, stock prices suffered three multi-digit percentage drops, wiping out more than $ 30 billion from the New York Stock Exchange ( 10 times greater than the annual budget of the federal government ).

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