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Then and on
Then he was on his way at a gallop.
Then he went on to the Cheyennes and told them that the Sioux was goin' to move up.
Then he hunkered down on the heels of his handmade boots, peered into the orderly chaos of axle, shock absorber, and spring.
Then, with a glory that almost wiped out the deep, downward sags in her careworn face, Matilda leaned over the wheel and shouted to Hez, who was stumbling along in the heat and the dust on the opposite side of the wagon `` Pa!!
Then, and only then, with the Jacksons and Dan as their true guests of honor, did the Harrows take time to catch up on the news.
Then maybe next time he won't be so quick on the trigger ''.
Then he calmly and carefully slugged the remaining five shots into the venomous head -- caught in the wicker back of the chair, the eyes dead on him as the life finally went out of the brute.
Then there was no saying how many times the marine had blown his nose on the handkerchief.
Then when Miss Langford was on the end of the line of girls, Jack, in the middle of the line, gave an extra hard pull and the young teacher sprawled backwards, sitting down hard, her dress flying over her head.
Then, on July 2, there occurred another incident which set tongues to wagging at a furious clip.
Then she rounded on Weston and cried, `` You always did Wright's dirty work!!
Then Miriam varied the senseless psychological warfare by suddenly withdrawing a suit for separate maintenance that had been pending, and asking for divorce on the grounds of cruelty, with the understanding that Wright would not contest it.
Then he launches into an attack on the Tory ministers, whom he calls the `` New Converts '' ; ;
Then he called on the governor to explain why.
Then I spoke at the ninetieth birthday party of W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, who embarked on a fictional trilogy at eighty-nine and who, with The Crisis, had created a Negro intelligentsia that had never existed in America before him.
Then followed a period in which he wrote reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Commonweal, Commentary, had a small piece in Partisan Review, and moved on to Hudson, The Village Voice, and Exodus.
Then let the whole lot be hanged in a public mass execution on July 4, 1963.
Then, to conclude on an indeterminate note: `` Nevertheless, if fallout increased substantially, or remained high for a long time, it would become far more important as a potential health hazard in this country and throughout the world ''.
Then he slipped and went down on his hands and knees in the melting snow.
Then the figure moved on.
Then came their bathroom, and then a bedroom that, judging by the photographs on the walls, must belong to Mme Cestre.
Then Rector, attired in his best blue serge suit, sat in a chair out on the lawn, in the shade of a tree, smoking a cigarette and waiting.
Then she went back to the wicker chair and resolutely adjusted her eyes to the glare on the water.
Then he spread out the last list on the counter.
Then he stood back to look at Mr. Jack, who was pulling on his pigskin gloves.

Then and December
Then, 6 months later in December, the international Neo Geo version of Puzzle Bobble was released.
Then on 21 December 1987, the FDN launched attacks at La Bonanza, La Siuna, and La Rosita in Zelaya province, resulting in heavy fighting.
Then during the regular-season finale on December 17, 1983, Moseley set an NFL scoring record with 161 points while Riggins ' total of 144 points was second.
Then Richard the Lionheart, needing money to take part in the Third Crusade, agreed to terminate it in return for 10, 000 silver marks, on 5 December 1189.
Then, in December 1965 and March 1966, Nature and The Lancet published the first preliminary reports by British cytogeneticist Patricia Jacobs and colleagues at the MRC Human Genetics Unit at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh of a chromosome survey of 315 male patients at The State Hospital outside Carstairs, Lanarkshire — Scotland ’ s only special security hospital for the developmentally disabled — that found nine patients, ages 17 to 36, averaging almost 6 ft. in height ( avg.
Then, in December 1985, Rupert Murdoch agreed to pay $ 325 million to acquire the rest of the studio from his original partner, Marvin Davis.
Then in December AD 211 at a reconciliation meeting arranged by their mother Julia, Caracalla had Geta assassinated by members of the Praetorian Guard loyal to him.
Then in December 2009 Phil Plait left the JREF due to involvement in a television project, and D. J. Grothe assumed the position of President on January 1, 2010.
Then, three weeks later, William of Normandy defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings, in Sussex, and in December he accepted the submission of Edgar the Ætheling, last in the line of Anglo-Saxon kings, at Berkhamsted.
Then on December 12, 2005 Riley announced he would become head coach for the second time, after Van Gundy unexpectedly stepped down due to personal and family reasons.
Then in December he met Henry of Trastamara on the Navarrese border and promised instead to hold the passes closed, in return for the border town of Logroño and more cash.
Then in December 2006 Omar reportedly issued a statement expressing confidence that foreign forces will be driven out of Afghanistan.
Then, only one day later, the State of Alabama was admitted into the Union as the 22nd state on December 14, 1819.
Then in December, 1994, citing " serious questions " relating to the village's handling of a program to refurbish single-family homes, Cook County had suspended the release of grant money to the village for new projects.
Then, on December 1, 1959, the Virginian Railway merged with the larger Norfolk and Western Railway.
Then in December of 1854 another crew marked all the section corners in the township, walking through the woods and swamps, measuring with chain and compass.
Then, in September 1977, Global ordered 13 additional episodes, which were seen once a week from September through December.
The channel ceased operations on December 31, 2007 on digital cable providers and DirecTV, with an automated loop remaining on Dish Network due to unknown factors until April 23, 2009. and Then The Neighbors Bring in September 3, 2012-present
Then, in December 2001, Krispy Kreme opened its first store outside the U. S. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, just outside Toronto.
Then a massive rain downpour occurred on December 9, 1740, causing widespread flooding.
DMX released his third and best-selling album ... And Then There Was X, on December 21, 1999.
Then in late December 2005, OMD's official website announced a forthcoming reformation of the " classic " 1980's line-up ( Humpheys / McCluskey / Cooper / Holmes ), both for live performances and for a new studio album.
Then, on December 13, Tanaka was arrested and imprisoned on charges of accepting ¥ 1m ( US $ 13, 000 ) in bribes from coal mining interests in Kyūshū.
( Though born in New York, John was raised in a suburb of Philadelphia and attended Temple University ) Then, on December 11, both Hall and Oates appeared on the year's last episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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