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Then and on
Then he was on his way at a gallop.
Then he went on to the Cheyennes and told them that the Sioux was goin' to move up.
Then he hunkered down on the heels of his handmade boots, peered into the orderly chaos of axle, shock absorber, and spring.
Then, with a glory that almost wiped out the deep, downward sags in her careworn face, Matilda leaned over the wheel and shouted to Hez, who was stumbling along in the heat and the dust on the opposite side of the wagon `` Pa!!
Then, and only then, with the Jacksons and Dan as their true guests of honor, did the Harrows take time to catch up on the news.
Then maybe next time he won't be so quick on the trigger ''.
Then he calmly and carefully slugged the remaining five shots into the venomous head -- caught in the wicker back of the chair, the eyes dead on him as the life finally went out of the brute.
Then there was no saying how many times the marine had blown his nose on the handkerchief.
Then when Miss Langford was on the end of the line of girls, Jack, in the middle of the line, gave an extra hard pull and the young teacher sprawled backwards, sitting down hard, her dress flying over her head.
Then, on July 2, there occurred another incident which set tongues to wagging at a furious clip.
Then she rounded on Weston and cried, `` You always did Wright's dirty work!!
Then Miriam varied the senseless psychological warfare by suddenly withdrawing a suit for separate maintenance that had been pending, and asking for divorce on the grounds of cruelty, with the understanding that Wright would not contest it.
Then he launches into an attack on the Tory ministers, whom he calls the `` New Converts '' ; ;
Then he called on the governor to explain why.
Then I spoke at the ninetieth birthday party of W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, who embarked on a fictional trilogy at eighty-nine and who, with The Crisis, had created a Negro intelligentsia that had never existed in America before him.
Then followed a period in which he wrote reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Commonweal, Commentary, had a small piece in Partisan Review, and moved on to Hudson, The Village Voice, and Exodus.
Then let the whole lot be hanged in a public mass execution on July 4, 1963.
Then, to conclude on an indeterminate note: `` Nevertheless, if fallout increased substantially, or remained high for a long time, it would become far more important as a potential health hazard in this country and throughout the world ''.
Then he slipped and went down on his hands and knees in the melting snow.
Then the figure moved on.
Then came their bathroom, and then a bedroom that, judging by the photographs on the walls, must belong to Mme Cestre.
Then Rector, attired in his best blue serge suit, sat in a chair out on the lawn, in the shade of a tree, smoking a cigarette and waiting.
Then she went back to the wicker chair and resolutely adjusted her eyes to the glare on the water.
Then he spread out the last list on the counter.
Then he stood back to look at Mr. Jack, who was pulling on his pigskin gloves.

Then and paper
Then he tore the white paper from the biscuits, in order to reveal the original packaging.
Then, in 1828, Friedrich Wöhler published a paper on the synthesis of urea, proving that organic compounds can be created artificially.
Then the quotient space X /~ can be naturally identified with a torus: take a square piece of paper, bend and glue together the upper and lower edge to form a cylinder, then bend the resulting cylinder so as to glue together its two open ends, resulting in a torus.
Then, in 1992, Justice John Toohey ran out of patience with Alan Skyring and Patrick Cusack's repeated attempts to obtain a re-hearing on their argument that the Commonwealth did not have the power to issue paper money.
Then I found a bit of paper proposing an American tour.
Then the dasher writes the definition of the word ( as supplied on the card ) on a piece of paper.
Then in 1913, using this formula as a basis, Albert Einstein and Otto Stern published a paper of great significance in which they suggested for the first time the existence of a residual energy that all oscillators have at absolute zero.
Then John M. Landis, a veteran newspaperman who had established a paper in Gillett, moved to DeWitt and acquired the name of the New Era.
Then, in 1783, he moved to Hartford, Connecticut, in July 1784 established a weekly paper called American Mercury, with which he was connected for a year.
Then add the almonds and pour the mixture in waxed paper cups and leave to cool.
Then the ensemble ( plate plus thin paper with paste ) is placed on a dampened backing sheet and run through a press as described above.
Then the paper is chemically developed in a process that replaces the iron salts with platinum.
Then it is usually dropped by spoonsful onto wax paper or a sheet of aluminum foil greased with butter, and left to cool.
Then each secondary subcoil is connected to the coil next to it, and slid onto the iron core, insulated from adjoining coils with varnished paper disks.
Then it is dipped in a solvent to dissolve the wax, or ironed between paper towels or newspapers to absorb the wax and reveal the deep rich colors and the fine crinkle lines that give batik its character.
Then, the remainder of the caul can be either peeled back very carefully from the skin, or gently rubbed with a sheet of paper, which is then peeled away.
Then in 1828 he started a paper, The Co-operator to promote these ideas.
Then it is printed on a gelatin-coated paper using a traditional screen-printing technique, which applies the mixture through a fine woven mesh, which is stretched on a frame and has a mask of desired shape.
Then, on the first floor of the paper's offices in the rue du Faubourg-Montmartre in Paris, a 26-year-old cycling and rugby writer called Géo Lefèvre suggested a race round France, bigger than any other paper could rival and akin to six-day races on the track.
Then, in mid 2009, Kellogg's introduced an alternative mascot named the " Sweet Toothasaur ," consisting of the upside down bottom half of an actor's face, with a green felt cap with googly eyes and red paper horns on the actor's chin.
Then, it was primarily a manufacturing district, housing warehouses fhfhfhfhand factories that made machinery, paper boxes and Brillo soap pads.
Then Jamaat launched campaign for the restoration of Islamic articles in the constitution of 1962 and submitted 9 miles long signatory paper for basic rights.
Then Kellar wrapped the guinea pig in paper and handed it back to Ethel.
Then he tied the paper to a rock and threw it back to Catalán, who read it and gave the boys a sign that he understood.

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