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Then and English
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Then from the branches of a near-by tree an Indian underclassman, disdaining both the platform and the English language, harangued the assemblage in his aboriginal tongue.
Then the English hierarchy proceeded against him.
Then, for reasons that have never become clear, the English retreated, and so did the French shortly afterwards.
Then in 1202, disaffected patrons petitioned the French king to summon John to answer their charges in his capacity as John's feudal lord, and, when the English king refused to appear, Philip again took up the claims of Arthur, to whom he betrothed his six-year-old daughter, Marie.
Then, during the 1930s he worked on a series of major translation projects, translating the works of Bahá ' u ' lláh into English.
Then some local English ex-broadcasters put OCI International together.
Then the legates and the king proceeded to hold a series of ecclesiastical councils dedicated to reforming and reorganising the English church.
Then she puts all of her energy into caring for the English Patient.
Then many English fled, recognizing the horse and thinking that its rider was Byrhtnoth fleeing.
Then came The Barretts of Wimpole Street ( 1934 ) as Norma Shearer's character's malevolent father ( although Laughton was only three years older than Shearer ); Les Misérables ( 1935 ) as Inspector Javert ; one of his most famous screen roles in Mutiny on the Bounty ( 1935 ) as Captain William Bligh, co-starring with Clark Gable as Fletcher Christian ; and Ruggles of Red Gap ( 1935 ) as the very English butler transported to early 1900s America.
Then, du Guesclin launched destructive raids against the coasts of England, naval represals to the English chevauchees.
Then for 50 years, 1614 – 1664, the Monmouth County area came under the influence of the Dutch, but it was not settled until English rule in 1664.
Then there is the poet, teacher, and critic Jeremy Hooker ( born 1941 ), who taught at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth from 1965 – 84 and became deeply involved in writing about and teaching Welsh writing in English during this time, though he wrote only a few poems with Welsh subject matter.
* English, T. J. Havana Nocturne: How the Mob Owned Cuba and Then Lost It to the Revolution, William Morrow, 2008 / The Havana Mob: Gangster, Gamblers, Showgirls and Revolutionaries in 1950s Cuba, 2007, Mainstream Publishing ( UK edition )
Three books by Gurdjieff were published in the English language in the United States after his death: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson published in 1950 by E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc., Meetings with Remarkable Men, published in 1963 by E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc., and Life is Real Only Then, When ' I Am ', printed privately by E. P. Dutton & Co. and published in 1978 by Triangle Editions Inc. for private distribution only.
Then, on 27 April 1613, Inigo Jones was appointed the position of Surveyor of the King ’ s Works and shortly after, embarked on a tour of Italy with Earl of Arundel, destined to become one of the most important patrons in the history of English art.
Then came the dramatic moment when Pinel freed an English captain who had lived in chains for forty years and had, despite that, killed a prison attendant with a blow from his manacles.
Then, as before in the English Reformation, this project was driven by a need for a national identity and history that addressed present concerns, hence analysis and commentary typically reflected the critic's political views.
Then in 1992, the German sociologist Gerhard Schulze argued for the idea of the “ experience society ” in his book " Erlebnisgesellschaft ", which was translated into English as " The Experience Society " in 1995.
Clemenceau said ...‘ I am totally opposed to you – we both recognise a great danger and you are ... reducing your army and weakening your navy .’ ‘ Ah ’ said Bannerman ‘ but that is for economy !’... then said that he thought the English ought to have some kind of military service, at which Bannerman nearly fainted ...‘ It comes to this ’ said Clemenceau ‘ in the event of your supporting us against Germany are you ready to abide by the plans agreed upon between our War Offices and to land 110, 000 men on the coast while Italy marches with us in the ranks ?’ Then came the crowning touch of the interview.
Then on April 16 an English sailor accidentally shot and wounded a friendly Māori in the cheek.
While enumerating the high points of British cuisine, he touches on Stilton: " Then there are the English cheeses.
Then an English teacher, the Assumptionist Edgar Bourque, gave him personal attention, improving Gravel's language skills and instructing him in public speaking.

Then and supply
Then think of Delaware Bay and the ocean and you see that we have a supply of power for millions of years to come.
Then he leads his units to assault some Soviet bases to collect some weapons, ammunition and tanks as the resistance forces have only a limited supply of weapons.
Then, in order of priority, his prescribed improvements included water supply, drainage, hydroelectric projects, public buildings, town improvements, schools, hospitals, prisons, communication lines, and other services.
Then, there will be no change in price or the amount of output bought and sold — until there is an exogenous shift in supply or demand ( such as changes in technology or tastes ).
Then, with full adjustment of interest rates, the increased supply of loanable funds leads to an increase in borrowing and spending.
Then the power supply can be turned off.
Then in 1979 the Iranian Revolution paralysed that country's oil-industry and of oil per day were withdrawn from world supply.
Then the three of them steal away to a Narnian supply garrison where they put on Calormene disguises and return to Stable Hill.
Then when ` Abdur Rehman wanted to advance towards Derbent, Shehrbaz of Armenia informed him that he had already gathered full information about the wall built by Dhul-Qarnain, through a man, who could supply all the necessary details ...
Then there is a supply shock, this has an adverse effect on aggregate supply, the supply curve shifts left ( from AS < sub > 1 </ sub > to AS < sub > 2 </ sub >), while the demand curve stays in the same position.
Then the supply of housing will shift back to its initial position ( SH1 to SHo ).
Then on January 5, 1942, Vice-Admiral Layton, who had replaced Phillips, moved his headquarters to the island of Java to streamline the organization of supply convoys to the Dutch East Indies and Malaya.
Then a few years ago they said they had about 100 years supply at the current rate.
Then, Cao ordered Zhang He to locate Zhuge's supply line and had it cut.
Then an ally of Kenfu Adam, Gadlu, rebelled in Wolqayt and on 14 January 1780 the Emperor Tekle Giyorgis marched on Gadlu, putting the rebel's amba under siege and blocking access to the amba's water supply.
Then the money supply suddenly and sharply contracts when markets finally " clear ", causing resources to be reallocated back towards more efficient uses.

Then and train
Then in 1890 when the first train came through Little Mountain, old-timers recall how more coaches were added at reunion time to bring people from Irmo, Ballentine, White Rock, Hilton, Chapin, Clinton, Goldville, Kinards, Prosperity, Newberry and Slighs
Then as stores, shops and factories started to set up around the train stop, it bloomed into a decent-sized town.
Then, traveling by wagon train, they ended up on the banks of the Brazos River.
Then, she sees Mrs. Malik on the train platform ; she had changed her mind and decided to stay.
Then the train came, the tracks being laid directly on the towpath of the old canal, a monument to its demise.
Then he took a train to Köpenick, east of Berlin, occupied the local city hall with his soldiers and told them to cover all exits.
Then, the two miss their train to Zurich and are separated from their friends.
Then came a similar Class 144 train, a Walter Alexander body on BREL underframe, which was introduced in 1987.
Then the rod will be thrown out of the train in S ' and will come to rest at the station in S. Its length has to be measured again according to the methods given above, and now the proper length will be measured in S ( the rod has become larger in that system ), while in S ' the rod is in motion and therefore its length is contracted ( the rod has become smaller in that system ):
Then, during the train ride to London, she got mugged and woke up in an unknown location.
Then, the head-end cars were uncoupled from the rest of the train and pulled by a station switcher to a parcel facility where express packages were unloaded.
( For example, one such Agatha Christie mystery ( And Then There Were None ) takes place on a small island during a storm ; another on a train stalled in the mountains and surrounded by new-fallen, unmarked snow.
Then as his train moved on, there occurred the inevitable sentence, Bond had never liked Acapulco.
Then in April 1980, as Taylor puts it, " I made that fateful train journey down to Birmingham ".
Then, Philip II, King of Spain, decided to train and assign amphibious-assault skilled units to the Royal Armada.
Then you either get a little model of it and simulate, or you can get a real train because that's probably going to be more effective.
Then the train passes through the tunnel and smashes into the chain, which tears out his throat.
Then on March 1, six days later, another avalanche pushed both trains down into the Tye River Valley, thus burying the train cars in snow and debris.
Then the ground was leveled again, the train tracks taken out, and the whole plaza cemented over.
Then they will hammer their swords into plowshares And their spears into pruning hooks ; Nation will not lift up sword against nation, And never again will they train for war.
Then the telegraph line to Peking went dead, and Boxers began tearing up the railway track in front of and behind the train well before Peking.
Then were added the Roque Saenz Peña ( 1911 ) and Ezequiel Ramos Mejía ( 1913 ) paddled train ferries at Posadas ( crossing the Paraná river in the southwest of the Misiones province, at the north of the country, in the frontier with Paraguay ).
Then he takes the Bamako Express train to Bamako in Mali, talking to a native woman about polygamy along the way.
Then Palin catches a train headed for Leningrad.

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