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Some Related Sentences

Then and sheet
Then I dry the sheet under mild pressure so that it will lie flat as a board.
Then, the balance sheet of the buyer will be modified and the decision maker should take into account the effects on the reported financial results.
Then if " Total Sales " view is added to the workbook, the totals would automatically appear there, because the sheet " knows " that is what the formula is for.
Then it is pasted on a flat panel hardboard sheet.
Then the ensemble ( plate plus thin paper with paste ) is placed on a dampened backing sheet and run through a press as described above.
Then it is usually dropped by spoonsful onto wax paper or a sheet of aluminum foil greased with butter, and left to cool.
Then, the remainder of the caul can be either peeled back very carefully from the skin, or gently rubbed with a sheet of paper, which is then peeled away.
Then it is dried into a continuous sheet and rolled onto spools.
Then the casualty is put on his / her back and rolled on the other side ; the stretcher and the sheet are unfolded.
Then the craftsmen must determine the thickness, temper and alloy of the sheet he will use to make the tank.
Then the pot is placed on a hotplate, traditional " blech " ( thin tin sheet used to cover the flames, and on which the pot is placed ), or in a slow oven and left to simmer until the following day.
Then all cards are collected and fixed on a pin board affixed with a sheet of brown paper.
Then it is sanded until it becomes a flat, smooth sheet fit for writing.
Then, the sheet is rolled up into a tight roll with the filling on the inside of the roll.

Then and is
Then he would get to his feet, as though rising in honor of his own remarkable powers, and say almost invariably, `` Gentlemen, this is an amazing story!!
Then, Jesus indicated that God's forgiveness is unlimited.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Then it added: `` It is not possible to determine how extensive these ill effects will be -- nor how many people will be affected ''.
Then the words fell into a pattern: `` Mollie the Mutton is scratching her nose, Scratching her nose in the rain.
Then he thought of Aaron Blaustein standing in his rich house saying: `` God is tired of taking the blame.
Then it is marked on the inside where it comes in contact with the transom, frames, keelson and all the battens.
Then it is replaced and fastened.
Then the chines are rounded off and the bottom is rough-sanded in preparation.
Then, a group of eggs is deposited in a cavity in the beebread loaf and the egg compartment is closed.
Then there is a diagonalizable operator D on V and a nilpotent operator N in V such that ( A ) Af, ( b ) Af.
Then in 2 we show that any line involution with the properties that ( A ) It has no complex of invariant lines, and ( B ) Its singular lines form a complex consisting exclusively of the lines which meet a twisted curve, is necessarily of the type discussed in 1.
Then, too, the utmost clinical flexibility is necessary in judiciously combining carefully timed family-oriented home visits, single and group office interviews, and appropriate telephone follow-up calls, if the worker is to be genuinely accessible and if the predicted unhealthy outcome is to be actually averted in accordance with the principles of preventive intervention.
Then the editorial added prophetically: `` how far they may reach in Asia is yet undetermined, but they fall far short of our dreams of the war conferences ''.
Then she catapults into `` everything and everybody '', putting particular violence on `` everybody '', indicating to the linguist that this is a spot to flag -- that is, it is not congruent to the patient's general style of speech up to this point.
Then comes the time when the last wire is removed and Susie walks out a healthier and more attractive girl than when she first went to the orthodontist.
Then, with the new affluence, there is actually a sallying forth into the wide, wide world beyond the precincts of New York.
Then, if the middle number is activated to its greatest potential in terms of this square, through multiplying it by the highest number, 9 ( which is the square of the base number ), the result is 45 ; ;

Then and automatically
Then the null set automatically has measure zero because of countable additivity, because and is finite if and only if the empty set has measure zero.
Then, once separated from the balloon at its maximum height, the rocket was automatically ignited.
Then, as you lift the needle, it automatically makes it into a loop.
Then, when the astronauts positioned the Shuttle in the general direction of the source, the TAPS automatically pointed the BBXRT at the object.
Then the parameter is set to the "< tt > Hello, world </ tt >" string, and it is automatically displayed in the player:
Then, shifting to reverse automatically activates the backup camera system, and the car's rear view appears on dash navigation / camera display.
Then all the information the official scorer will enter will automatically be outputted to the scoreboard.
Then, the Pushbeam Transfer Mechanism ( PTM ) automatically inserts a 19. 72-foot ( 6. 01 m ) long rectangular Pushbeam ( Screw-Conveyor Segment ) into the center section of the machine between the Powerhead and the cutterhead.

Then and graded
Then, passing to the associated graded, one gets a canonical morphism T ( L ) → grU ( L ), which kills the elements vw-wv for v, w ∈ L, and hence descends to a canonical morphism S ( L ) → grU ( L ).
Then, the ( graded ) PBW theorem can be reformulated as the statement that, under certain hypotheses, this final morphism is an isomorphism.
Then the tangent cone to X at x is the spectrum of the associated graded ring of O < sub > X, x </ sub > with respect to the m-adic filtration:
Then if M is a graded module over R for which for i sufficiently negative ( in particular, if M is finitely generated and R does not contain elements of negative degree ) such that, then.

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