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Then and they
Then he noticed the clouds racing upon them -- heavy, ominous, leaden clouds that formed even as they sliced over the crests of the surrounding hills.
Then he took off his wet boots and dropped down into the water to talk with the beasts, needing their comfort more than they needed his.
Then he would realize they were really things that only he himself could think.
Then they were tumbling again, and the big man reached into the same pocket he had gone for earlier, and came up with a vicious switchblade.
Then an ambulance comes along, and they drive Praisegod Piepsam away.
Then more than ever before did they show their fortitude and patient cheerfulness.
Then they returned to their hotel and got ready for bed.
Then they moved offices of the East German puppet government into East Berlin and began illegally to treat it as the capital of East Germany.
Then they disappeared and Scotty got up and went into his own room and got into bed.
Then they went down to Black Bottom.
Then, getting back into bed, he thought unashamedly of Mrs. Flannagan, planning where they would next meet and what they would do.
Then they were given 1/2 to 1-1/2 avocados per day as a substitute for part of their dietary fat consumption.
Then they had always been romping around him on these walks, yelping with delight, dashing off into the bushes on fruitless hunting expeditions, returning to jump up on him triumphantly with muddy paws.
Then, they had to get up and be General Burnside.
Then, they said General Burnside was going to jump over his horse's head ; ;
Then the editorial added prophetically: `` how far they may reach in Asia is yet undetermined, but they fall far short of our dreams of the war conferences ''.
Then they let out a bellow of anguish and rage and, cursing, screaming and hollering `` Garryowen ''!!
Then they picked up the smaller black specks on the plain in front of him.
Then there are a pair of old biddies played by Grace Carney and Sibly Bowan who may be right off the shelf of stock Irish characters, but they put such a combination of good will and malevolence into their parts that they're quite entertaining.
Then, with disappointment evident upon their faces, they moved to the work.
Then we have informed a large number of our crew that when they reach the United States, they will be punished but that in the meanwhile, they may run loose and are expected to perform their jobs in good order.

Then and learn
Then he went to hear a Pythagorean philosopher, who demanded that he first learn music, astronomy and geometry, which he did not wish to do.
Then the children, who wish to understand what the parents are saying between themselves, learn ( or at least comprehend ) spoken Esperanto.
Then they learn that John intends to have himself crowned king by the Bishop of the Black Canons in Nottingham the next day.
Then he became an apprentice to a jeweler to learn a trade.
Then he explains that he took up his abode at Walden Woods so as to " live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
Then you wake up the next morning, and you find out you've got sisters who are witches, who've got supernatural powers, who have a destiny that you must now share and embrace, and you must learn your new powers.
" I remember when we started the band Force we were playing covers in the rehearsal room, because we just wanted to learn our instruments, like all bands ," Tempest said, " Then one day I said maybe we should do our own stuff.
Then, with the urge to try to get Hare to love her, Mari takes him around to find how love really is, where they learn the true story behind the baka couple.
Then Keiko was moved to Iceland to learn to be wild and after that to Norway where there were other orcas.
Then we learn a classifier that can discriminate between positive and negative examples as a function of the features.
Then, he entered politics in 1945 after liberation, having Syngman Rhee as his mentor, the first Doctor of Philosophy from Princeton University, in Korea, whom he could learn moral ethics from.
Then they discover that Tenshi, who sent Rushuna to travel in order to learn the " Ultimate Battle Strategy ", had apparently put a price on her head.
Then they learn to find the correct hole in a line of holes.
Then there is TNG's " Captain's Holiday " where we learn that Vash had to spend money to get there via a transport vessel of some kind.
Then we shake our heads in dismay and shame when we learn that we have the highest teenage pregnancy in the EU, six times higher than Holland.
:: Then we'll all live together and we'll all learn to say,
Then Robin goes to join the archery team but is not allowed to because of John Prince Jr. so he starts his own team and his 2 friends join and learn from Robin.
Then I proceeded to learn what Shakespeare was all about, in light of the realistic method of acting that I had discovered during my years with the Group Theater.
Then the bride ’ s family usually decides to go to the groom's village and find out information about the groom's family, to learn about their status in the community.

Then and existence
" Then Saoshyant makes the creatures again pure, and the resurrection and future existence occur " ( Zand-i Vohuman Yasht 3: 62 ).
Then, mathematicians started worrying that they were assuming the existence of a continuum of real numbers without proof.
Then in 1913, using this formula as a basis, Albert Einstein and Otto Stern published a paper of great significance in which they suggested for the first time the existence of a residual energy that all oscillators have at absolute zero.
Then Harrington mysteriously disappears, and no one but Forbes remembers his existence.
Then the existence of an eigenvalue is equivalent to the ideal generated by ( the relations satisfied by ) being non-empty, which exactly generalizes the usual proof of existence of an eigenvalue existing for a single matrix over an algebraically closed field by showing that the characteristic polynomial has a zero.
Then Yājñavalkya described to her the greatness of the Absolute Self, the nature of its existence, the way of attaining infinite knowledge and immortality, etc.
Then Hofmann leaked its existence to the press, after which the church was virtually forced to release the letter to scholars for study, despite previously denying it had it in its possession.
Then a press release surfaced with a photo of the car, putting Volvo in a position where they had to acknowledge its existence.
Then he instructed him in the teaching of advaita — that " Brahman alone is real, and the world is illusory ; I have no separate existence ; I am that Brahman alone.
Then we should be able to require the existence of n such that N − F ( n ) is both positive and a prime number ; and with all the f < sub > i </ sub >( n ) prime numbers.
* Then since 1970 there has been a tie for each decade of the schools existence, the latest being 2010.
Then, after exploring Brazilian mining area BM-C-8, SK Corporation developed an oil field where it confirmed the existence of more than 50 million barrels of oil deposits.
Then they live an inferior existence without any more contact with the sphere.
Then, in early 1988 in " The Neutral Zone ", the last episode of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Picard explains to a banker from the 20th century that economics are quite different and the pursuit of money is no longer a part of human existence, however earlier in that season in " Encounter at Farpoint ", Beverly Crusher purchased a bolt of fabric, while asking for it to be billed to her account on the USS Enterprise.
Then as the disgrunted group as they were and Raven's return, a disruptive faction began to occur as Raven tried to further injure the groups moraless existence, until Saturn defeated Raven at Fall Brawl: War Games in a match that forced the Flock to disband.

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