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Then and when
Then he thought of a time when Clayton's horse had fallen lame in the Gap.
Then when Miss Langford was on the end of the line of girls, Jack, in the middle of the line, gave an extra hard pull and the young teacher sprawled backwards, sitting down hard, her dress flying over her head.
Then, when he had it pointed down the hill, he stopped to gaze at her through the window.
Then she fell asleep again as soddenly as a person with fever, and when she awoke it was dark outside and the clarity was back in her eyes.
Then, she was back on her feet, winking and smiling that enormous smile ( she had lots of wonderful big teeth that you never would have suspected she had when she was not smiling ).
Then comes the time when the last wire is removed and Susie walks out a healthier and more attractive girl than when she first went to the orthodontist.
Then he said, `` Never noticed it before I mean, when she was dressed but for a woman her age, Julia had a real fine figure ''.
Then, when the case went to the jury, the judge excused one of the jurors, saying the juror had told him he had been accosted by masked men at his motel the night before the trial opened.
Then, after many more billions of years, when all the galaxies are whistling toward a common center, this movement will slow down and reverse itself again.
Then we have informed a large number of our crew that when they reach the United States, they will be punished but that in the meanwhile, they may run loose and are expected to perform their jobs in good order.
Then when the Franks attacked the Burgundians in the decade after 500, Alaric assisted the ruling house, and according to Wolfram the victorious Burgundian king Gundobad ceded Avignon to Alaric.
Then comes her one solo, " Liaisons ", in which her character thinks back on the art of love as a profession in a gilded age, when sex ' was but a pleasurable means to a measurable end.
Then, when Macbeth approaches, Banquo, having had dreams about Macbeth's deeds, takes back his sword as a precaution in this case.
Then, when the Son became flesh and entered into the world, these two divine and human natures both remained but became united in the person of Jesus.
Then Wollheim changed everything when he brought out an unauthorized paperback edition of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in three volumes — the first mass-market paperback edition of Tolkien's epic.
Then, when asked " How do you classify the camps Mauthausen, Dachau, and Buchenwald?
Then, a major opportunity arose when Fox – buoyed by the returns from The Sound of Music ( 1965 ) – commissioned Kelly to direct Hello, Dolly!
Then in the modern day the biblical serpent is replaced by Eve's gossiping neighbor and Eve becomes a sexy flapper and fashion model when Adam is at work.
Then, in the later account found in the Syriac Doctrine of Addai, a painted image of Jesus is mentioned in the story ; and even later, in the account given by Evagrius, the painted image is transformed into an image that miraculously appeared on a towel when Christ pressed the cloth to his wet face.
Then only, when the voice of duty takes the place of physical impulses and right of appetite, does man, who so far had considered only himself, find that he is forced to act on different principles, and to consult his reason before listening to his inclinations.
Then they buried him in the cave of Machpelah, the property of Abraham when he bought it from the Hittites.
“ And that Christ being Lord, and God the Son of God, and appearing formerly in power as Man, and Angel, and in the glory of fire as at the bush, so also was manifested at the judgment executed on Sodom, has been demonstrated fully by what has been said .” Then I repeated once more all that I had previously quoted from Exodus, about the vision in the bush, and the naming of Joshua ( Jesus ), and continued: “ And do not suppose, sirs, that I am speaking superfluously when I repeat these words frequently: but it is because I know that some wish to anticipate these remarks, and to say that the power sent from the Father of all which appeared to Moses, or to Abraham, or to Jacob, is called an Angel because He came to men ( for by Him the commands of the Father have been proclaimed to men ); is called Glory, because He appears in a vision sometimes that cannot be borne ; is called a Man, and a human being, because He appears arrayed in such forms as the Father pleases ; and they call Him the Word, because He carries tidings from the Father to men: but maintain that this power is indivisible and inseparable from the Father, just as they say that the light of the sun on earth is indivisible and inseparable from the sun in the heavens ; as when it sinks, the light sinks along with it ; so the Father, when He chooses, say they, causes His power to spring forth, and when He chooses, He makes it return to Himself.

Then and We
Indeed, following, suppose ƒ is a complex function defined in an open set Ω ⊂ C. Then, writing for every z ∈ Ω, one can also regard Ω as an open subset of R < sup > 2 </ sup >, and ƒ as a function of two real variables x and y, which maps Ω ⊂ R < sup > 2 </ sup > to C. We consider the Cauchy – Riemann equations at z = 0 assuming ƒ ( z ) = 0, just for notational simplicity – the proof is identical in general case.
We wish to maximize total value subject to the constraint that total weight is less than or equal to W. Then for each w ≤ W, define m to be the maximum value that can be attained with total weight less than or equal to w. m then is the solution to the problem.
Then, they were ranked to the east, when they were buried in the 5th and later to the beginning of the 6th c. We can notice a strong Anglo-Saxon influence in the middle of the period, that disappears later.
Francis A. Schaeffer, an American theologian based in Switzerland, seizing upon the exclusion of the divine from most humanist writings, argued that rampant secular humanism would lead to moral relativism and ethical bankruptcy in his book How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture ( 1976 ).
Some of these songs, along with others performed but not included on the album, were included on Colin Newman's post-Wire solo albums ( 5 / 10, We Meet Under Tables ), while others were released by Gilbert and Lewis ' primary post-Wire outlet Dome ( And Then ..., Ritual View ).
Then on 11 April, was a riot in Brixton and when on 13 April Thatcher was quoted Powell's remark that " We have seen nothing yet " by an interviewer she replied: " I heard him say that and I thought it was a very very alarming remark.
" We have no slaves at home – Then why abroad?
Examples: William Faulkner in A Rose for Emily ( Faulkner was an avid experimenter in using unusual points of view-see his Spotted Horses, told in third person plural ); Frank B. Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey in Cheaper By the Dozen ; Frederik Pohl in Man Plus ; and more recently, Jeffrey Eugenides in his novel The Virgin Suicides and Joshua Ferris in Then We Came to the End.
Those songs that went the distance on other charts, but not Billboard ( although all were top five hits on the Billboard chart ), are " Here We Are " and " Then Again " ( 1991 ); " Born Country " and " Take a Little Trip " ( 1992 ); " Once Upon a Lifetime " ( 1993 ); " Give Me One More Shot ," " She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl " and " In Pictures " ( 1995 ); " Sad Lookin ' Moon " ( 1997 ); and " How Do You Fall in Love " ( 1998 ).
Abstractly, we can say that D is a linear transformation from some vector space V to another one, W. We know that D ( c ) = 0 for any constant function c. We can by general theory ( mean value theorem ) identify the subspace C of V, consisting of all constant functions as the whole kernel of D. Then by linear algebra we can establish that D < sup >− 1 </ sup > is a well-defined linear transformation that is bijective on Im D and takes values in V / C.
Then they made it down to half that size, then they made it to half that size ... We are going over to say hello.
Then Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan was a critic of the system, saying,We are, in effect, attempting to use government to enforce two different prices for the same itemnamely, government-mandated deposit insurance.
Congresswoman and 2012 United States presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has cited Schaeffer's documentary series How Should We Then Live?
** How Should We Then Live?
Then, after gaining much media attention, he placed ads in the newspapers that announced, " We nail a lie ", and included a photo of Lawrence.
Then the Cardinal Bishop of Porto said: We supplicate you, Almighty God, effect your customary devotion and pour out on this your servant, __, the grace of the Holy Spirit that he who is constituted at the head of our church as the servant of the mystery, you would strengthen with the fullness of virtue.
Other words commonly sung to the same melody include six Christian hymns ( Be Still, My Soul ; I Sought the Lord ; We Rest on Thee ; A Christian Home ; This Is My Song ; and I Then Shall Live ), Gweddi dros Gymru or A Prayer for Wales ( a national song of Wales ), Ambrosian Oaks ( the alma mater of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa ), and Land of the Rising Sun ( the national anthem of the short-lived African state of Biafra ).
Other words commonly sung to the same melody include many Christian hymns, namely " Be Still, My Soul "; " We Rest on Thee "; " I Sought the Lord "; " A Christian Home "; " This Is My Song "; and " I Then Shall Live "
We Lived a Life and Then Some: The Life, Death, and Life of a Mining Town.
We can use this fact to prove part of a famous result: for any prime p such that p ≡ 1 ( mod 4 ) the number (− 1 ) is a square ( quadratic residue ) mod p. For suppose p = 4k + 1 for some integer k. Then we can take m = 2k above, and we conclude that
We can consider this an exchange ( Margrabe ) option by considering the first asset to be and the second asset to be the riskless bond paying off $ 1 at time T. Then the call option is exercised at time T when the first asset is worth more than K riskless bonds.
Then Frick offered a slightly better wage scale and advised the Superintendent to tell the workers, " We do not care whether a man belongs to a union or not, nor do we wish to interfere.
* " Come Then, Mortal, We Will Seek Her Soul " ( 1982 )

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