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Then and with
Then Little Billy began shouting orders to round up the ponies and fill the water buckets and for the cooks to hurry up with the meal.
Then she turned the station wagon around and headed it back down the hill, with the village as her ostensible destination.
Then, with a shrug of pretended indifference, she took a compact from her purse and went through the motions of fixing her make-up.
Then, as he doubled, gasping, vomiting the breakfast he had so lately eaten, Lord straightened him with an uppercut.
Then, with a glory that almost wiped out the deep, downward sags in her careworn face, Matilda leaned over the wheel and shouted to Hez, who was stumbling along in the heat and the dust on the opposite side of the wagon `` Pa!!
Then, and only then, with the Jacksons and Dan as their true guests of honor, did the Harrows take time to catch up on the news.
Then he took off his wet boots and dropped down into the water to talk with the beasts, needing their comfort more than they needed his.
Then the Bonaventure seemed to disintegrate with a roar of live steam, geysers of sparks and flames, and a dense cloud of black-and-orange smoke.
Then she saw Ramey and her face was misshapen with bewilderment.
Then they were tumbling again, and the big man reached into the same pocket he had gone for earlier, and came up with a vicious switchblade.
Then suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of another fight, an irrational, an indecent, an undeclared and immoral war with our strongest ( and some had thought noblest ) ally.
Then, with staring eyes and lips drawn thin, Miriam said to the young woman, `` You are ugly -- uglier than you used to be, and you were always very ugly.
Then, after overtures to accept a settlement and go through with a divorce, Miriam gave a ghastly echo of Mrs. Micawber by suddenly stating, `` I will never leave Mr. Wright ''.
Then Miriam varied the senseless psychological warfare by suddenly withdrawing a suit for separate maintenance that had been pending, and asking for divorce on the grounds of cruelty, with the understanding that Wright would not contest it.
Then, in some way, this lack of faith in the cavalry became mixed up in his mind with the dragging effect of wagon trains and was hardened into a prejudice.
My own stern hand has rent the ancient bond, And thereof shall the ending not have end: But not for me, that loved her, to be fond Lightly to please me with a newer friend Then hold it more than bravest-feathered song, That I affirm to thee, with heart of pride, I knew not what did to a friend belong Till I stood up, true friend, by thy true side ; ;
Then I spoke at the ninetieth birthday party of W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, who embarked on a fictional trilogy at eighty-nine and who, with The Crisis, had created a Negro intelligentsia that had never existed in America before him.
Then, all but blind, he said there was nothing in Back to Methuselah --, -- `` G.B.S. ought to have known that '', -- and `` I look at my bookshelves despairingly, knowing that I can have nothing more to do with them ''.
Then a full-time planning office will be established in Rome to work with a five-member Georgia Tech research staff for development of an area planning and industrial development program.
Then the Communese reply came back from many mouthpieces with striking consistency.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Then Angelina turned and with an easy grace walked toward the kitchen.
Then she fell asleep again as soddenly as a person with fever, and when she awoke it was dark outside and the clarity was back in her eyes.
Then, abandoning the studies in the face of their promising outlook for all concerned, B. & O. entered on-again-off-again negotiations with C. & O. which resulted in the present situation.

Then and decline
Then the trend changed and the population began to decline, dropping to 4. 5 million in 2005 according to the estimates by the Georgian Department of Statistics.
Then, as well as almost all the cities of Castile, Segovia entered a period of decline.
Then another recession followed, resulting in a long period of decline that lasted well into the 19th century.
Then ( in 1847 ), the latter was taken over by the London and North Western Railway Company, which allowed the Shrewsbury Canal and the branch from Norbury Junction to decline.
Then they reached a plateau between 3 and 4 years and tended to decline after 4 years.
Then came an era of decline until the 50s when the Carnaval Encarnaceno becomes known and attract tourists from various regions.
Then followed a period of decline: the spa lost its drive and popularity, and degraded to a simple political meeting point, by 1800 already.
Then, when smallpox was followed with the measles, another decline of 25 – 30 percent occurred.
Then the market becomes saturated which leads to a decline in prices.
Then, after there is no more room for conquest, the only way left is down: internal struggles as well as deep-seated resentment of aliens result in a decline of human power that takes nearly as long as the rise, but is described far less extensively.
Then the rise of the automobile and the Great Depression brought a decline.
Then the outbreak of the revolution in 1896-1901, further attributed to the decline of her inhabitants to 10, 030 in 1901.
Then in 1957, like so many of his Dodgers teammates, Erskine began his final decline.

Then and local
Then a tunable local oscillator and mixer converts that signal to a second much lower intermediate frequency where the selectivity of the receiver is accomplished.
Then some local English ex-broadcasters put OCI International together.
Then the local Hafsid dynasty ( 1227-1574 ) of Tunis followed, ruling for many centuries during times both prosperous and lean, contested and peaceful.
Then, Wang Lung becomes besotted with Lotus ( Tilly Losch ), a pretty, young dancer at the local tea house, and makes her his second wife.
Then conduct small programs with reports in the local accent.
Then a group of local businessmen, including Valentine S. McClatchy ( the co-owner of the Sacramento Bee ), incorporated the Fair Oaks Development Company in 1900.
Then the Industrial Revolution drew additional manpower away from hilltown farms, especially after 1850 when steam engines fueled by local wood or by coal began to replace water power.
Plaques of " Then and Now " covering McFarland's 150 years of history were placed at the McFarland High School, the local Culver's restaurant, the E. D.
Then take your local time reading and subtract it from GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time ) or the time in east London.
Then, when Nick searches Berton's room for clues, he is knocked unconscious by Crazy Mary, a local eccentric.
Then, as these loyalties wavered and became more local, the Empire began to devolve into smaller territories and closer personal fealties.
Then, as planned, Leamas lands in jail after he assaults a local grocer.
) Then in 1838 Captain Langlois, a French whaler, decided that Akaroa would make a good settlement to service whaling ships and " purchased " the peninsula in a dubious land deal with the local Māori.
Then there is Geoff Tipps, who works in the local plastics company.
Then he took a train to Köpenick, east of Berlin, occupied the local city hall with his soldiers and told them to cover all exits.
Then, the Socialist party won most of regional and local elections and it won control of the Senate in 2011 for the first time in more than fifty years.
Then on 9 September 2005, Chorley FM was awarded a five-year licence to broadcast round the clock to the local community, this has recently been extended for a further 5 years.
Then each local delegation after the regional convention writes at least 2 bills overall to send to the state convention.
Then the worm checks for presence of the GCC compiler on the local system and, if found, creates a directory called < tt >. socket2 </ tt >.
Then, in 1996, Mad TV began operating out of Athens, replacing a small local channel known as Art 68.
Then 20-year old substitute and local boy Lars Ricken latched on to a through pass by Andreas Möller.
Then State Senator Harold Montgomery, State Representative, Parey Branton, Mayor Frank T. Norman, and other local officials presented Hennigan with a signed document of his accomplishments.
Then a local knight errant named Zhou Tong ( 周同 ) was brought in to continue Yue's military training in archery after he had quickly mastered the spear by the age of thirteen.
Then they run off, saying Swiper's catch phrase, " Ohh, maann " in the local language.
The frame bundle F ( E ) can be given a natural topology and bundle structure determined by that of E. Let ( U < sub > i </ sub >, φ < sub > i </ sub >) be a local trivialization of E. Then for each x ∈ U < sub > i </ sub > one has a linear isomorphism φ < sub > i, x </ sub >: E < sub > x </ sub > → R < sup > k </ sup >.

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