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from Brown Corpus
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There's and only
`` There's only one more ranch three miles north of here.
`` There's only one thing to move him fast, and we have it right here in this very store ''.
There's only one Big Apple.
In 2009, an interviewer proposed to Al Jaffee, " There's a group of Mad afficionados who feel that if Harvey Kurtzman had stayed at Mad, the magazine would not only have been different, but better.
There's a trend for restaurants to only " finish " delivered convenience food or even just re-heat completely prepared meals, maybe at the utmost grilling, a hamburger, or a steak.
Here, it was like, ' There's only twenty people here, you can't really find a group to hate.
Lloyd later stated that Hartnell had approved of the choice, saying, " There's only one man in England who can take over, and that's Patrick Troughton ".
There's brief debate since she is the only dog on the island, until they remember a tanker that was there before, evidently with a male dog aboard.
' said, ' There's only one.
Their first two cassette albums, Musical Destruction ( 1980 ) and Crime Pays ( 1981 ) were only ever released in very small quantities, and it was only when they finally got the money together to release an EP in April 1982 ( There's No Government Like No Government ) did they make the jump to a wider audience, the EP completely selling out within three weeks.
There's only one catch.
There's another Colonel O ' Neil with only one L, and he has no sense of humor at all.
There's others: a resurgence of hybrid solutions of fusion fission where the fusion would impart not only energy, but again creates high-energy neutrons that can burn down the long-lived actinides.
The earliest demo of the song, recorded in Almería, had no refrain and only one verse: " There's no one on my wavelength / I mean, it's either too high or too low / That is you can't you know tune in but it's all right / I mean it's not too bad ".
" There's only one law in this game ," Leamas retorted.
There's only so much melody stored in your body that you can physically get onto one record.
: There's only one can please me so
On 21 April, in a State Department press conference, President Kennedy said: " There's an old saying that victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan ... What matters is only one fact, I am the responsible officer of the government.
" There's No Deceiving You " was only a minor chart entry, peaking at No. 92 UK.
There's only one hope of glory ; that's within you!
There's also the proposed CSS3 property, but it is only supported in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 10..
" Malkin said, " There's only one whore on this split screen and it's you, Mr. Shabazz.
: There's only one thing that'll remedy this

There's and one
`` There's the one who's lucky ''!!
There's no way to take him in now and keep those other two -- Wister and the one who hired the two of them -- from finding out about Roberts and lamming out.
Later, in a Rolling Stone interview, Mike Judge was asked if Daria is coming back and he said, " No. There's sort of a cameo in one episode.
[...] There's one shot in particular, where Cruz enters a room in a greenish glow, which is right out of Hitchcock's picture.
In " There's No Love in Rock and Roll " from True Life Romance ( 1956 ), a defiant teen dates a rock and roll-loving boy but drops him for one who likes traditional adult music — to her parents ' relief.
Brian Wilson and Sergio Romo grew out their facial hair, AT & T Park filled with " Fear the Beard " signs, and the slogan " There's Magic Inside " took the place of the one from the previous season, " Yes We Can ".
:" There's one thing I've always wanted to do before I quit: Retire.
Several songs, including " There's a New Star in Heaven Tonight " and one by his first wife Jean Acker, entitled " We will meet at the end of the trail ", became best sellers.
There's also an indoor water park called Paradisbadet, with one of the longest water slides in Europe.
Colloquialisms include words ( such as y'all, gonna, and wanna ), phrases ( such as old as the hills, raining cats and dogs, and dead as a doornail ) and aphorisms ( such as There's more than one way to skin a cat ).
There's not a character, an event or a plot twist that one hasn't anticipated long before its arrival, which gives one the feeling of waiting around for people who are always late.
There's no one else who can quite fill them.
In 1936, he was number one for two weeks with " There's a Small Hotel " and two weeks with " When I'm With You ".
" There's one of the first Ferris Wheels in the country, which will be assembled upright inside the museum.
There's also one of burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee's slinky black beaded costumes, which turned many a head back in the day. And don't forget the outfit worn by the " Viking Giant " himself, Johann K. Peturson.
There's a street sign reading " Satartia — 7 miles " in one scene of the motion picture from 2000.

There's and way
There's a large war party on their way ''!!
There's no other way ; ;
The British Ministry of Defence and Clarence House made a joint announcement on 22 February 2007 that Prince Harry would be deployed with his regiment to the front line in Iraq, to serve as part of the 1st Mechanised Brigade of the 3rd Mechanised Divisiona move supported by Harry, who had stated that he would leave the army if he was told to remain in safety while his regiment went to war ; he said: " There's no way I'm going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.
" There's no way you could call those 1500-cc machines Formula One.
' Forever Changes ' unlocked a new musical palette for African American musicians to utilize, which paved the way for future song cycles like Marvin Gaye's ' What's Going On ' and Sly Stone's ' There's a Riot Going On ,' classics by other African Americans that also chronicled the increasingly despondent state of the American dream.
With his American status, he maintained his Canadian heritage: " There's no way you can be a Canadian and think you can lose it ... Canadians are a goodly group.
Sheen has resisted calls to run for office, saying: " There's no way that I could be the president.
There's no way to know.
" There's no way to put Sedna where it is.
" There's no way to earn it or deserve it or bring it about any more than you can deserve the taste of raspberries and cream or earn good looks or bring about your own birth.
There's no other way to say it.
There's no way he would have said ' No-one should play those songs again.
" There's no understanding for me of the bigger picture in real time in a hands-on way without her.
There's no way I can climb inside somebody's head and remove it.
There's not much in the way of traditional cultural festivals in Antibes ; most of the festivals focus on music and contemporary activities.
" Said Lord himself, " There's a way of playing a Hammond different.
In an interview with the New York Times, when asked if the " family values ", he often talks about concerning the Yellowstone Club, was another way of saying that the club emphasizes Christian values replied, " There's one member in my religion, that's me ,".
There's no way to get the DVDs back until the investigation is over.
There's plenty of evidence by now that the kids in those schools do no better, and it's simply a way of avoiding their-the public responsibility to provide good education.
There's probably no way to rethink this material without throwing it all away.
When Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, he said, " There's no way you guys would have got a chance to see Michael Jordan play without Dean Smith.
There's no other way of looking at it.

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