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There and are
There are plenty of fresh horses halfway at my place.
There are of course many Souths ; ;
There is unceasing pressure, but its sources are immediate.
( There are two receivers in case one should be dropped and damaged.
There are thousands of square miles of salt pan which are hideous.
There are almost no fictional treatments of the industrialized south ''.
There are certainly large areas of understanding in the human sciences which in themselves and even without political invention can help to dispel our present fears.
There are many domains in which understanding has brought about widespread and quite appropriate reduction in ritual and fear.
There are, however, some wonderful chapters at the beginning of the second part, concerning the reactions of the Swedes in adversity.
There are ghostly scenes in which the little boy on his rocking horse rocks madly toward the climax that will magically give him the name of the winning horse.
There is probably some significance in the fact that two of the best incest stories I have encountered in recent years are burlesques of the incest myth.
There is evidence to suggest, in fact, that many authors of the humorous sketches were prompted to write them -- or to make them as indelicate as they are -- by way of protesting against the artificial refinements which had come to dominate the polite letters of the South.
There is essential pleasantness in reading the writing of men who are not angry, who can contend without quarreling.
There are in The Almagest no rules for determining in advance whether a new epicycle will be required for dealing with abberations in lunar, solar, or planetary behavior.
Said: `` There are things I must tell you about this man you are marrying which he does not know himself ''.
There is plenty more to recommend Gorton, the facts of whose life are given in The Life And Times Of Samuel Gorton, by Adelos Gorton.
There are millions who accept this doctrine, but few indeed are those who accept it so truly that the fate of humanity lies as a weight on their souls night and day.
There are some people, intelligent people, who seem to be untouched by the sea of wonder in which we are immersed and in which we spend our lives.
There are few things of which I am prouder than of that unblemished record.
There are only two men remaining in Congress who, with Rayburn, voted for the declaration of war against Germany in 1917.
There are many causes for this change.

There and conscious
There is still the position, based on the philosophical question of personal identity, termed open individualism, and in some ways similar to the old belief of monopsychism, that concludes that individual existence is illusory, and our consciousness continues existing after death in other conscious beings.
The justification for attributing life to objects was stated by David Hume in his Natural History of Religion ( Section III ): " There is a universal tendency among mankind to conceive all beings like themselves, and to transfer to every object those qualities with which they are familiarly acquainted, and of which they are intimately conscious.
There is substantial evidence that a " top-down " flow of neural activity ( i. e., activity propagating from the frontal cortex to sensory areas ) is more predictive of conscious awareness than a " bottom-up " flow of activity.
There is a conscious multicultural focus of the journal, both in content and in the diverse makeup of its editorial group.
There are a variety of interpretations of the constants ' values, including that of a divine creator ( the apparent fine-tuning is actual and intentional ), or that ours is one universe of many in a multiverse ( e. g. the Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics ), or even that a universe without the capacity for conscious beings cannot exist.
Importantly, Maimonides, while enumerating the above, added the following caveat " There is no difference between Biblical statement ' his wife was Mehithabel ' 10, 6 on the one hand an " unimportant " verse, and ' Hear, O Israel ' on the other an " important " verse ... anyone who denies even such verses thereby denies God and shows contempt for his teachings more than any other skeptic, because he holds that the Torah can be divided into essential and non-essential parts ..." The uniqueness of the 13 fundamental beliefs was that even a rejection out of ignorance placed one outside Judaism, whereas the rejection of the rest of Torah must be a conscious act to stamp one as an unbeliever.
Rushton had always been conscious of his weight, listing his recreations in Who's Who as " gaining weight, losing weight and parking ", and in 1973 he had been the host of a slimming programme Don ’ t Just Sit There.
There is a conscious effort to adopt neologisms from Sweden, to avoid differences.
There are various aspects of consciousness generally deemed necessary for a machine to be artificially conscious.
There are at least three types of awareness agency awareness, goal awareness, and sensorimotor awareness, which may also be conscious or not.
There is the view that such research possibly misinterprets primary sources, or uses them in a selective way, trying to synthesize a series of isolated and perhaps mutually unrelated references to the use of such colors into evidence of a continuous and conscious identification of the Greek nation with them.
There is a dissociation between the process associated with the actual execution of the physical movements of the limb and the process that produces an internal sense of voluntary control over the movements, with this latter process thus normally creating the internal conscious sensation that the movements are being internally initiated, controlled and produced by an active self.
There are five main things which a pilot must remain conscious of when contemplating an aerial engagement, of which, getting and keeping sight is the most important.
There is only conscious agency in the sense that the field or its download to neurons is conscious, but the processes of the brain themselves are driven by deterministic electromagnetic interactions.
There Lucy Ricardo befriended a new neighbor, Betty Ramsey ( portrayed by Croft ), who was very socially conscious and tended to get Lucy involved in adventures different from those that involved Ethel Mertz ( Vivian Vance ).
There is currently no definitive evidence that support altering the course of the recovery of minimally conscious state.
There should be a conscious attempt on the part of students and staff, teaching and non-teaching, to realize this in our academic life.
There is no question now that an inquirer will have to make an effort to be socially conscious or that an activist will have to be persuaded of the moral crisis in the human psyche, the significance of being attentive to the inner life.

There and textual
There is both textual and external evidence for this belief.
There is some limited data from woodcuts and textual fragments that Mongol light horse archers and some Chinese soldiers wore a slung baldric over the shoulder, allowing longer blades to be strapped across the back.
There were extensive textual notes justifying all these alterations.
There were some noteworthy textual changes in the first two sections, and the dismissal formula in the Concluding Rites ( Ite, missa est ) was moved to the end of the Mass ; previously, it was followed by an inaudible personal prayer by the priest, the blessing of the people ( which has been retained ), and the reading of the " Last Gospel " ( almost always John 1: 1 – 14 ).
There are three fundamental approaches to textual criticism: eclecticism, stemmatics, and copy-text editing.
There are other editions ; it should be noted that no two of them show all the major poems in congruent textual status.
There is no evidence either textual or archaeological of a prior settlement on that exact location ; however, the site would have been obliterated by construction.
There is textual and archaeological evidence that districts such as Trigg were used as martially points for ' war hosts ' from across the region, likely to have also included troops from overseas evidenced by corresponding place names in Brittany — a recurring motif of Brythonic Arthurian myth originating in this period, such as Tristan and Iseult.
There is much textual evidence to support this interpretation: he describes himself as " one so pale / for love of her, and all in vain.
There is no description of the form of the Urim and Thummim in the passage describing the high priest's vestments, and a number of scholars believe that the author of the passage, which textual scholars attribute to the priestly source, wasn't actually entirely aware of what they were either.
There are a number of other techniques for preaching, some of which are covered in this article including textual, topical, topical-expository, and lectionary.
There is also a textual link / rationale provided in the literature ( Rawls / Garfinkel: 2002: ppgs. 19-22 ).
There is little textual evidence for this interpretation, however, except the words " curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
There are more than 115 black and white and 31 full-color plates, as well as a timeline, general index, additional essays providing an overview of the textual issues and history of the Lutheran Confessions, and a summary of the nature and meaning of the traditional Lutheran approach to accepting and using the Lutheran Confessions.
There is some debate between textual scholars as to whether this incident in Joshua is one account or two different accounts spliced together, where one account refers to Joshua building an altar, and making sacrifices on it, while the other account refers to Joshua placing large stone slabs there that had been whitened with lime and then had the law inscribed on them.
There are certain textual differences between the two, and the order is somewhat altered in the two forms.
There is little textual information about the Garamantes.
There have also been noteworthy variora of the works of William Shakespeare, including the readings of all quartos and folios ; the textual decisions, or choices, of past editors ; and a compilation of all critical notes.
There is clear archaeological and textual evidence that a tafl variant was played in Ireland in ancient times.
There are also various technical supplements dealing with textual and linguistic details, many of which are painted in geometrical forms.
There is no contemporary textual explanation for The Tempest, and ultimately, no definitive reading or interpretation.
There is some textual evidence for that, insofar as Marx sometimes defines the production price as the price which would apply if the supply and demand for products is balanced.
There are certain textual clues that point toward this early date, specifically the reference to " the Roman indications in 1: 27-28 gives a clear terminus a quo of 297 CE " ( Morgan 8 ).
There has never been a universally agreed textual language to express actions within the Shlaer-Mellor community.

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