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There and are
There are plenty of fresh horses halfway at my place.
There are of course many Souths ; ;
There is unceasing pressure, but its sources are immediate.
( There are two receivers in case one should be dropped and damaged.
There are thousands of square miles of salt pan which are hideous.
There are almost no fictional treatments of the industrialized south ''.
There are certainly large areas of understanding in the human sciences which in themselves and even without political invention can help to dispel our present fears.
There are many domains in which understanding has brought about widespread and quite appropriate reduction in ritual and fear.
There are, however, some wonderful chapters at the beginning of the second part, concerning the reactions of the Swedes in adversity.
There are ghostly scenes in which the little boy on his rocking horse rocks madly toward the climax that will magically give him the name of the winning horse.
There is probably some significance in the fact that two of the best incest stories I have encountered in recent years are burlesques of the incest myth.
There is evidence to suggest, in fact, that many authors of the humorous sketches were prompted to write them -- or to make them as indelicate as they are -- by way of protesting against the artificial refinements which had come to dominate the polite letters of the South.
There is essential pleasantness in reading the writing of men who are not angry, who can contend without quarreling.
There are in The Almagest no rules for determining in advance whether a new epicycle will be required for dealing with abberations in lunar, solar, or planetary behavior.
Said: `` There are things I must tell you about this man you are marrying which he does not know himself ''.
There is plenty more to recommend Gorton, the facts of whose life are given in The Life And Times Of Samuel Gorton, by Adelos Gorton.
There are millions who accept this doctrine, but few indeed are those who accept it so truly that the fate of humanity lies as a weight on their souls night and day.
There are some people, intelligent people, who seem to be untouched by the sea of wonder in which we are immersed and in which we spend our lives.
There are few things of which I am prouder than of that unblemished record.
There are only two men remaining in Congress who, with Rayburn, voted for the declaration of war against Germany in 1917.
There are many causes for this change.

There and estimated
There are an estimated 2, 400 celibate Anglican Religious ( 1080 men and 1320 women ) in the Anglican Communion as a whole, some of whom have adopted the Rule of St. Benedict.
There are an estimated five to six million Bahá ' ís around the world in more than 200 countries and territories.
There is very limited information for Djibouti ’ s current account ; the country ’ s merchandise trade deficit was estimated at US $ 737 million in 2004.
There were supposedly only 13 specimens left, all estimated to be about 300 years old.
There were an estimated 84 airports in 2005, only 14 of which had paved runways as of 2005.
There must be at least one observation for every parameter being estimated and the data cannot have perfect multicollinearity.
There is an estimated 200, 000 Guyanese living in Canada.
There are an estimated 65, 000 Catholics ( mostly Albanians, but with some Croats ) in Kosovo.
There are an estimated 410, 000 radios in use and there are 136 television broadcast stations as of 1997, with an estimated 1, 890, 000 televisions in use as of 2008.
There are an estimated 24 private internet service providers.
There are also three television broadcast stations according to a 2001 figure, with an estimated 3, 500 televisions as of 1994.
There are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year worldwide.
There are an estimated 40, 000 internet users in Niger ( 2006 ), and 216 ( 1999 ) Internet service hosts: ISPs and other direct connections to the internet.
There is another disturbance of the Earth's rotation called polar motion that can be estimated for only a few months into the future because it is influenced by rapidly and unpredictably varying things such as ocean currents, wind systems, and motions in the liquid nickel-iron outer core of the Earth.
There are also an estimated 63, 000 Afro-Paraguayans, or 1 % of the population.
There he was captured and brought back to Paris by train, where a mob of an estimated 10, 000 whites placed him on a carnival float and carried him through town and out into a prairie.
There are 61 airports in Romania ( estimated as of 2006 ).
There are an estimated one million Roma in the United States ; 800, 000 in Brazil, whose ancestors were deported by the government of Portugal during the colonial era ; and in more recent migrations, Romani have also moved to other parts of the Americas.
There are an estimated 204 airports in Saudi Arabia ( 2003 est.
There were an estimated 4, 271 km of paved roads and 10, 305 km of unpaved roads as of 1996.
There were an estimated 20 airports in 1999.
There are an estimated 1. 12 million radios and 53, 000 televisions as of 1997, and two television broadcast stations as of 2006.
There is an estimated 20, 000 internet users as of 2001.
There are also a significant number of British ( 359, 076 as of 2011, but more than one million are estimated to live permanently in Spain ) and German ( 195, 842 ) citizens, mainly in Alicante, Málaga provinces, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.

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