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Some Related Sentences

There and exists
There exists a wide range of philosophical views on man's obligations or motivations to act altruistically.
* There exists a model of ZF ¬ C in which there is a function f from the real numbers to the real numbers such that f is not continuous at a, but f is sequentially continuous at a, i. e., for any sequence
There also exists in heraldry the " Anchored Cross ", or Mariner's Cross, a stylized cross in the shape of an anchor.
There also exists a caspase-independent apoptotic pathway that is mediated by AIF ( apoptosis-inducing factor ).
; Identity element: There exists an element e in A, such that for all elements a in A, the equation holds.
There are a number of different categories that board games can be broken up into, although considerable overlap exists, and a game may belong in several categories.
There also exists a Vocaloid song sung by Len Kagamine, Dream Eating Monochrome Baku, about the Baku, depicting it / him as a sharply dressed blond boy ( Len Kagamine ) with an elephant cane.
There exists a limited tradition of Breton literature.
There also exists a monolingual dictionary, Geriadur Brezhoneg an Here, defining Breton words in Breton.
There exists a photo of the Captain and his dog outside his cabin on the ship.
There is debate as to whether time exists only in the present or whether far away times are just as real as far away spaces, and there is debate as to whether space is curved.
There exists an international standard way to do this ( the ISO week ).
There exists a Permanent Representative of Croatia to the United Nations.
There is ample literary evidence to further substantiate that " Chicano " is a self-declaration, as a large body of Chicano literature exists with publication dates far predating the 1950s.
There also exists multistage sampling, where more than two steps are taken in selecting clusters from clusters.
* There exists a computable function which, given any positive rational error bound, produces a rational number r such that
There are a large number of interesting tasks, and while it is not known if a polynomial-time solution exists for any of them, it is known that if such a solution exists for any of them, one exists for all of them.
There exists a misconception concerning the power of the pope in the Middle Ages.
There also exists a small number of analogue-only cable networks such as the Longford service Crossan Cable.
: The categorical proposition " Some man is sick " has the same meaning as the existential proposition " A sick man exists " or " There is a sick man ".
Thus, in the sentence " There exists a man ", the term " man " is asserted to be part of existence.
But we can also assert, " There exists a triangle.
There exists an identity ( or neutral ) element such that.

There and hundreds
There are several big coach companies, which control the market for intercity travel, and hundreds of small ones ( one bus = one company ), which operate between the smaller towns.
There is a third view that sees merit in both arguments above and attempts to bridge them, and so cannot be articulated as starkly as they can ; it sees more than one Christianity and more than one attitude towards paganism at work in the poem, separated from each other by hundreds of years ; it sees the poem as originally the product of a literate Christian author with one foot in the pagan world and one in the Christian, himself a convert perhaps or one whose forbears had been pagan, a poet who was conversant in both oral and literary milieus and was capable of a masterful " repurposing " of poetry from the oral tradition ; this early Christian poet saw virtue manifest in a willingness to sacrifice oneself in a devotion to justice and in an attempt to aid and protect those in need of help and greater safety ; good pagan men had trodden that noble path and so this poet presents pagan culture with equanimity and respect ; yet overlaid upon this early Christian poet's composition are verses from a much later reformist " fire-and-brimstone " Christian poet who vilifies pagan practice as dark and sinful and who adds satanic aspects to its monsters.
There are thousands of audio and video codecs, ranging in cost from free to hundreds of dollars or more.
There are hundreds of such dolmen clusters in the area.
There have been dozens of arcade-based releases across several countries and hundreds of home video game console releases, promoting a music library of original songs produced by Konami's in-house artists and an eclectic set of licensed music from many different genres.
There are hundreds of other derivatives in the classical French repertoire.
There are literally hundreds of early patristic writings that form part of Church tradition.
There are some 60 online newspapers ( in various languages, but mostly Chinese ) and the numbers of online periodicals run into the hundreds.
Special staining: There are hundreds of various other techniques that have been used to selectively stain cells and cellular components.
There are still hundreds of abandoned accounts asking their owners to reclaim them, and links which lead nowhere.
There are literally hundreds of web pages whose authors will post a new joke or perhaps many jokes on a daily basis.
There are many hundreds of different knitting stitches used by knitters.
There are hundreds if not thousands of different gain media in which laser operation has been achieved ( see list of laser types for a list of the most important ones ).
There are literally hundreds of different divinatory techniques in the world.
There are hundreds of programs which use ncurses.
There are hundreds of popular subjects, such as birds on stamps, and ships, poets, presidents, monarchs, maps, aircraft, space craft, sports and insects on stamps.
There was safety in large flocks which often numbered hundreds of thousands of birds.
There are hundreds of psychotherapeutic approaches or schools of thought.
There are hundreds of ' paper streets ' composed entirely of stairs and many other steep streets with stairs for sidewalks.
There were hundreds of thousands of abuses, deaths and incidents of torture against a large range of people, from political opponents to ordinary citizens.
There are hundreds of cable distributors offering access to Romanian, European and other stations.
There were protesters but also hundreds of supporters of the Shah, as well as a group of fake supporters armed with wooden staves, there to disturb the normal course of the visit.
There was the clear implication ( though it was not explicitly stated ) that this was the result of a nuclear war hundreds or thousands of years before the time of the plot.
There are hundreds of different catalogues, most specializing in particular countries or periods.

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