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There and is
`` There isn't anything left to say, is there, Keith ''??
There was a measure of protection in its concrete walls and ceiling, but the engineers who hastily installed it were well aware that concrete is not much better than prayer, if as efficacious, when a direct hit comes along.
There is nothing for you '', Matsuo said.
There is much truth in both these charges, and not many Bourbons deny them.
There is unceasing pressure, but its sources are immediate.
There is little time for the men in the command centers to reflect about the implications of these clocks.
There is no room for error or waste.
There is a New South emerging, a South losing the folksy traditions of an agrarian society with the rapidity of an avalanche -- especially within recent decades.
There is a haunting resemblance between the notion of cause in Copernicus and in Freud.
There is still the remote possibility of planetoid collision.
There is the unexplainable, and there art raises questions that it does not attempt to answer ''.
There is nothing holy in wedlock.
There is no more `` plot '' than that ; ;
There is a legend ( Hawthorne records it in his `` English Notebooks ''.
It consists of fragmentary personal revelations, such as `` The Spark '': `` There is a spark dwells deep within my soul.
There is only one catch to this idyllic arrangement: Adam Smith was wrong.
Harris J. Griston, in Shaking The Dust From Shakespeare ( 216 ), writes: `` There is not a word spoken by Shylock which one would expect from a real Jew ''.
There is no justification for such misrepresentation.
There is no socially existential answer to the question.
There is no selectivity ; ;
There is probably some significance in the fact that two of the best incest stories I have encountered in recent years are burlesques of the incest myth.
There is no necessity, I suppose, to assert that Mr. Faulkner is Southern.
There is evidence to suggest, in fact, that many authors of the humorous sketches were prompted to write them -- or to make them as indelicate as they are -- by way of protesting against the artificial refinements which had come to dominate the polite letters of the South.
There may be a case of this sort, but it is not one we wish to argue, here.

There and common
There is a common problem behind most of these federal question and diversity cases.
There are three common definitions for acids: the Arrhenius definition, the Brønsted-Lowry definition, and the Lewis definition.
There are dozens of alphabets in use today, the most common being the Latin alphabet ( which was derived from the Greek ).
There are several other common units for area.
There are rare examples of its use as early as the 12th century, but it became common by the 16th century.
There are a number of venerable legal sources that distill the common law on various subjects known as Restatement of the Law.
There are many other comparable Cambrian lagerstätten ; indeed such assemblages are far more common in the Cambrian than in any other period.
There is little evidence that he had access to any other of the pagan Latin writers – he quotes many of these writers but the quotes are almost all to be found in the Latin grammars that were common in his day, one or more of which would certainly have been at the monastery.
There are many variants of backgammon, most of which share common traits.
There is an established repertoire of common tactics and occurrences.
There are some common methods of bookkeeping such as the single-entry bookkeeping system and the double-entry bookkeeping system.
There is no regulation or statute legislated upon bankruptcy which denotes a condition of inability to meet a demand of a creditor as is common in many other jurisdictions.
There is a common misunderstanding that Kitemarks are necessary to prove compliance with any BS standard, but in general it is neither desirable nor possible that every standard be ' policed ' in this way.
There is no such tort in English common law ; thus, any jurisdiction that lacks a wrongful death statute will not allow a lawsuit for the wrongful death of a loved one.
In 1938, the U. S. Supreme Court in Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins 304 U. S. 64, 78 ( 1938 ), overruled earlier precedent, and held " There is no federal general common law ," thus confining the federal courts to act only as interpreters of law originating elsewhere.
There is strong quantitative support for the theory that all living organisms on Earth are descended from a common ancestor.
Charles Darwin proposed the theory of universal common descent through an evolutionary process in On the Origin of Species, twice stating the hypothesis that there was only one progenitor for all life forms and ending with " There is a grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one ".
There are many successful companies today that sell only software products, though there are still many common software licensing problems due to the complexity of designs and poor documentation, leading to patent trolls.
There are three common ways of arranging dancers in the minor sets: proper formation, improper formation, and Becket formation.
There are four endemic bird species including the Raso Lark along with more common swifts, larks, warblers, and sparrows.
There is evidence that snowfalls were common in the higher latitudes and the tropics became wetter than during the Triassic and Jurassic.
There are many types of microorganisms found in active compost of which the most common are:
There is a Natural History Museum operating under the direction of the University of Crete and two aquariums-Aquaworld in Hersonissos and Cretaquarium displaying sea creatures common in Cretan waters.
There are various types of company that can be formed in different jurisdictions, but the most common forms of company are:
There are also 90 minute / 790 MB and 99 minute / 870 MB discs, although they are less common ( and depart from the Orange Book standard outright ).

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