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There and is
`` There isn't anything left to say, is there, Keith ''??
There was a measure of protection in its concrete walls and ceiling, but the engineers who hastily installed it were well aware that concrete is not much better than prayer, if as efficacious, when a direct hit comes along.
There is nothing for you '', Matsuo said.
There is much truth in both these charges, and not many Bourbons deny them.
There is unceasing pressure, but its sources are immediate.
There is little time for the men in the command centers to reflect about the implications of these clocks.
There is no room for error or waste.
There is a New South emerging, a South losing the folksy traditions of an agrarian society with the rapidity of an avalanche -- especially within recent decades.
There is a haunting resemblance between the notion of cause in Copernicus and in Freud.
There is still the remote possibility of planetoid collision.
There is the unexplainable, and there art raises questions that it does not attempt to answer ''.
There is nothing holy in wedlock.
There is no more `` plot '' than that ; ;
There is a legend ( Hawthorne records it in his `` English Notebooks ''.
It consists of fragmentary personal revelations, such as `` The Spark '': `` There is a spark dwells deep within my soul.
There is only one catch to this idyllic arrangement: Adam Smith was wrong.
Harris J. Griston, in Shaking The Dust From Shakespeare ( 216 ), writes: `` There is not a word spoken by Shylock which one would expect from a real Jew ''.
There is no justification for such misrepresentation.
There is no socially existential answer to the question.
There is no selectivity ; ;
There is probably some significance in the fact that two of the best incest stories I have encountered in recent years are burlesques of the incest myth.
There is no necessity, I suppose, to assert that Mr. Faulkner is Southern.
There is evidence to suggest, in fact, that many authors of the humorous sketches were prompted to write them -- or to make them as indelicate as they are -- by way of protesting against the artificial refinements which had come to dominate the polite letters of the South.
There may be a case of this sort, but it is not one we wish to argue, here.

There and high
There was also a long wooden spear and a woomera, a spear-throwing device which gives the spear an enormous velocity and high accuracy.
There are lots of jobs available for trained high school graduates, but not for the dropouts.
There is an extraordinary sense of presence in all of these recordings, apparently obtained at least in part by emphasizing the middle and high frequencies.
There were no depressingly serious cases: the ward doctor sometimes teamed up with the chaplain to serve as a marriage counselor -- sometimes the Navy sent people back to the States to preserve a marriage -- but mental health as a rule was very high.
There were 30, 995 students in primary school, 19, 211 in high school, 9, 429 in college and a further 340 in special schools.
There are also plans for upgrading for high speed operation and doubling ( where needed ) of the Plovdiv-Burgas railway.
There is a simple randomized algorithm due to that runs in time where n is the number of clauses and succeeds with high probability to correctly decide 3-Sat.
There are also high levels of mollusk endemism.
There are some remaining patches of dry forest high on steep mountainside including a number of endemic plant species, but these are inaccessible and hard to study.
There have been repeated case studies regarding the installation of a high speed line between the cities of Valparaíso and Santiago, some even considering maglev trains, but no serious action has ever been taken on the matter.
There is no evidence of mass extinction of these organisms, and there is support for high productivity of these species in southern high latitudes as a result of cooling temperatures in the early Paleocene.
There is access to regular ADSL, G. SHDSL, and services only on metropolitan areas, costs are high and service is decent.
There are no sit-down interviews, and the shooting ratio ( the amount of film shot to the finished product ) is very high, often reaching 80 to one.
There is no conclusive evidence that moderately high protein diets in healthy individuals are dangerous ; it has only been shown that these diets are dangerous in individuals already suffering from kidney and liver problems.
There are other criticisms as well, such as in scarcity not accounting for the macroeconomics of high unemployment.
There is no fundamental limit known to these wavelengths or energies, at either end of the spectrum, although photons with energies near the Planck energy or exceeding it ( far too high to have ever been observed ) will required new physical theories to describe.
There were several islands which were not completely submerged at high tide but most of them were submerged.
There are also similarities between Ezra the priest-scribe ( but not high priest ) and Nehemiah the secular governor on the one hand and Joshua and Zerubbabel on the other hand.
There is evidence that tangible rewards decrease intrinsic motivation in specific situations, such as when the student already has a high level of intrinsic motivation to perform the goal behavior.
There are many different types of tropical moist forests, although most extensive are the lowland evergreen broad leaf rainforests, for example várzea and igapó forests and the terra firma forests of the Amazon Basin ; the peat swamp forests, dipterocarp forests of Southeast Asia ; and the high forests of the Congo Basin.
There are three main classifications of fire wall: firewalls, fire barrier walls, and high challenge firewalls.
There are several high mountains including Mount Tabor and Mount Meron in the region, which have relatively low temperatures and high rainfall.
There is also research suggesting that browsing competition is intense at lower levels, and giraffes feed more efficiently ( gaining more leaf biomass with each mouthful ) high in the canopy.

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