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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 12
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

There and seems
There was, it seems to me, enough in the openly declared principles and intentions of Russian leaders to alienate honorable men without their having to wait to see how it would turn out.
There seems to be a rough correlation between the initial and ultimate lengths, starting with the smallest ( boa constrictor ) and ending with the largest ( anaconda ).
There it seems that the goitrogen ingested by dairy animals is itself inactive but is converted in the animal to an active goitrogen, which is then secreted in the milk.
There seems to be an implied cultural value attached to the fact of core status within the group.
There are serious dangers involved in this trend toward rising Federal expenditures, of which I take a dim view, but it seems very likely to occur.
There is a difference in theological belief where there seems little chance of agreement.
There seems to be no purpose in life that is sure -- no certain guiding principles to give stability.
There seems to be an unfortunate assumption that an hour of Chicago-style jazz in prime evening time, for example, could not be justified without the trimmings of a portentous documentary.
There is the standard way to sign the word learn that seems to be used by most speakers of ASL in Canada, and there is also an Atlantic regional variation.
There is also a family of what seems pirate carts, that look nothing like the others in shape, size or label artwork.
" There seems to be little doubt that this could only be John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, respectively.
There seems to be no room in their understanding of God for divine discretion and mystery in allowing and arranging suffering for purposes other than retribution.
There is some controversy over the identity of the disease, but in its virulent form, after the Great Plague of Marseille in 1720 – 1722, the Great Plague of 1738 ( which hit Eastern Europe ), and the Russian plague of 1770-1772, it seems to have gradually disappeared from Europe.
There are some states in which consciousness seems to be abolished, including sleep, coma, and death.
There are two separate sections of the work dedicated to Clement ( 5, 11 and 6, 6 ), the of latter which seems decidedly out of place, and Valesius argued that this was evidence that Eusebius never revised his work.
There seems to be some forethought in his activity as these items are not found together or near a source of nuts.
He is best remembered today for his comment that " There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today " at Jutland, where three of his battlecruisers exploded and sank under German fire exacerbated by dangerous ammunition handling techniques and unsafe propellant.
There seems little doubt that Bacon had accepted gifts from litigants, but this was an accepted custom of the time and not necessarily evidence of deeply corrupt behaviour.
There could be multiple such instances of attempts to push, but it seems from the accounts of the ancients that these were perfectly orchestrated and attempted organized en masse.
There seems to be a specific temperature range in which hellbenders feed, as well: between 45 and 80 ° F.
There seems to be no alternative for users other than using a different IM program or patching ICQ 5. 1 with a special application.
There seems to be a yearly population increase of 16 – 17 %.
" Another July 1816 anonymous review, in the Augustan Review, claimed that the poem's descriptions " have much of the Oriental richness and harmony " but also said, in response to the preface, " There seems to be no great harm in dreaming while one sleeps ; but an author really should not thus dream while he is awake, and writing too.
He also realized the connection between matrices and determinants, and wrote " There would be many things to say about this theory of matrices which should, it seems to me, precede the theory of determinants ".

There and be
There would still be plenty of moments of regret and sadness and guilty relief.
There was a peculiar density about it, a thick substance that could be sensed but never identified, never actually perceived.
There was to be no gunplay.
There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go on forever.
There will be romance and flirtation.
`` There must be some water under there ''.
( There are two receivers in case one should be dropped and damaged.
There will be premieres of new works, made possible through Ford Foundation commissions: Carlisle Floyd's Mystery, with Phyllis Curtin as soprano soloist.
There may be a case of this sort, but it is not one we wish to argue, here.
There would be side-conclusions to be drawn, of course ; ;
There are in The Almagest no rules for determining in advance whether a new epicycle will be required for dealing with abberations in lunar, solar, or planetary behavior.
There is a risk that instead of teaching a person how to be himself, reading fiction and drama may teach him how to be somebody else.
There can be little doubt that there was a conspiracy in Washington, overt or implied, to block anything Hearst wanted, even if it was something good.
`` There must be a line ''!!
There was the Neapolitan, Ribas, a capable conniver whose father had been a blacksmith but who had fawned his way up the ladder of Catherine's and Potemkin's favor till he was now a brigadier ( and would one day be the daggerman designated to do in Czar Paul 1,, after traveling all the way to Naples to procure just the right stiletto ).
There are some people, intelligent people, who seem to be untouched by the sea of wonder in which we are immersed and in which we spend our lives.
There was a finality in the rhythm of the prayer -- it was the end of a life, the end of hope, and the wondering if there would ever be another beginning.
There can be no greater magic than to wrest from death her in whom the flesh was all, in whom beauty was entirely pure because it was entirely corruptible.
There is no explanation of terms nor a qualification that most such revolts have been dealt with by force -- only a bald dogmatism that they must, because of some undefined compulsion, be so repelled.
There, to the Evening Post, she emphatically denied the divorce rumors and explained that she had stayed behind because of the schooling of their son, which henceforth would be strictly American.
In a pessimistic assessment of the cold war, Eden declared: `` There must be much closer unity within the West before there can be effective negotiation with the East ''.

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