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There and she
There was something about the contour of her face, her smile that was like New Orleans sunshine, the way she held her head, the way she walked -- there was scarcely anything she did which did not fascinate me.
There, to the Evening Post, she emphatically denied the divorce rumors and explained that she had stayed behind because of the schooling of their son, which henceforth would be strictly American.
There were times now, like this, when she lost control of the time count and moved freely back and forth into three generations.
There was one of the new forte-pianos in the room and, as Claire rose to go, he asked her to sing him one song before she left.
There she extracted two limp vellum sheets and wrote off the letters, one to Abel, one to Mark.
There is a death in all partings, she knew, and promptly put it out of her mind.
There was not anything she could do there, but that was where everyone was, or would be.
There were times it wasn't right to make a person happy, like the times she came in the kitchen and asked know we don't keep peanut `` butter for a peanut butter sandwich.
There is reason to suppose that Lucy would have made a record as publicly distinguished as her brother had it not been that her mother's death occurred just as she was about to enter college.
There was a wet spot -- she couldn't have been gone long ''.
There they continued their studies at the university, she in art, he in architecture.
There also came a brief contretemps with the sound mixers who made the mistake of being overheard during a quiet moment near the conclusion of `` Do It Again '', and she made the tart observation that `` I never saw so much moving about in an audience ''.
There was a letter to write to her mother, and she tried to make its tone cheerful.
There was a momentary pause, and then her mother said, `` How long is she supposed to stay ''??
There she walked to the far left and leaned on a vacant section of banister, while the vendor picked himself another well-dressed American lady, carrying a camera and a handsome alligator bag, ascending the steps alone.
There are two types of allophones, based on whether a phoneme must be pronounced using a specific allophone in a specific situation, or whether the speaker has freedom to ( unconsciously ) choose which allophone he or she will use.
In 2007, she wrote that she did not want to belittle the issue but was sceptical of the claims that specific actions would prevent catastrophe, then in 2008 that her doubts had been “ crystalised ” by Nigel Lawson's book An Appeal to Reason, before stating in 2009 that " There is no climate change, hasn ’ t anybody looked out of their window recently?
Fay disappears, and hiding from the police, admits that she hopes for one miracle-for a hero who can come and deliver the town from the madness (“ There Won't Be Trumpets ”).
There is uncertainty about her intentions when she tells Job to curse God but it is clear that Job honors her by the way he talks about her in Chapter 31.
There she sketched and explored an area that nourished her imagination and her observation.
There is a belief that she was buried between platforms 9 and 10 in King's Cross station in London, England.

There and remained
There remained a family named Kahler, owners of a two-story Tudor-style house on the south side of the Andrus home.
There was a significantly greater number in this group who reported a desk as being in a tilted position while a tennis ball resting on it remained stationary on the incline.
There remained only the delicate task of maneuvering the laws through the labyrinth of Palace politics and making a small number of policy decisions.
There still remained the need for one great film artist to explore the full potential of the new form and to make it an art.
There he is said to have remained for thirty years.
There he remained for about twelve years, during which time he made repeated but unsuccessful attempts to escape.
There remained the possibility, because both the Apollo 14 and Apollo 15 landing sites were closely associated with the Imbrium basin, that different geologic processes were prevalent in areas of the lunar highlands far from Mare Imbrium.
There also remained the distinct possibility that this objective had already been satisfied by the Apollo 14 and Apollo 15 missions, as the Apollo 14 samples had not yet been completely analyzed and samples from Apollo 15 had not yet been obtained.
There was at the top of the Arc from 1882 to 1886, a monumental sculpture by Alexandre Falguière, " Le triomphe de la Révolution " ( the Triumph of the Revolution ), a chariot drawn by horses preparing " to crush Anarchy and Despotism ", that remained only four years up there before falling in ruins.
There was no plan to move these departments, and so Bonn remained a second, unofficial capital with the new title " Federal City " ( Bundesstadt ).
There were several GUI-based BBSes on the Apple Macintosh platform, including TeleFinder and FirstClass, but these remained widely used only in the Mac market.
" There was nothing we could do but accept poor mother's fate ", Chaplin later wrote, and she remained in care until her death in 1928.
There were, of course, some concerti grossi that remained, the most famous of which being Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola in E flat Major.
There is no evidence that Jesus himself ever married, and considerable evidence that he remained single.
There he remained while Vermont declared independence, and John Burgoyne's campaign for the Hudson River met a stumbling block near Bennington in August 1777.
There, Ambrosio was the first company in the field in 1905, and remained the largest in the country through this period.
There he remained six years, returning to Lisbon in 1526-27 having written a report entitled Verdadeira Informação das Terras do Preste João das Indias (" A True Relation of the Lands of Prester John of the Indies ").
There remained the thrilling possibility of clandestine sexual transgression by high-caste spectators and their heroes of the arena.
" There were forty-eight strikes in 1936 in which the strikers remained at their jobs for at least one day ; in twenty-two of these work stoppages, involving 34, 565 workers, the strikers stayed inside the plants for more than twenty-four hours.
There he remained two years.
There, he wrote the Summulae Logicales, a reference manual on Aristotelian logic that remained in use in European universities for more than 300 years.
There remained some slight discrepancies in the gas giants ' orbits.
There was still no such recognition in the U. S. This remained the case until June 10, 1871, when a bronze statue of Samuel Morse was unveiled in Central Park, New York City.
There still remained, however, skinheads who preferred the original mod-inspired styles.

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