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There and community
There is a vast difference between the community of reconciliation which the New Testament describes and the community of congeniality found in the average church building.
There is a humorous but revealing story about a rancher who owned a large slice of Texas and who wanted to have on it everything that was necessary for a completely pleasant community.
There is no need here to spell out the conditions of creative teaching except to point out that, at the college level, the sense of community and of community responsibility is even more necessary than it is at other levels.
There are great restoration projects underway around New Zealand and many organisations including community groups, landowners, conservation organisations, iwi, volunteers, schools, local businesses, nurseries and councils are involved in them.
There he rebuilds the walls, despite the opposition of Israel's enemies, and reforms the community in conformity with the law of Moses.
M. Scott Peck expresses this in the following way: " There can be no vulnerability without risk ; there can be no community without vulnerability ; there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.
There are community colleges located in metropolitan, regional and rural locations of Australia.
There are a number of institutions and organizations which provide community college research to inform practice and policy.
There are a number of research organizations and publications who focus upon the activities of community college, junior college, and technical college institutions.
There was a Sephardic Jewish community in Anfa up to its destruction by the Portuguese in 1468.
There are concerns that they lower the level of self-sufficiency and seamanship and create social clique which divide the community.
There is a sizeable Haitian migrant community in the Dominican Republic.
There are also numerous community and special interest stations, including Dublin City FM ( 103. 2 MHz ), Dublin South FM ( 93. 9 MHz ), Liffey Sound FM ( 96. 4 MHz ), Near FM ( 90. 3 MHz ), Phoenix FM ( 92. 5 MHz ), Raidió na Life ( 106. 4 MHz ) and West Dublin Access Radio ( 96. 0 MHz ).
There are many practical applications of ecology in conservation biology, wetland management, natural resource management ( agroecology, agriculture, forestry, agroforestry, fisheries ), city planning ( urban ecology ), community health, economics, basic and applied science, and human social interaction ( human ecology ).
There are cultural commonalities between Esperanto speakers, which is a distinctive feature of a cultural community.
The community which gave rise to Matthew originated in Palestine, but: " There the community ’ s mission to Israel failed, and eventually, probably in the period preceding the Jewish War of 66-70, they were forced to leave the land of Israel.
There is no one organization that represents all LGBT people and their interests, although there are two organizations that are inclusive of many of the LGBT community issues: InterPride by coordinating and networking gay pride events worldwide, and International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission ( IGLHRC ), which addresses human rights violations against LGBT and HIV-positive people and works with the United Nations.
There are also chartered services for the VIP and business community within Hong Kong.
There are still many bogs in the town, although the economy is now more centered on tourism and as a residential community.
There was also increasing opposition to the use of psychiatric hospitals, and attempts to move people back into the community on a collaborative user-led group approach (" therapeutic communities ") not controlled by psychiatry.

There and faced
There was no reason to leave the comfortable quarters inside the ship, except that, faced with a possibility of sleeping on solid ground, they simply had to get out.
There are approximately 44 different theories what the heresies encountered by the church at Colossae were, including a view there was no particular heresy at all but issues typical of those faced by believers.
There are criticisms that the development does not sit easily with or connect with its surroundings, and as a result Berliners have had difficulty accepting it as theirs ( despite the fact that the choice of Hilmer & Sattler's masterplan was partly because it was the only one to address the way the development juxtaposed with the Cultural Forum immediately to the west, although the Cultural Forum has itself faced similar criticisms of its own ).
There are known to have been 7 ethnic Estonians – Ralf Gerrets, Ain-Ervin Mere, Jaan Viik, Juhan Jüriste, Karl Linnas, Aleksander Laak and Ervin Viks – that have faced trials for crimes against humanity.
There, the Bulls faced the Miami Heat.
There was episodes of extreme violence like the killing of Béziers, faced the forces assembled by vassal lords of the Capetian mainly from Ile de France and the north of France, led by Simon de Montfort, against the nobility of Toulouse led by Count Raymond VI of Toulouse and the family Trencavel that, as allies and vassals of the king of Aragon Peter II the Catholic, invoked direct involvement in the conflict at the Aragonese monarch, who was defeated and killed in the course of Battle of Muret in 1213.
There, Buechner faced the challenge of creating a new department and academically rigorous curriculum that would challenge the often cynical views of his new students.
World's largest open faced granite quarry, near Mount Airy. There were 3, 667 households out of which 24. 3 % had children under the age of 18 living with them, 40. 6 % were married couples living together, 14. 0 % had a female householder with no husband present, and 41. 9 % were non-families.
* There is a need to respond to the economic, environmental and territorial challenges faced by agricultural and rural areas today and in the future, and in doing so to better align the CAP to the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
There were talks about such an event in 2003, but the idea was faced by opposition from the local BNP councillors and their supporters.
There is no room for prudence in revolutions whose fate and eventual success is always decided by boldness and raw courage … this is why Petőfi condemned his compatriots for the sin of opportunism and hesitation when faced with the great problems of their age … Petőfi's works must be regarded as the law of the Hungarian soul … and of the … love of the country ".
There have been three instances in which a major league pitcher retired every player he faced over nine innings without allowing a baserunner, but, by the current definition, is not credited with a perfect game, either because there was already a baserunner when he took the mound, or because the game went into extra innings and an opposing player eventually reached base:
There was native game about but it could take hunters days to track and kill a large animal such as an eland and they were then faced with the problem of preserving a large mass of meat in a short time in a hot climate during a period of history before iceboxes had been invented.
" He added, " There are, however, problems, not unlike those faced by Costa-Gavras in his State of Siege and Missing, and they are major.
There in the book it showed that 2 months later in September 1981 that Galaxy faced Saksuree ( the only boxer to beat him ) again, and won on a 6-round knock-out in a 10-round fight, thus avenging the loss and retiring with an official record of 50 wins and 1 loss ( the book included having Galaxy's boxing record in it as well the written review ).
There Layton and his family ( his father died when he was 13 ) faced daily struggles with, among others, Montreal's French Canadians, who were uncomfortable with the growing numbers of Jewish newcomers.
There was also speculation that she could turn up at the United Nations in New York and embarrass South Vietnam and the U. S. Bundy said in a meeting that " this was the first time the world had been faced with collective madness in a ruling family since the days of the czars " and her comments provoked much debate on how to get Diệm to silence her.
There, at the so-called Battle of Nations ( 16 October – 19 1813 ) a French army, ultimately reinforced to 191, 000, found itself faced by three Allied armies converging on it, ultimately totalling more than 430, 000 troops.
" There was, however, speculation that he had wanted it to be changed, but faced too much opposition.
There were two periods during the war when the Yishuv faced a direct threat from Nazi forces.
There he faced a Conservative opponent whose style contrasted sharply with his own cool and reserved manner.
There, in early 1571, he was faced with a mutiny of the janissaries who demanded overdue pay.
There are several other important problems that the GVN faced in addition to those created by the failure to provide basic social needs for the peasants and over-extension of its resources.
There are a number of legal issues to be addressed in order to abolish the monarchy, though individuals on both sides of the argument take a different view of the level of difficulty faced.

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