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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

There and was
There was more to this than Jones had told him.
There was no one but me.
There was a ragged volley.
There was only one place where Jake Carwood's description had gone badly awry: the peace and quiet.
There was brush, and stands of pine that no grass could grow under, and places so steep that cattle wouldn't stop to graze.
There was an artificial lake just out of sight in the first stand of trees, fed by a half dozen springs that popped out of the ground above the hillside orchard.
There was no chance.
There was no moon.
There a dozen giant monitors played their seventy-five-foot jets of water against the huge seam of tertiary gravel which was the mountainside.
There was only one place where the mountain might receive her -- that unnamed, unnameable pool harbored in its secret bosom.
There was a peculiar density about it, a thick substance that could be sensed but never identified, never actually perceived.
There was some idle talk, a listless discussion of this or that small happening during the day's drive.
There was to be no gunplay.
There was a light in Black's front room, but drawn curtains prevented any view of the interior.
There was no lock on the door, only an iron hook which he unfastened.
There was raw fury in his eyes, and the veins of his neck were swollen.
There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go on forever.
There was not enough room to make the usual vertical bomb run.
There was, of course, no way for the other planes to get by them.
There was no time to pick out a penny ; ;
There was a blur just under my focus of vision, a crash ; ;
There had been a good second or two during which my muffler had been blowing out, and now I was certain I'd seen her somewhere before.
There was something about the contour of her face, her smile that was like New Orleans sunshine, the way she held her head, the way she walked -- there was scarcely anything she did which did not fascinate me.

There and Brahms
There was about that song something incandescent, for this Brahms was Milstein at white heat.
There is reason to believe that Brahms was a religious freethinker.
There were no Toscanini telecasts in 1950, but they resumed from Carnegie Hall on November 3, 1951, with Weber's overture to Euryanthe and Brahms ' Symphony No. 1.
There is also Hungarian music in the film, using pieces of music such as Brahms " Hungarian Dance No. 5 " in a scene where Taeko is eating lunch, and making references to Hungarian musicians when she is in the car with Toshio.
There are several examples of 19th and 20th Century chorale preludes, for instance, the Eleven Chorale Preludes by Johannes Brahms, Max Reger's and Samuel Barber's.
There are many notable works in this tradition, including those by Palestrina, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Hector Berlioz, Johannes Brahms, Anton Bruckner, Gabriel Fauré, Franz Liszt, Giuseppe Verdi, Benjamin Britten, Maurice Duruflé, György Ligeti, Krzysztof Penderecki and Igor Stravinsky.
There is space for doubts, though, as to whether these pieces actually constitute a cycle or they were arbitrarily united by Brahms ( the third piece was written on different paper sheets than the first two even though there were empty sheets after the second one ).
The Times noted the influence of Wagner and Brahms: " There are characteristic reminiscences of Parsifal … and rhythmically the chief theme looks like an offspring of Brahms " but concluded " it is not only an original work, but one of the most original and most important that has been added to the stock of recent music.

There and none
There are more poems dated in the 1890's than in the '80's -- Hardy had apparently resumed the viewless wings as he decreased the volume of his fiction -- but none in 1891, the year of Tess, and only one in 1895, the year of Jude.
There were unclaimed square miles of seating space around them, but he appreciated the kindliness of her gesture none the less.
There are several competing theories, none of which is definitive.
There is none on public display in Cambridge, but there is a large collection in the Toledo Museum of Art.
There is as yet no carbon audit regime for all such markets globally, and none is specified in the Kyoto Protocol.
There is really none any more.
By the autumn of 1559 several foreign suitors were vying for Elizabeth's hand ; their impatient envoys engaged in ever more scandalous talk and reported that a marriage with her favourite was not welcome in England: " There is not a man who does not cry out on him and her with indignation ... she will marry none but the favoured Robert ".
There were no significant mineral resources — none of the gold or diamonds that attracted so many to South Africa.
There are also stone labyrinths on the Isles of Scilly, although none is known to date from before the nineteenth century.
There is a little-known coda to the Milgram Experiment, reported by Philip Zimbardo: none of the participants who refused to administer the final shocks insisted that the experiment itself be terminated, nor left the room to check the health of the victim without requesting permission to leave, as per Milgram's notes and recollections, when Zimbardo asked him about that point.
In return, the King rewarded Macau with the addition of the words " There is none more Loyal " to its existing title.
Macau was now " City of the Name of God in China, There is none more loyal ".
" There is none to compare with Him.
There are none as yet.
" Muslim, Christian, Jew / Here's a little somethin ' I thought you knew / There is only one God and God is one / The rich praises none.
There have been several attempts to produce a true implementation of the relational database model as originally defined by Codd and explained by Date, Darwen and others, but none have been popular successes so far.
There was another outbreak of measles in 1843 and it was noted that none of those who survived the 1807 outbreak contracted the disease a second time.
There was no standard gauge for horse railways, but there were rough groupings: in the north of England none were less than.
There have been a number of published interpretations of how one should determine what constitutes ' harming none '.
There is a large pool of think-tanks in Poland ; none of them stands out however.
There are none.
There are numerous other clubs in Donegal, but none has achieved the status of Finn Harps.
There is little evidence for this, however, and none at all for the later rumour that he had poisoned Anne.
Therefore, the informal sentence " Il y en a plus " can be pronounced with the final " s " to mean, " There is more ", or without to mean, " There is none left ".

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