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There and were
There were tracks of cattle all over his six hundred and forty acres.
There were three other men within this prison whom Barton would have liked to liberate, but they were in other cell blocks.
There were seven of them, enough for a show of strength -- to run a bluff.
There were no tracks of either hoofs or boots.
There were two horses in the barn, a sway-backed dun and Jess Crouch's buckskin.
There was raw fury in his eyes, and the veins of his neck were swollen.
There were no less than six or seven saloons in Ganado, not counting the lower class dives, all vying for the trade of celebrating miners and teamsters.
There were gigantic blisters and rope burns on our hands ; ;
There was a measure of protection in its concrete walls and ceiling, but the engineers who hastily installed it were well aware that concrete is not much better than prayer, if as efficacious, when a direct hit comes along.
There were fantastic flowers without perfume, and gaudy birds without song.
There were two rubbing sticks for making fire, two stones shaped roughly like knives, a woven-root container which held a few pounds of dried worms and the dead body of some rodent.
There were fences in the old days when we were children.
There were more indications by the mid-twentieth century.
There is evidence to suggest, in fact, that many authors of the humorous sketches were prompted to write them -- or to make them as indelicate as they are -- by way of protesting against the artificial refinements which had come to dominate the polite letters of the South.
There were no reasons for such suppositions then.
There were three years of this strange warfare ; ;
There never were two fames alike.
There were times that he worked with both lyricists simultaneously.
There is a mediocre restaurant at Sounion and I fed a thin little Grecian cat and gave it two saucers of water -- there was no milk -- which it lapped up as though it were nectar.
There was much sickness in the corps, and the men were, in addition, without the clothing, shoes, and blankets needed for the winter weather.
There were several men of ninety or more whom I knew first or last, all of whom were still productive and most of whom knew one another as if they had naturally come together at the apex of their lives.
There were four from St. John's and four from Christ's, three from Pembroke, and two from each of the colleges, Jesus, Peterhouse, Queens', and Trinity, with Caius, Clare, King's, Magdalene, and Sidney supplying one each in the ordo senioritatis.

There and major
There is now substantial evidence from several major studies of college students that the experience of the college years results in a certain, selective homogenization of attitudes and values.
There were three major administrative tasks: the fixing of electoral districts, the registration of voters and the registration of candidates.
There is currently a major controversy of public education in which group interests and values are heavily engaged.
There, in one of the major Swiss engineering feats of the 19th century, the Jura water correction, the river, which had previously rendered the countryside north of Bern a swampland through frequent flooding, was diverted by the Hagneck Canal into Lake of Bienne.
There are however, some major discrepancies between Spencer ’ s capitalist evolutionary conceptions and Andrew Carnegie ’ s capitalist practices.
There are several major vendors of flight avionics, including Honeywell ( which now owns Bendix / King ), Rockwell Collins, Thales Group, Garmin and Avidyne Corporation.
There are three major groups of audio file formats:
There is one major uncompressed audio format, PCM, which is usually stored in a. wav file on Windows or in a. aiff file on Mac OS.
It is well connected with Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ujjain, Howrah, Bhopal, Mumbai, Jammu, Indore and all other major cities. There is a major technical and repair railway workshop in the city.
There is a Mozart reference in the title — A Little Night Music is an occasionally used translation of Eine kleine Nachtmusik, the nickname of Mozart's Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major, K. 525.
There are also a number of orbital roads in Belgium around major cities.
There are seven major rivers in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
There are two major derivations of this segment, both presupposing that it belongs to the family of Indo-European languages: from ' cow ' and from ' warrior.
There are six minor judges and six major judges ; this brings the total number of judges to twelve, the same number as there are tribes of Israel.
There are two major historical contexts within which the Edomites could have committed such an act.
There have been three major outbreaks of plague.
There are two major types of gene tests.
There were two major oceans in the Carboniferous — Panthalassa and Paleo-Tethys, which was inside the " O " in the Carboniferous Pangaea.
There are regular flights to and from the major islands ( Santiago, Sal and São Vicente ), with less frequent flights to the other islands.
There are no major seaports on the islands, but there is lagoon anchorage.
There are several major railway routes in the country:
There are two major views within preterism, Partial preterism and Full preterism.
There are four major tea plantation regions in China.

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