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Thereafter and member
Thereafter, the apostles have the miraculous power to " speak in tongues " and when they address a crowd, each member of the crowd hears their speech in his own native language.
Thereafter, he hosted numerous game and variety shows, including The Steve Allen Show, I've Got a Secret, The New Steve Allen Show, and was a regular panel member on CBS ' What's My Line?
Thereafter she became one of two Vice-presidents of the Republika Srpska and from circa 30 November 1992 she was a member of the Supreme Command of the armed forces of the Republika Srpska.
Thereafter, a Phi Theta Kappa member must maintain a high academic standing, generally a 3. 25 GPA or higher, to remain a member in good standing.
Thereafter, he was appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the British government ; the Secretary of State for India, a member of the UK Cabinet, was responsible for instructing him on the exercise of his powers.
then he had performed constructive leader called as an assembly tiger, forever nobody can blame on his character he is opponent to dynasty in the politics people will feel proud to be a known person to mr naidu once if he recognise the person he never forget them and he will call after any days with the name that is the great to our beloved leader Thereafter he has been member of Rajya sabha
Thereafter his son Awais Leghari was made a federal minister for Telecom and IT and another of his deputies Yar Mohammad Rind was also made a member in the Federal cabinet.
Thereafter, he successively served as ambassador to Qing Dynasty China, Senior Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, ambassador to Great Britain, member of Sanjiin ( legislative advisory council ) and Education Ministry official.
Thereafter Apithy was named to several political posts, all while a member of Dahomey's only political party, the Union Progressiste Dahomeenne ( UPD ).
Thereafter, Hawks was a member of the Mississippi Air National Guard from 1972 until 1980.
Thereafter it was necessary to serve several months ' apprenticeship as a candidate member before being elevated to full membership with voting rights.
Thereafter he became a member of Rajya Sabha 1985-1988, during this period he also remained the Minister of Industries in September 1985 and in addition to that portfolio, became minister of Petroleum in 1986.
Thereafter, since twelve was the maximum total number of Ministers, there was no point in a TD being an Extern Minister rather than a member of the Executive Council.
Thereafter, Ngige turned to politics, becoming a founding member of the People's Democratic Party ( PDP )

Thereafter and party
Thereafter, the socialist party steadily declined in its electoral successes.
Thereafter in the 1990s, the PCs were a small party in the Canadian House of Commons, and could only exert legislative pressure on the government through their power in the Senate of Canada.
Thereafter, the former MP's party ( or the Government if they were independent or their party has no other MPs ) moves for a writ of election to be issued calling for a by-election.
Thereafter Ruthenberg was the sole Executive Secretary of the American Communist Party ( still calling itself the Workers Party of America ) — a position which he retained for the rest of his life, despite spending much of the 1920s as a leader of a minority faction within the party.
Thereafter, the Nazi party's influence grew and the negative pressure the party brought to bear on the clients and supporters of the Werkstätte resulted in the liquidation of all of its assets the same year.
Thereafter he remained free from party ties.
Thereafter, the party ( renamed Progressive Conservative in 1945 ) spent more time in opposition than in government.

Thereafter and advocated
Thereafter, he founded in February 1941 the National Popular Rally ( RNP ) which advocated Collaboration with Nazi Germany and anti-Semitism.

Thereafter and constitutional
Thereafter, he taught constitutional law and commercial law at Temple Law School and The George Washington University Law School, among other schools.

Thereafter and government
Thereafter, she is sequestered in the palace, while Ptolemy's depraved male and female favourites ruin both the king and his government of Egypt.
Thereafter, survivors banded together and unsuccessfully sued the Japanese government for compensation ; however, efforts continue.
Thereafter, citizens, unable to locate government or foundation grants, raised some $ 600, 000 in community fund-raising activities to reclaim the facility.
Thereafter, the Kaw had no recognized government until federal recognition and reorganization of the tribe in 1959.
Thereafter you are in no way involved with anyone else's government — no more than a Prussian subject is with Belgian authorities .”
Thereafter, he remade The Nation into a current affairs publication and gave it an anti-classical liberal orientation: Oswald Villard welcomed the New Deal and supported the nationalization of industries – thus reversing the meaning of " liberalism " as the founders of " The Nation " would have understood the term, from a belief in a smaller and more restricted government to a belief in a larger and less restricted government.
Thereafter the government preferred to deal directly with the provinces.
Thereafter, Irish government and landholding were dominated by the largely English Protestant Ascendancy.
Thereafter, he returned to this firm when he was not in government service.
Thereafter, Hague did not support Wittpenn in the general election, and Edge-who ran on a platform of making government more effective and efficient with the slogan " A Business Man with a Business Plan "-was elected.
Thereafter, he worked in the Department of Industrial Infrastructure, Government of Bihar and in the Ministry of Industry, government of India dealing with foreign industrial collaborations, technology imports, intellectual property rights and industrial approvals.
Thereafter, General Tae-hun An ( 안태훈 ; 安泰勳 ; the father of Ahn Jung-geun ( 안중근 ; 安重根 ) who later assassinated Ito Hirobumi ( 伊藤博文 ) of the Royal Army ), gave Kim's Donghak rebels a safe pass, but other government troops ignored An's safe pass and attacked them.
Thereafter, the Nazi government treated the Dutch more harshly: notable socialists were imprisoned, and, later in the war, Roman Catholic priests, including Titus Brandsma, were deported to concentration camps.
Thereafter Vanguard declined and following poor results in the 1977 local government elections, Craig merged the remainder of Vanguard into the UUP in February 1978.
Thereafter, Winterton was increasingly sidelined and the following year he was dropped from the Cabinet and served in the marginal post of Paymaster-General before leaving the government altogether.
Thereafter, from 1900 to 1941, the bank represented the interests of the French government in handling the Boxer indemnity and transacted international trade between France and China.
Thereafter, most former Chart Thai MPs and members convened to found the Chartthaipattana Party ( Thai Nation Development Party ), which since 2008 is part of the coalition government.
Thereafter, the defenders of the government district were pushed back into the Reichstag and Reich Chancellery.
Thereafter, views and attitudes towards the cult start to change for the better, and the cult earns strong support in its mission to topple the Yuan government.
Thereafter, from 1875 to 1884, the government appointed persons as commissioners ( usually the Government Resident ) to exercise the power of a judge of the Supreme Court in all but trials of capital offences.
Thereafter the government will receive all revenues accruing to the project.

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