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Therefore and ordination
Therefore, in his twenty-ninth year, Atiśa was formally declared a monk under an ordination of the great Śīlarakṣita, and given the new name of Dīpaṃkara Śrījñāna, meaning " He Whose Deep Awareness Acts as a Lamp.
Therefore, most countries which adopted Buddhism from China, also adopted the Dharmaguptaka vinaya and ordination lineage for bhikṣus and bhikṣuṇīs.

Therefore and ceremony
Therefore, the director does not personally win the Award, but simply accepts it during the ceremony.
Therefore, by the logic of the eternal return, each New Year ceremony was the beginning of the world for these peoples.
Therefore, another ceremony was organized in a surviving manor in the outskirts of Berlin late on 8 May, when it was already 9 May in Moscow due to the difference in time zones.
Therefore there was requirement for another form of conveyance that did not require ceremony or appearance before the praetor.
Therefore, for example, an individual who only has New Zealand citizenship will never be able to apply for Singaporean citizenship because once her Singaporean citizenship application has been approved, she must first renounce her existing nationality before she can attend a Singaporean citizenship ceremony and officially obtain Singaporean nationality.
Therefore, at English common law foreign-born individuals could not become citizens through any procedure or ceremony.

Therefore and concerns
Therefore the public needed someone to interpret the decisions or concerns of the elite to make the information plain and simple.
Therefore, the prohibition against incestuous relations in most societies is argued not based on or motivated by concerns over biological closeness.
Lauder said: " The Vatican was badly advised to revoke the excommunication of the four bishops ... Therefore, we call on Pope Benedict XVI to urgently address these concerns and to ensure that the achievements of four decades of Catholic-Jewish dialogue are not being damaged by a small minority of people who want to divide rather than unite.
Therefore, the most common type of questioned document examination involves handwriting wherein the examiner tries to address concerns about potential authorship.
Therefore, cool storage ( above freezing ) is more common and less costly, which requires that the temperature is consistently between with 30 – 40 % relative humidity with special attention to dew point to eliminate concerns for condensation.
Therefore, some sociologists wanted to stretch Marxist ideas of social conflict to analyze environmental social movements from this materialist framework instead of interpreting environmental movements as a more cultural " New Social Movement " separate than material concerns.
Therefore, in Eastern Orthodoxy, theosis never concerns becoming like God in essence or being, which is pantheism ; instead, it concerns becoming united to God by grace, through his Energies.
Therefore, any change that affects the meaning of an article is not minor, even if the edit concerns a single word ; for example, the addition or removal of " not ", which can change the meaning of a sentence, is a major edit.
Therefore, she decided to publish a book to voice her concerns.
Therefore framing election tampering issues as " hacking " may not be an accurate framework for public concerns.
Therefore, and in response to concerns voiced by the European Commission concerning unfair competition, IPEX Bank has become legally and financially independent in 2008.
Therefore, collaboratories have been put into operation in response to these concerns and restrictions.
Therefore, essential in gaining understanding of the issues at the core of many of today's health concerns is to understand the neuroendocrine system.

Therefore and only
Therefore, the only unknown structural feature would appear to be whether the hydrogen atoms are located symmetrically ( 1 ) or asymmetrically ( 3 ).
Therefore, it is not only a question of honor but of life and death for the Soviet state ''.
Therefore, his only recourse was to learn the shape all over again for each new visual experience of the same individual object or type of object ; ;
Therefore, it is recommended that in such cases the sample be replaced, or if used, the results of dimensional change or dimensional restorability tests be considered as indicative only.
Therefore, the only conceivable alternatives are those represented, on the one hand, by the two at least apparently self-consistent but mutually exclusive positions of Buri and Barth and, on the other hand, by the third but really pseudo position ( analogous to a round square ) of Bultmann.
Therefore, only a small proportion of trial court decisions result in appeals.
Therefore there were only lifts on every second floor so people had to communicate with one another on different floors.
Therefore only the one who was in the temple can be worshipped.
Therefore, only king-like bodhicitta is actual bodhicitta.
Therefore, a liquid will normally catch fire only above a certain temperature: its flash point.
Therefore, the stresses considered in continuum mechanics are only those produced by deformation of the body, sc.
Therefore, four loose families of more-efficient light transport modelling techniques have emerged: rasterization, including scanline rendering, geometrically projects objects in the scene to an image plane, without advanced optical effects ; ray casting considers the scene as observed from a specific point-of-view, calculating the observed image based only on geometry and very basic optical laws of reflection intensity, and perhaps using Monte Carlo techniques to reduce artifacts ; and ray tracing is similar to ray casting, but employs more advanced optical simulation, and usually uses Monte Carlo techniques to obtain more realistic results at a speed that is often orders of magnitude slower.
Therefore, The Cottagers have had 12 grounds overall ( including a temporary stay at Loftus Road ), meaning that only their former ' landlords ' and rivals QPR have had more home grounds ( 14 ) in British football.
Therefore, the only motivation for labour was either the possibility of great reward or fear of hunger.
Therefore, compound crossbows generally use only pulleys that are both round and concentrically mounted, in order to capture the maximum available energy from the relatively short draw length.
Therefore the Knights could only wage a defensive war if pagans violated natural rights of the Christians.
Therefore the change is not as large as might appear, and the only plants to have moved across the borders of the order are those belonging to family Nartheciaceae.
Therefore, the set of all equivalence classes of forms a partition of: every element of belongs to one and only one equivalence class.
Therefore it only discusses planets that orbit stars or brown dwarfs.
Therefore, the idea was born that only the elite should know the truth in its complete form and the rulers, Plato said, must tell the people of the city " The Noble Lie " to keep them passive and content, without the risk of upheaval and unrest.
Therefore enthalpy can only accurately be used in a closed system.
Therefore this formula only applies when is at least as large as.
Therefore, it is difficult to conclude that forgetting is a result of only the time duration.
Therefore, search requests would often be dropped, and most queries reached only a very small part of the network.

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