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These and provided
These items, and most of the others listed above, seem quite comparable to items whose right of survival is provided for in section 381.
These applets must run either in a container provided by a host program, through a plugin, or a variety of other applications including mobile devices that support the applet programming model.
These were not ' armored cars ' in the sense implied by the modern term, as they provided no real protection for their crews against any kind of opposing fire.
These oncolytic properties provided a promising link between CDV and lymphoma apoptosis which can lead to development of alternative treatment methods for both canine lymphoma and human non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
These are provided by various independent shipping companies and their conditions and seaworthiness vary considerably.
These supplements were overseen by Keith Herber and provided backgrounds and adventures set in Lovecraft's fictional towns of Arkham, Kingsport, Innsmouth, Dunwich, and their environs.
These rules can be ignored only if justification is clear, or can be provided.
These experiences provided background for the novel Keep the Aspidistra Flying ( 1936 ).
These proofs can be carried over to infinite groups by replacement of the average with an integral, provided that an acceptable notion of integral can be defined.
These works also influenced contemporary Italian scientist Galileo Galilei and provided one of the foundations for Englishman Isaac Newton's theory of universal gravitation.
These beliefs were adopted by the " people of the land ", meaning the landed families who provided the administrative class of the kingdom, and in 640 BCE these circles were decisive in placing on the throne the eight-year-old Josiah.
These inns provided accommodation for people and their vehicles or animals and served as a resting place for people, whether travelling on foot or by other means.
These were provided by young boys, who were attached to a force and carried rations, cooking pots, sleeping mats, extra weapons and other material.
These works also provided one of the foundations for Isaac Newton's theory of universal gravitation.
These would appear to die faster than when healthy persons ' urine was used, leading him to think that perhaps more uric acid was present in the samples provided by his mentally ill patients.
These negative qualities provided extensive material for fiction writers in the Victorian era, and John remains a recurring character within Western popular culture, primarily as a villain in films and stories depicting the Robin Hood legends.
These were of the nature of both a treaty and constitution which contained minority rights clauses that provided for the right of petition and adjudication by the International Court.
These books provided much of the theoretical base for future lunar vehicle development.
These songs provided a means of passing on through the centuries highly important information about historical events.
These machetes are occasionally provided with a simple cord loop as a sort of lanyard, and a canvas scabbard — although in some regions where machetes are valuable, commonly used tools, the users may make decorative leather scabbards for them.
These generally had 2 floors, with a firing level and a support / infrastructure level that provided the troops with rest and services ( power generating units, reserves of water, fuel, food, ventilation equipment, etc .).
These were useful in systems where the clock support was already being provided on the motherboard by some other chip.
These companies such as International Paper and American Chicle saw their market share decrease significantly by 1929 as smaller competitors joined forces with each other and provided much more competition.
These specifications were provided by calculating adequate intakes from measured intakes in populations of individuals with “ desirable osmolarity values of urine and desirable water volumes per energy unit consumed .” For healthful hydration, the current EFSA guidelines recommend total water intakes of 2. 0 L / day for adult females and 2. 5 L / day for adult males.
These programs allow the PDA to be synchronized with a personal information manager, which may be part of the computer's operating system, provided with the PDA, or sold separately by a third party.

These and useful
These data are not of the precision obtainable by the methods previously mentioned, but the vast number of approximate values available will be useful in many areas.
These are useful in developing the spherical Bessel functions ( below ).
These recurrence relations are useful for discrete diffusion problems.
These properties make benzodiazepines useful in treating anxiety, insomnia, agitation, seizures, muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal and as a premedication for medical or dental procedures.
These instructions could be combined to create useful programs for the EDVAC to run.
These conventions allow some operators in both languages to serve both as predicates ( answering a boolean-valued question ) and as returning a useful value for further computation, but in Scheme the value '() which is equivalent to NIL in Common Lisp evaluates to true in a boolean expression.
These metals can form useful silicides when deposited onto silicon.
These can be particularly useful in the study of solvable groups and nilpotent groups.
These kits are particularly useful for smaller venues where space is limited.
These combined factors of toed-in rail fins cause several issues: drag on a toed-in outside rail fin can slow the board down in trim, but it can also give a braking effect during turns that is useful.
These dates are useful on their own, and can also be used in conjunction with relative dating methods or to calibrate relative dating methods.
These studies can also give useful information about pathways for metamorphism through pressure, temperature, space, and time.
These, which can make a power more useful, typically expand its effectiveness or make it more powerful, and thus make it more expensive.
These new insurance contracts allowed insurance to be separated from investment, a separation of roles that first proved useful in marine insurance.
These calculators evolved into electronic computers in the 1940s, and it was then found that these computers were also useful for administrative purposes.
These smaller " home-use " plotters became popular for desktop business graphics and in engineering laboratories, but their low speed meant they were not useful for general printing purposes, and different conventional printer would be required for those jobs.
These predicates are not given a relational meaning and are only useful for the side-effects they exhibit on the system.
These methods are useful in laboratory biochemistry and cell biology, though generally not for commercial applications.
These are useful for party outreach, training and employment.
* Hard pastels: These have a higher portion of binder and less pigment, producing a sharp drawing material that is useful for fine details.
These more general concepts are particularly useful in fields such as computer science and natural language processing where many of the basic elements of analysis are non-numerical.
These early examples were useful only for attacking large targets like cities or ports, but their relative invulnerability and low cost provided both sides with a credible force in an era of stiffening air defenses.
These techniques may be useful in performance, reducing the ill effects of an out-of-tune string until an opportunity to tune properly.
These are probably only useful in restricted memory environments such as some embedded systems.

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