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These and activists
These Christian countercult activists stem from Evangelical or fundamentalist backgrounds.
These authors and activists included Oscar Wilde, Emile Armand, Han Ryner, Henri Zisly, Renzo Novatore, Miguel Gimenez Igualada, Adolf Brand and Lev Chernyi among others.
These people are often less visible compared to more mainstream gay or LGBT activists.
These young activists were as eager as their grandparents to see independence restored, but they realized that returning to the feudal order was not feasible and that modern technology and governmental systems were needed.
These legal cases were combined with an on-site blockade of logging work, the blockade being undertaken by experienced and inexperienced green activists and locals many of whom camped in the forest ; using techniques such as chaining protesters inside concrete pipes and up six metre high tripods.
These Left Communist positions enjoyed considerable support, being supported by Sylvia Pankhurst, Willie Gallacher and other notable activists.
More recently, Richard C. Cook, an analyst for the U. S. Civil Service Commission, Food and Drug Administration, NASA, the U. S. Treasury Department, and author of the books Challenger Revealed and We Hold These Truths, has written several articles relating to Social Credit and monetary reform at Global Research, an independent research and media group of writers, scholars, journalists and activists.
These projects have been criticised by state environmental activists.
These activists, Lin Farley, Susan Meyer, and Karen Sauvigne went on to form Working Women's Institute which, along with the Alliance Against Sexual Coercion, founded in 1976 by Freada Klein, Lynn Wehrli, and Elizabeth Cohn-Stuntz, were among the pioneer organizations to bring sexual harassment to public attention in the late 1970s.
These lobby groups, advocating for the boycott of large-scale logging corporations, successfully urged the public to join in and support the cause as activists themselves.
These were parties largely formed by and controlled by the trade unions, rather than formed by groups of socialist activists who then appealed to the workers for support.
These conventions by black activists were called to work for abolition and equal rights.
These activists were initially encouraged to criticize the Gang of Four and previous failed government policies as part of Deng Xiaoping's struggle to gain power but the wall was closed in December 1979 when the leadership and the communist party system were being criticized along with acknowledged mistakes and previous leaders.
These include American Indian Movement activist Anna Mae Aquash, whose maiden and legal name at the time of her death was Annie Mae Pictou, in December 1975 ; FBI Special Agents Ronald A. Williams and Jack Coler earlier in 1975 ; and Black civil rights activist Perry Ray Robinson, who had disappeared during the Wounded Knee Incident in 1973 and was believed to have been murdered by AIM activists.
These activists understood the only way they could get into the corporate media was by blocking the streets.
" These activists, eager to ingest a nativist Yamato spirit into politics, recognised the charged political nature of mass culture "; Chaplin's murder would facilitate war with the U. S., and anxiety in Japan, and lead on to " restoration "- in the name of the emperor.
These instruments are gaining new dynamism thanks to music schools founded to that end by local cultural activists.
These academics, and some community activists connected globally through the medium.
These papers were produced with the support of civilian anti-war activists, and had to be disguised to be sent through the mail into Vietnam, where soldiers distributing or even possessing them might be subject to harassment, disciplinary action or arrest.
These local activists became the new management of the bank in 1973.
These activists founded organizations separate from ZPG which would specifically address immigration issues.
These two works, together with other writings, influenced a number of Christian political activists and prolific writers, who proposed their own elaborations of the idea, developing specific answers to contemporary social, political and economic issues, on the basis of their understandings of Biblical Law.
These included Norwegian Jews, political activists, and others who had reason to fear for their lives.
These activists, limited primarily to adherents of the political left, operated in isolation from the Austrian mainstream during the war years.

These and also
These shifts in alliance and allegiance not only increased the difficulties confronting the English embassy as a whole, but also directly involved the two Savoyards, Amadee and Othon.
These destructive forces also have a seriously adverse effect upon the watersheds and their life-supporting waterflows, and upon the other renewable forest resources.
These can also move a short distance but at right angles to the tappets.
These bunks also serve as a fence, so part of the additional cost must be attributed to the fence.
These observations indicate that the lunar maria heat up more rapidly and also cool off more rapidly than do the mountainous regions.
These contour diagrams also suggest a rather rapid falloff in the radio brightness with latitude.
These were the years when people flocked to Manchester not only to play golf, which had come into vogue, but also to witness the Ekwanok Country Club tournaments.
These free-standing statues were usually marble, but also the form rendered in limestone, bronze, ivory and terracotta.
These normally play an important role in controlling the growth of algae and also forage on detritus that accumulates as sediment on the bottom.
These had dual function since they were also used as pure consonants.
These three differ from each other in the way they treat vowels: abjads have letters for consonants and leave most vowels unexpressed ; abugidas are also consonant-based, but indicate vowels with diacritics to or a systematic graphic modification of the consonants.
These antibiotics may also be prescribed to patients with a documented allergy to penicillin.
These ideas were found in a number of Kabbalistic works from the 13th century, and also among many mystics in the late 16th century.
These metals were also used to strengthen each other, for more practical purposes.
These scholars also maintain that Jesus was the only human ever elected and that individuals must be " in Christ " ( Eph 1: 3 – 4 ) through faith to be part of the elect.
These findings are based on laboratory studies, and in clinical settings have also been shown to eliminate bacterial infection.
These experiments also led to a number of patents: for example, he invented a new form of laminated bent-plywood furniture in 1932.
These alleged refugees claimed the ancestry of Sargon of Akkad ( whose dynasty died out some 15 centuries before the fall of Assyria ), they also contradictionally claimed ancestry from Nabopolassar, a Babylonian king of Chaldean extraction who played a major part in the destruction of the Assyrian Empire.
These include Hindu astrology ( also known as " Indian astrology " and in modern times referred to as " Vedic astrology ") and Chinese astrology, both of which have influenced the world's cultural history.
These pits were also used to steam foods by adding heated rocks or embers and then seaweed or corn husks ( or other coverings ) placed on top to steam fish and shellfish as well as vegetables ; potatoes would be added while still in-skin and corn while in-husk, this would later be referred to as a clambake by the colonists.
These techniques also tend to form the backbone of most undergraduate analytical chemistry educational labs.
These highly educated immigrants were also responsible for educational reform and the enlightened, revolutionary spirit that developed in Aarau.
These bacteria also secrete proteins that enable the AC-II to enter host cells, where the exogenous AC activity undermines normal cellular processes.
These are also sometimes called simply AC1, AC2, etc., and, somewhat confusingly, sometimes Roman numerals are used for these isoforms that all belong to the overall AC class III.

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