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These and alleged
These events are also alleged in the 2004 documentary, The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made.
These qualities were alleged against him as defects, and to prove that his style was not the result of want of power, he painted the magnificent figure of the St. Mark Evangelist ( ranked as his masterpiece ), and the undraped figure of Saint Sebastian.
These documents are known as pleadings, that set forth the alleged wrongs committed by the defendant or defendants with a demand for relief.
These are merely the more " reliable observations " of alleged intra-Mercurial planets.
These smaller species are known for an alleged tendency to invade and parasitise the human urethra ; however, despite ethnological reports dating back to the late 19th century, the first documented case of the removal of a candiru from a human urethra did not occur until 1997, and even that incident has remained a matter of controversy.
It is alleged that the county name originated from a statement made by General Cornwallis when he declared " How Fair These Fields " during the British occupation of the area in 1780-81.
These transactions are alleged to involve either issues relating to insider trading, or influence peddling.
These groups were responsible for the extrajudicial killings of civilians and wanted or alleged criminals, including street criminals, looters and drug users.
These images are also interesting because they shed light on what people in the Renaissance fancied about the alleged æsthetic qualities of Greek and Roman antiquities.
These two prophesies are regarded by Bahá ' ís to refer to Bahá ' u ' lláh, alleged to also have arisen from " the stump of Jesse.
These include: questions regarding Kerik's sale of stock in Taser International shortly before the release of an Amnesty International report critical of the company's stun-gun product ; a sexual harassment lawsuit ; an alleged affair with Judith Regan ; allegations of misuse of police personnel and property for personal benefit ; connections with a construction company suspected of having ties to organized crime ; and failure to comply with ethics rules on gifts.
These are a ' conflicted avoidant ' - including negativistic features, alleged to feel ambivalent towards themselves and others ; ' hypersensitive avoidant ' - claimed to include paranoid features to a lesser extent than paranoid personality disorder ; ' phobic avoidant ' - including dependent features ; ' self-deserting avoidant ' - including depressive features.
These included Šešelj's Serbian Radical Party, claiming that the recent changes had rectified most of the anti-Serb bias that the Memorandum had alleged.
These concerns soon materialized as Germans began " pacifying " entire villages in Volhynia in retaliation for real or alleged support for the Soviet partisans.
These micronized preservatives use nano particles of copper oxide, for which there are alleged safety concerns.
These words, it was alleged, were spoken by him in a scornful manner, to insult the Prince Palatine and his wife Elizabeth of Bohemia, who was daughter to James I of England.
" These " specious claims " alleged variously that he died from a heroin overdose, ran off to college, was run over by an automobile, and was replaced, like Paul McCartney of The Beatles, by a look-alike.
These other writings, being alleged quotes from the apostolic fathers, are often stylistically different and sometimes address issues not addressed in the canonical New Testament and the extant writings of the apostolic fathers.
These sequels starred Kevin Sorbo as Nick Prescott, the son of the town's sheriff who takes the law into his hands when his father is killed in an alleged car accident.
These claims were made by citing records of past notorious incidents, which include an experience of being disinherited from being the Tunku Mahkota ( or Crown Prince in English ) by his father, in 1961, as well as a series of alleged criminal acts occurring between the 1970s and the 1990s which were published in the press and provoked widespread moral outrage within the Malaysian public.
These alleged acts of imperialism has led many to accuse the Soviet Union of hypocrisy, and it is often used as an argument for the idea that the Soviet Union did not, in fact, follow Marxist principles, or alternatively, for example by anarchists, as an argument for the failure of Marxism as a solution to imperialism.
These exceptions must, however, be treated with extreme caution: college professors have been prosecuted for breaches of the AECA as a result of access to USML items by foreign graduate students and companies have been penalized for alleged breaches of the AECA for failing to properly remove USML items from material used to market defense articles.
These fears were elevated by the news media in America and Canada, which reported alleged secret anti-American clauses in the treaty, and advised the public to support abrogation.
These papers were published in reputable scientific journals, and were alleged by their authors to culminate in a proposed theory for describing what occurred at the Big Bang.

These and refugees
These refugees were held in a detainment area called Camp Bulkeley until United States district court Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. declared the camp unconstitutional on June 8, 1993.
These include asylum seekers, refugees who have returned home but still need help in rebuilding their lives, local civilian communities directly affected by the movements of refugees, stateless people and so-called internally displaced people ( IDPs ).
These dialects originated from migrations from the St. Lawrence valley into the area, from 1697 onwards well into the early 19th century, with contributions of refugees from Acadia in the 18th century, both before and after the British conquest of 1759.
These expellees and refugees ( known as Heimatvertriebene ) were given refugee status and documents and resettled by Germany.
These refugees numbered 420, 000 – 756, 000 at the time.
These events prompted a mass exodus of Portuguese citizens from Portugal's African territories ( mostly from Angola and Mozambique ), creating over a million destitute Portuguese refugeesthe retornados.
These early assignments were operational, rather than political: he was helping to organize food aid, shelter and other types of aid to refugees.
These refugees did not return until the sixth year of the Hijra ( 628 ), and even then many remained in Ethiopia, eventually settling at Negash in eastern Tigray.
These artificially created refugees were packed into several internment camps subject to military control, which in reality meant military abuse.
Zulu expansion, later dubbed Difaqane ‘ the Crushing ’, set off a series of eastward migrations as refugees and defeated tribes fled the onslaught These displaced groups came into contact with the Sotho people residing on the Highveld.
These disturbances produced a large number of refugees who were exiled or forced to escape from their homelands.
These three villages are the descendants of colonies of Croat refugees ( due to the Ottoman advance ), that appeared in the Italian southern Adriatic hinterland ( from Marche to Puglia ) in the 15th century.
These men conducted small-scale raids against the Ottomans, thus allowing Serb refugees from the Ottoman Empire to safely flee to the Habsburg Empire.
These restrictions remained until the end of the mandate period, a period which occurred in parallel with World War II and the Holocaust, during which many Jewish refugees tried to escape from Europe.
These refugees arrived in Kallithea mainly from the south Black Sea ( Pontus ), from ancient Greek cities such as Sinope ( now Sinop, Turkey ), Sampsus ( now Samsun, Turkey ), Kerasus ( now Giresun, Turkey ), Trapezous-Trebizond ( now Trabzon, Turkey ), Tripolis ( now Tirebolu, Turkey ), Argyroupolis ( now Gümüshane, Turkey ) and other remnants of the late Byzantine Empire.
These French refugees are said to have named their new residence in reference to the Biblical description of the Israelites in the country of Moab, where they stayed before being allowed to enter Canaan.
These refugees discovered a fantastic collection of Buddhist statues as well as jars holding more than ten thousand fragments of ancient Buddhist manuscripts, a large part of which is now in the Schøyen Collection.
These populations are centered in southern Morocco, Western Sahara, and in the Tindouf Province of Algeria, where large number of refugees from Western Sahara are located.
These were mostly nomads, hunter gatherer tribes, refugees, anti-social / dacoit tribes and socially and lawfully ostracised peoples during a certain age or time but eventually never were given a chance to assimilate back into the mainstream after adopting a more mainstream lifestyle perhaps due to continuous strife, conquests and uncertainty over a 1000 years, until recently during the modern age under the British and free Indian Governments, that they are being attempted to assimilate again into the mainstream.
These controls were gradually lifted in the Western zones, but were tightened between Western and Soviet zones in 1946 to stem a flow of economic and political refugees from the Soviet zone.
These families came from Germany as economic refugees in 1709.
These refugees created the old village of Spetses, in the area of Kastelli, which is fortified by a wall that reinforces the natural protection provided by the terrain.
These people use the pejorative term " slags " or " spongeheads " or " rubberheads " when referring to these interstellar refugees, who in turn derogatorily call humans " terts.

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