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These and audio
These audio signals are measured in bels or in decibels.
These coders use a model of the sound's generator ( such as the human vocal tract with LPC ) to whiten the audio signal ( i. e., flatten its spectrum ) prior to quantization.
These techniques primarily include the cueing, equalization, and audio mixing of two or more sound sources.
These amplifiers use pulse width modulation, pulse density modulation ( sometimes referred to as pulse frequency modulation ) or a more advanced form of modulation such as Delta-sigma modulation ( for example, in the Analog Devices AD1990 class-D audio power amplifier ).
These tests are not accepted by some " audiophile " magazines in their evaluation of audio equipment, such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sound.
These are also available only with re-done Japanese audio with English subtitles, the DVDs identical to the 20th anniversary release of the movie compilation in Japan.
These may include operating system type and versions, Java version, browser version, screen form factors, audio capabilities, language settings and a plethora of other characteristics.
These techniques can also be used to transpose an audio sample while holding speed or duration constant.
These systems digitized an analog audio signal and then encoded the resulting digital stream into an analog video signal so that a conventional VCR could be used as a storage medium.
These devices have multiple audio and video inputs and one RF output.
These are made freely available on its website after the event as mp3 audio files and videos.
These audio shorts were first produced for Envision Radio Networks and debuted in 2007 on New York station WAXQ-FM.
These include filters to clean the electricity, equipment racks to isolate components from floor vibrations, specialty power and audio cables, loudspeaker stands ( and footers to isolate speakers from stands ), and room treatments.
These are received as the aircraft flies over them, producing an audio signals at specific locations on the approach.
These groups are thought to be unique amongst recognized Gurdjieff groups, in that they are the only groups to have recorded their original meetings, resulting in an audio library in excess of many thousands of hours, featuring almost exclusively talks by a first-hand student of Gurdjieff.
These clips are part of the ambient visual and audio background, presented as a natural occurrence of a television being on in the room where the scene is taking place.
These CDs have the data 11, 400 sectors ( 2m32s ) after the audio, but some CD rippers may try to rip this blank section with the last track ; the end result is that the ripper stalls during the last track or simply reports errors.
These slots contain a specially coded preamble that identify the subframe and its position within the audio block.
These applications include: order inquiry, package tracking, driving directions, emergency notification, wake-up, flight tracking, voice access to email, customer relationship management, prescription refilling, audio news magazines, voice dialing, real-estate information and national directory assistance applications.
These are then logged ( usually by a computer editing system, but sometimes by hand ) and recorded along with audio timecode during editing.
These unique acoustic documents, known as the Mapleson Cylinders, preserve a unique audio picture of the early Met, and are the only known extant recordings of some renowned performers including the tenor Jean de Reszke and the dramatic soprano Milka Ternina.
These audio signals were modulated onto the carriers using a special FM-PM-SSBFM ( frequency modulation-phase modulation-single sideband frequency modulation ) technique.
These machines had no audio circuitry on the logic board ; instead, a PERCH slot ( a dedicated 182-pin microchannel connector ; a superset of the PCI spec, but which does not accept PCI cards ) was populated with a " personality card " which provided the audio circuitry.

These and tones
These occur in brownish tones interlayered with white and gray.
These tones were often heard during a station ID preceding a local ad insert.
These tones are then decoded by the switching center to determine which key was pressed.
These include the gesture-controlled Buchla Thunder, sonomes such as the C-Thru Music Axis, which rearrange the scale tones into an isometric layout, and Haken Audio's keyless, touch-sensitive Continuum playing surface.
These tones are fed to the demodulator part of the modem, which processes them through a series of filters and detectors to recreate the original digital signal.
These allow the inkjet printer to compete with the silver-based photographic papers traditionally used in black-and-white photography, and provide the same range of tones: neutral, " warm " or " cold ".
These anavathmoi are compositions based upon the Hymns of Degrees, and are written in the eight tones of Byzantine chant.
These switches used tone dialing, a form of in-band signaling, and included some tones which were for internal telephone company use.
These tones in praise of love are nothing compared to the real thing.
These parallels led to confusion over the classification of these languages, until Haudricourt showed in 1954 that tone was not an invariant feature, by demonstrating that Vietnamese tones corresponded to certain final consonants in other languages of the Mon – Khmer family, and proposed that tone in the other languages had a similar origin.
These tones, combined with the limited line elements, give aquatints a distinctive, watery look.
These tones, which correlated with the expressive effects one can give to their speaking, were something Sheridan considered an important part of persuasion.
These include the lack of implementation of harmonic tones that result when certain combinations of notes are sounded, limited polyphony, and a lack of natural reverberation when the instrument is played percussively.
These units emit distinctive high pitched alarm tones to help locate firefighters in distress by automatically activating if movement is not sensed for a certain length of time ( typically between 15 and 30 seconds ), also allowing for manual activation should the need arise.
These methods of audio quality measurement are used by broadcast engineers throughout most of the world, as well as by some audio professionals, though the older A-weighting standard for continuous tones is still commonly used by others.
These tones are a fundamental part of the Chinese language: to a Chinese speaker they are no less a component of a word than vowels are to an English speaker.
These spellings, which follow specific rules, indicate the tones while retaining the pronunciation of the syllable ai.
These cues include life – size participants, fluid motion, accurate flesh tones and the appearance of true eye contact .< ref >
These amplifiers usually allow users to switch between " clean " and distorted tones ( or a rhythm guitar-style " crunch " tone and a sustained " lead " tone ) with a foot-operated switch.
These tones were achieved by Green controlling feedback on a Les Paul guitar.
These are tuned to the important tones ( swaras ) of the raga.
These new bands offer some of the classic tones and sounds of Chilean cumbia blended with Rock or other folk Latin American styles.
( These are also used for high, mid, and low level contour tones.
These are named with respect to their distinctive structure and include, March Time ( usually 120 pulses per minute but sometimes at 90 pulses or 20 pulses per minute, depending on the panel ), Hi-Lo ( two different tones that alternate ), Slow-Whoop ( slow rising sweep upwards in tone ) among others.

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