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Page "government" ¶ 369
from Brown Corpus
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These and blocks
These are designed to produce controlled bond with masonry blocks.
These groups can be seen as the basic building blocks of all finite groups, in much the same way as the prime numbers are the basic building blocks of the natural numbers.
These pixel groups or blocks of pixels are compared from one frame to the next and the video compression codec sends only the differences within those blocks.
These blocks are then arranged horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom.
These were composed of at least six " forward bunker systems " or " combat blocks ", as well as two entrances, and were interconnected via a network of underground tunnels that often featured narrow gauge electric railways for transport between bunker systems.
These blocks may be sewn together, edge to edge, or separated by strips of cloth called sashing.
These weapons are typically used to strike critical, vulnerable targets such as computerized command and control vehicles, radio trucks, radar antennae, vehicle engine blocks and the jet engines of enemy aircraft.
These blocks form a very complex mixture or mélange of rocks that include mainly serpentinite, basalt, dolerite and chert ( e. g. Bergougnan, 1975 ).
These are used as building blocks for the synthesis of egg yolk proteins.
These groups, commonly called CIDR blocks, share an initial sequence of bits in the binary representation of their IP addresses.
These range from 2 -, 3-and 4-cylinder models generating 15 to 135 horsepower suitable for hulls up to in length, to powerful V6 and V8 cylinder blocks rated up to., with sufficient power to be used on boats of or longer.
These co-processors include, Copper ( a co-processor for synchronizing custom chipset writes to video display sync ) and Blitter ( a chip capable of quickly moving blocks of graphical data from one position on the screen to another ).
These were also printed in separate souvenir sheets as imperforated blocks of 25 ( catalog listings 728 – 31 ).
These torus-margo structures have a blob floating in the middle of a donut ; when one side depressurises the blob is sucked into the torus and blocks further flow.
These are segments of DNA or RNA that are designed as complementary molecule to critical sections of viral genomes, and the binding of these antisense segments to these target sections blocks the operation of those genomes.
These were largely based on their gasoline engines but with heavier duty cast blocks, re-designed heads, fast glow plugs, and on the 5. 7L, oversized cranks, main bearings, and wrist pins.
These logical blocks are then grouped together into allocation blocks which can contain one or more logical blocks depending on the total size of the volume.
These vary from Christian Roman architecture and medieval Bulgar fortresses to Neoclassicism and prefabricated Socialist-era apartment blocks ( panelki ).
These blocks of rock are then broken down into smaller boulders by attrition as they collide with each other, and they also erode the base of the waterfall by abrasion, creating a deep plunge pool or gorge.
These blocks were used for the construction of a new dock in Malta for the Royal Navy.

These and are
These are just another couple of characters to roll.
These men are not callous.
These things are important to almost all Persians and perhaps most important to the most ordinary.
These are traversed by another line of vaults, and thus rooms, arched on all four sides, are formed.
These songs ( practically all Persian music, for that matter ) are limited to a range of two octaves.
These are not, however, differences in federal structure.
These my grandmother left in their places ( they are still there, more persistent and longer-lived than the generations of man ) and planted others like them, that flourished without careful tending.
These are like the initial ways in which the world forces itself upon the self and thrusts the self into decision and choice.
These are suggestive of Selma Lagerlof.
These assumptions lead to an organization with one man at the top, six directly under him, six under each of these, and so on until there are six levels of personnel.
These ways are absolutely irreconcilable because they offer two different recipes for man's redemption from chaos.
These responses are explicable in terms of characteristics inherent in the crisis.
These discoveries are of present interest chiefly to the scientific community ; ;
These are personality factors ; ;
These are, if the research is done with subtlety and skill, researchable topics, but the research is missing.
These moments are historical events in the lives of individual authors with which the student of comparative literature must be frequently concerned.
These lives are in themselves outside of the moral order and are unburdened with moral responsibility.
These conceptions and the manner in which they were transposed into poetry or engendered by poetic form are intrinsic to western life from the time of Aeschylus to that of Shakespeare.
These biographical analogies are obvious, and far too much time has been spent speculating on their possible implications.
These women whose organization grew out of the old suffrage movement are dedicated to Thomas Jefferson's dictum that one must cherish the people's spirit but `` Keep alive their attention ''.
These are, of course, the same people whose support he has only now rejected to seek the independent vote.
These are New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Illinois and Minnesota.
These men are spenders.

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