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These and clubs
These days it is considered basic among DJs in electronic dance music genres, and it is standard practice in clubs to keep the constant beat through the night, even if DJs change in the middle.
These clubs became the Granite Club, and in 1885, the present Detroit Curling Club was organized.
These two popular clubs have produced some of Morocco's best players such as: Salaheddine Bassir, Abdelmajid Dolmy, Baddou Zaki, Aziz Bouderbala and Noureddine Naybet.
These included the state itself ( the populus Romanus ), municipalities, and such private associations as sponsors of a religious cult, burial clubs, political groups, and guilds of craftsmen or traders.
These clubs catered to varying interests, primarily sports, and might involve distinctive manners of dress and custom.
These clubs commonly crossed social strata, including among their membership local notables, dhimmi and slaves – to the exclusion of those associated with the local ruler, or amir.
These titles place AEL in the 5 biggest football clubs of Greece.
These clubs require that players use cards that are inserted into the slot machines, to allow the casinos to track the players ' " action " ( how much each player bets and for how long ), which is often used to establish levels of play that may make players eligible for additional comps.
These clubs were rumoured to be the meeting places of " persons of quality " who wished to take part in immoral acts, and the members were often very involved in politics.
These would have been wooden clubs, spears, and unshaped stones — none of which would leave an unambiguous record.
These typically offer protection from relatively large and low velocity projectiles, such as rocks and bottles, as well as blows from fists or clubs.
These ' singing clubs ' were often for women or men separately, and the music was typically in four-part ( hence the name " part-song ") and either a cappella or with simple instrumentation.
These still exist today as the famous gentlemen's clubs.
These in 1848 were repressed in Austria and Germany, and later clubs of Berlin and Vienna were mere replicas of their English prototypes.
These clubs often feature indoor sports, such as indoor tennis, squash, basketball, boxing, and exercise facilities.
These clubs are run by a few close friends.
These clubs are centered around the activities available to the club members in the city or area in which the club is located.
These clubs grew up to become a thriving sector of the economy.
These three clubs and FC Utrecht are the only clubs never to have been relegated from the Dutch first division.
These clubs are the Verein Pudelpointer in Germany and the following clubs in North America ; NAPPA, PCNA and VPP-GNA )
These include the professional football ( soccer ) clubs Bristol City, Swindon Town, Cheltenham Town ( whose home colours are red ) and, traditionally, Wrexham FC, as well as the English Rugby League team Hull Kingston Rovers ( whose home colours are white with a red band ).
Alpine huts are provided for trampers and climbers. These are mainly owned by private clubs.

These and soon
These soon became so serious that a league was formed to crush him, and Maurice of Saxony led an army against his former comrade.
These were initially custom devices, but it was soon common to include such support in a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge.
These abbreviated volumes soon became very popular and eventually supplanted the Roman Catholic Church's Curia office, previously said by non-monastic clergy.
These first appeared soon after metallic cartridges became common.
These Hutu militia forces soon allied with the Zairian armed forces ( FAZ ) to launch a campaign against Congolese ethnic Tutsis in eastern Zaire.
These events were the height of the Pizarro-Almagro friendship, which historians describe as one of the last events in which their friendship soon faded and entered a period of turmoil for the control of the Incan capital of Cuzco.
These changes soon paid dividends, as the Allied ability to deny Japan air superiority was critical to their victories at Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal and New Guinea.
These statements, soon dubbed " esternazioni ", or " mattock blows " ( picconate ), were considered by many to be inappropriate for a President and, often, beyond his constitutional powers ; also, his mental health was doubted and Cossiga had to declare " I am the fake madman who speaks the truth.
These eastern powers soon began to be overshadowed by those further west.
These conquerors soon became settled, and adopted many of the local customs, forming many small and warring kingdoms.
These tapes were soon replaced by CD + Gs, but a plug-n-play karaoke microphone that housed a factory built-in songchip loaded with hundreds of karaoke songs quickly became a favourite.
These became known as the Nuremberg Laws which for Jews in Europe would soon become matters of life and death.
These stories soon reached the national ( and later the international ) press, which described a " monster fish ", " sea serpent ", or " dragon ", eventually settling on " Loch Ness Monster ".
These tribes and kingdoms were soon overshadowed by the rise of the Gok-Turks in 555, the Uyghurs in 745 and the Yenisei Kirghizs in 840.
These men were soon followed by others, including Francis Asbury.
These communist forces were soon crushed by anti-communist forces and attempts to create an international communist revolution failed.
These are John XVIII in 1009 and Benedict IX in May 1045, although the latter regretted it and was soon back.
These explorations in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans were soon followed by France, England and the Netherlands, who explored the Portuguese and Spanish trade routes into the Pacific Ocean, reaching Australia in 1606 and New Zealand in 1642.
These last three forms, however, fell into disuse at the beginning of the Heian period, and chōka vanished soon afterwards.
These too soon developed deep grooves, but could be more easily replaced than the stonework of the bridge.
These markings soon replaced the tokens themselves, and the clay envelopes were demonstrably the prototype for clay writing tablets.
These soon died off, before a modest resurgence in North-West England during the 1970s.
These temporarily put him in the forefront of composers then active in Italy, although he was soon passed by Giovanni Pacini with Saffò and Giuseppe Verdi with several operas, especially Ernani.
These performers were soon followed in the style by acts including Roxy Music, Sweet, Slade, Mott the Hoople, Mud and Alvin Stardust.
These negotiations culminated with the signing of the Treaty of Paris of 1783, and this treaty was soon ratified by the British Parliament.

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