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These and defeats
These wars largely ended with Arab defeats, with a fairly well-known commander, Abd ar-Rahman ibn Rabiah, perishing in one instance.
These various controversies have led to William being seen by some historians either as one of the creators of England's greatness or as inflicting one of the greatest defeats in English history.
These defeats in the east and the west of the island proved decisive for the Turks and they abandoned their siege and departed.
These external factors began with crushing military defeats at Byzantium, Toulouse and Tours, which led to the Great Berber Revolt of 740 in Iberia and Northern Africa.
These defeats progressively led to disenchantment of the population with the regime, that already was in an awkward position because it was also brushed with the tar of the depredations of the French " sister republic " that mainly viewed the Batavian Republic as a milch cow, both collectively ( in its demands for loans at very low interest rates ) and individually ( in the demands of French officials for bribes and other extortions ).
These electoral defeats partly accounted for the party's financial problems.
These two defeats undermined the French confidence that had greeted the success at Yorktown.
These defeats deeply hurt Byzantine prestige in the region and even Ochrid, seat of the Bulgarian archbishopric, submitted to the Normans.
These Christian defeats prompted the Third Crusade, which began two years after the Battle of Hattin.
These defeats helped provoke an internal rebellion ( the Tây Sơn rebellion ) which would soon sweep the Nguyễn out of power.
These tapestries were woven in Tournai between 1465 and 1470, and taken as plunder from Charles the Bold after one of his defeats during the Burgundian Wars against the Swiss.
These defeats were arguably caused by recklessness on Masamune's part.
These defeats were due to a debt in public finance and the number of seats in the city council.
These include battles such as Frederick the Great ’ s victories at Mollwitz in 1741, Hohenfriedeberg in 1745, Leuthen ( 1757 ) and Zorndorf ( 1758 ), and his defeats at Gross-Jägersdorf in 1757 and Kunersdorf in 1759.
These efforts at creating military institutions followed military defeats in the Seven Years ' War ( 1756-1763 ).
These defeats were stricken from public record by the Emperor's order, yet surviving crewmen and colonial defenders brought stories back to Centauri Prime.
These defeats set the tone for most of the following outings of the team, who are regarded as whipping boys in the qualifying sections of the European Championship and the World Cup.
These losses were followed by two defeats by Italy, and a 3 – 0 home win over Serbia and Montenegro was little consolation, as the Finns finished fourth in the group.
These two operations were colossal defeats for the German army and completely destroyed a large number of German formations.
These defeats undermined Dutch morale and prestige.
These triumphs healed the wound of two successive Yorkshire Cup final defeats in 1955 and 1957.
These devastating defeats ended Persian control over Mesopotamia, and left the Persian capital Ctesiphon unguarded and vulnerable to Muslim attack.
These two families suffered heavy defeats at the hands of Nobunaga and his chief general Hideyoshi Toyotomi, so in 1571 they sought a stronger alliance with the temples.
These minor triumphs were a Republican honour granted for unspectacular victories or defeats of slave revolts.
These defeats led Flaithbertach to call in the naval help of the men of Dál Riata but their fleet was destroyed at the mouth of the Bann in 734.

These and caused
These incidents, typical of many others, dramatize the distressing fact that no controversy during the last several decades has caused more tension, rancor and strife among religious groups in this country than the birth-control issue.
These two invasions caused English to become " mixed " to some degree ( though it was never a truly mixed language in the strictest sense of the word ; mixed languages arise from the cohabitation of speakers of different languages, who develop a hybrid tongue for basic communication ).
These included the Hatfield accident, caused by a rail fragmenting due to the development of microscopic cracks.
These storms have in the past caused a number of incidents related to the Triangle.
These may result from individuals ' personal discomfort, caused — for example — by ill health, poor eyesight or hearing difficulties.
These measurements are expected to provide further confirmation of the theory as well as information about cosmic inflation, and the so-called secondary anisotropies, such as the Sunyaev-Zel ' dovich effect and Sachs-Wolfe effect, which are caused by interaction between galaxies and clusters with the cosmic microwave background.
These ideals appeal to the Chinese ; they largely caused the Revolution, and they largely determined its peaceful character.
These are caused by many factors:
These changes can be caused by processes internal to the Earth, external forces ( e. g. variations in sunlight intensity ) or, more recently, human activities.
These were determined to be less than ideal, as the recoil of full-power rifle cartridges caused the weapon to be uncontrollable in full-automatic fire.
These conflicting properties caused disruptions when trying to classify it as a wave or particle.
These arbitrary rules on day and month intercalation caused the calendars of each state to be slightly different, at times.
These man-made fires are commonly caused by power line failures, vehicle fires and collisions, sparks from machinery, arson, or campfires.
: These have a region of operation showing negative resistance caused by quantum tunneling, allowing amplification of signals and very simple bistable circuits.
These factors caused the Latin hexameter to take on distinct Latin characteristics.
These chips caused a renaissance of custom circuit design within the microprocessor design community.
These wards failed, and a last-ditch ritual caused thorns to thrust through the skin of the blood elves.
These ever-bleeding wounds caused constant pain, but the self-inflicted suffering was enough to protect the blood elves from the worst of the Horrors.
These may be caused by many different things, some thought to be things such as CNS infections and trauma.
These cancer may be caused by carcinogens that are present in food naturally or as contaminants.
These include deindividuation and reduced awareness of other people's feelings ( online disinhibition effect ), conformance to perceived norms, miscommunication caused by the lack of social cues available in face-to-face communication, and antiprocess.
These dust lanes have caused astronomers to discern that it recently merged with a small spiral galaxy.
These factors have caused Gosford, and the wider Central Coast's population to grow rapidly in recent years.
These were partly caused by the explosion in population, but also to concentrate economic power at strategic locations, while formerly cities only existed in the shape of either old Roman foundations or older bishoprics.
These measures caused a general commotion which hastened the death of King Wenceslaus by a paralytic stroke in 1419.

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