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Page "government" ¶ 525
from Brown Corpus
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These and destructive
) These two are further separated, falling into either constructive or destructive versions of Order and Disorder.
These destructive acts, though often fuelled by drugs and alcohol, were Moon's way of expressing his eccentricity, as well as the joy he got from shocking the public.
These storms can produce destructive tornadoes, sometimes F3 or higher, extremely large hailstones ( diameter ), straight-line winds in excess of, and flash floods.
These enzymes are destructive to the silk and can cause the silk fibers to break down from over a mile in length to segments of random length, which ruins the silk threads.
These devices are known as destructive pulsed electromagnets.
These institutions, according to green anarchists, are inherently destructive and exploitative ( to humans and the environment ) – therefore, they cannot be reformed into anything better.
These individuals believe that their government is engaged in immoral, unethical or destructive activities such as war, and paying taxes inevitably funds these activities.
These modes are the only frequencies of light which are self-regenerating and allowed to oscillate by the resonant cavity ; all other frequencies of light are suppressed by destructive interference.
These specialized uses of pyrolysis may be called various names, such as dry distillation, destructive distillation, or cracking.
These forays became so destructive that by the end of the summer, the Thebans went out in force against Thespiae under the command of Gorgidas.
These gases are made by partial combustion of a wide variety of feed stocks in some mixture of air, oxygen or steam, to reduce the latter to hydrogen and carbon dioxide although some destructive distillation may also occur.
“ Neuropsychiatric disorders are the leading causes of disability worldwide, accounting for 37 % of all healthy life years lost through disease. These disorders are most destructive to low and middle-income countries due to their inability to provide their citizens with proper aid.
These cards had several destructive features such as destroying all monsters on the opponents field and negating attacks.
These suggested that the IPA created “ more of a destructive skepticism than an intelligent reflectiveness .” The IPA lost support from many of its publishers and also faced internal conflicts through resignations by its board members and its troubled teachers.
These elements represented the life-giving and sometimes destructive forces of the weather.
These men were destructive bikers, who spent their days terrorizing people and destroying property, hired with the promise of easy money.
These words also serve to open a prefatory prayer within the text of the bull calling on the Lord to arise against the " foxes have arisen seeking to destroy the vineyard " and the destructive " wild boar from the forest.
These currents can be sufficiently destructive as to disable the vehicle ; thus the warning to disconnect
These devices tend to be extraordinarily resilient ; in a 2005 destructive test, a USB key survived boiling in a custard pie, being run-over by a truck and fired from a mortar at a brick wall.
These individuals believe that their government is engaged in immoral, unethical or destructive activities such as war, and paying taxes inevitably funds these activities.
These same noise-insulation features would also serve to dampen the destructive effects of any prospective earthquakes.
These beliefs drive the addiction on its progressive and destructive course:
" These bureaus attracted the most rebellious and dissident trade unionists to their banner while at the same time alienating sometimes conservative union leaderships, already raising charges that what was actually being proffered was dual unionism and a destructive split of the existing unions.
Rusk wrote of the Mexican attack: " These men advanced with great coolness and bravery under a destructive fire from our men, preserving ... strict order and exhibiting no confusion.

These and forces
These are like the initial ways in which the world forces itself upon the self and thrusts the self into decision and choice.
These increased costs are partially offset by a decrease of $56 million in expenditures for the reserve forces, largely because of the planned reduction in strength of the Army Reserve components during 1961.
These droplets are distorted by the normal forces just as a balloon would be pulled or pressed out of shape in one's hands.
These are the centuries in which the inhabitants of the Aegean world settled firmly into their minds and into their institutions the foundations of the Hellenic outlook, independent of outside forces.
These balls are moving in great circles and ellipses, and are of course, the electrons, the particles of negative electricity which by their action create the forces that tie this atom of calcium to the neighboring atoms of oxygen and make up the solid structure of my finger bone.
These latter two became the determining forces of Chinese thought until the introduction of Buddhism.
These gentle forces upon the imagination cause the viewer to have strong beliefs in outcomes.
These can decide everything from how many steps a player moves their token, as in Monopoly, to how their forces fare in battle, such as in Risk, or which resources a player gains, such as in The Settlers of Catan.
These are by far the largest forces needed for any Beethoven symphony ; at the premiere, Beethoven augmented them further by assigning two players to each wind part.
These two forces add to make a resultant at an angle φ from the vertical given by
These spherical particles precipitate in highly siliceous pools in Australia and elsewhere, and form these highly ordered arrays after years of sedimentation and compression under hydrostatic and gravitational forces.
These include eliminating the positions of appointed senators and senators for life, granting the President authority to remove the commanders-in-chief of the armed forces, and reducing the presidential term from six to four years while also disabling immediate re-election.
These are the issue of Royal Prerogative where the reigning monarch may continue to exercise power under certain very limited circumstances, Sovereign Immunity where they are considered to have done no wrong under the law, and may avoid both taxation and planning permission for example, and considerable ceremonial power where the executive, judiciary, police and armed forces owe allegiance to the Crown.
These may involve a combination of chemical processes, erosion from water, tectonic forces, microorganisms, pressure, atmospheric influences, and even digging.
These latter two became the determining forces of Chinese thought until the introduction of Buddhism.
These forces arise from the presence of the body in force fields, e. g. gravitational field ( gravitational forces ) or electromagnetic field ( electromagnetic forces ), or from inertial forces when bodies are in motion.
These changes can be caused by processes internal to the Earth, external forces ( e. g. variations in sunlight intensity ) or, more recently, human activities.
These include scouting, skirmishing with enemy reconnaissance elements to deny them knowledge of own disposition of troops, forward security, offensive reconnaissance by combat, defensive screening of friendly forces during retrograde movement, retreat, restoration of command and control, deception, battle handover and passage of lines, relief in place, linkup, breakout operations, and raiding.
These forces must balance so
These cultural forces will not contend with state-based armies in the traditional way.
These myths tend to emphasize creative forces as animistic in nature rather than sexual, and depict the sacred as the elemental and integral component of the natural world.

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