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These and early
These early experiments were evidently not altogether satisfying to Patchen.
These cut-down plants will bud and blossom in record time and will behave just as they did in early spring.
These were the early departures ; ;
These Articles ( though no longer binding ) have had an influence on the ethos of the Communion, an ethos reinforced by their interpretation and expansion by such influential early theologians as Richard Hooker, Lancelot Andrewes, John Cosin, and others.
These authors, the former a medieval historian and the latter an early modernist, quickly became associated with the distinctive Annales approach, which combined geography, history, and the sociological approaches of the Année Sociologique ( many members of which were their colleagues at Strasbourg ) to produce an approach which rejected the predominant emphasis on politics, diplomacy and war of many 19th and early 20th-century historians as spearheaded by historians whom Febvre called Les Sorbonnistes.
These younger units of this geologic formation date to the early Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous Period, 70 to 68 Ma ( million years ago ).
These early humans equated this soul with figures which would appear in dreams and visions.
These early human cultures later interpreted these spirits to be present in animals, the living plant world, and even in natural objects in a form of animism.
These events appear to refer to the early part of the year 368 BC.
These can be as simple as a searchlight for a police helicopter or as complicated as the tactical system for an airborne early warning platform.
These influences washed into municipal politics during the early and mid-1970s when three members of the Human Rights Party ( HRP ) won city council seats on the strength of the student vote.
These were rededicated during the early Roman Empire to Augustus or Claudius ( uncertain ), and Agrippa, respectively.
These early Japanese lamellar armours took the form of a sleeveless jacket and a helmet.
These early print advertisements were used mainly to promote books and newspapers, which became increasingly affordable with advances in the printing press ; and medicines, which were increasingly sought after as disease ravaged Europe.
These generals were being replaced by colonels who had entered the army in the early 1970s and whose view of the world had been shaped less by ideology and more by pragmatism.
These manufacturers must be either Associate or Promoter members of ( see below ) the Bluetooth SIG before they are granted early access to the Bluetooth specifications, but published Bluetooth specifications are available online via the Bluetooth SIG Website.
These occurrences, along with a Bieda who is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle under the year 501, are the only appearances of the name in early sources.
These elaborations and disputes gave rise to various schools in early Buddhism of Abhidhamma, and to the Mahayana traditions and schools of the prajnaparamita, Madhyamaka, buddha-nature and Yogacara.
These machines implemented an early Local Area Network to share a hard disk between workgroup users.
These birds are generally solitary or found in pairs early in the year, but family groups are common in the late summer and winter roosts may have two dozen or more birds in a single covey.
These were replaced by BeanoMAX in early 2007.
These adherents of ritualism, among whom were Percy Dearmer and others, claimed that the Ornaments Rubric prescribed the ritual usages of the Sarum Rite with the exception of a few minor things already abolished by the early reformation.
These early canals were constructed, owned, and operated by private joint-stock companies.

These and experimental
These methods are followed in experimental design.
These principles are widely used intuitively in various kinds of proofs, demonstrations and investigations, in addition to being fundamental to experimental design.
These assumptions have no obvious physical foundation but led to predictions which agreed with many experimental observations, including the Arago spot.
These claims are contradicted by experimental data and fail to explain evidence in the Luneau video of white dorsal plumage, distinctive flight behavior, and a perched woodpecker with white upper parts.
These artifacts are certified as having specific characteristics or component content, used as calibration standards for measuring equipment and procedures, quality control benchmarks for industrial processes, and experimental control samples.
These bands were often musically experimental, like certain New Wave acts ; defining them as " post-punk " was a sound that tended to be less pop and more dark and abrasive — sometimes verging on the atonal, as with Subway Sect and Wire — and an anti-establishment posture directly related to punk's.
These experimental techniques are known as rheometry and are concerned with the determination with well-defined rheological material functions.
These tests are used in determining what outcomes of an experiment would lead to a rejection of the null hypothesis for a pre-specified level of significance ; helping to decide whether experimental results contain enough information to cast doubt on conventional wisdom.
These hypotheses are judged true or false on empirical grounds through scientific observation and repeated experimental data.
These results were not confirmed until 1915, when Robert Andrews Millikan, who had previously determined the charge of the electron, produced experimental results in perfect accord with Einstein's predictions.
These calculations were confirmed by the experimental observations in 2003.
These made his distinctive, experimental, " Altman style " more well known.
These are experimental methods for rapidly triggering the folding of a sample of unfolded protein, and then observing the resulting dynamics.
These are mainly research and experimental departments for Biology, Astrophysics and Sports.
These were registered with the American Cat Fanciers Association ( ACFA ) in 1977 as experimental and were shown at several ACFA cat shows throughout the 1970s.
These live transmissions were part of the BBC's experimental service from Alexandra Palace and this is the first known instance of a Shakespeare play performed on television.
These works, most in collaboration with the experimental Russian director Georges Pitoëff, were considered promising despite their lack of commercial profits, and the duo continued to work together until they had their first major success in 1937 with Le voyageur sans bagage ( Traveller Without Baggage ).
These experimental communities were supported by the Adelsverein for one year.
These resonances are the basis for a number of experimental techniques for detecting defects.
These are common to both science and mathematics, and do not include experimental method.
These processes are, in theory, completely unpredictable, and the theory's assertions of unpredictability are subject to experimental test.
These works examine the capacity of language to depict reality ; they include the experimental novels The Visit ( Besøget, 1963 ) and Additions ( Tilføjelser, 1967 ), the " unnovel " Pictures of Lust ( Lystbilleder, 1964 ), and the collection of short stories Eight Times Orphan ( Otte gange orphan, 1965 ).
These included the London-Welsh poet and painter David Jones, whose first book, In Parenthesis, was one of the very few experimental poems to come out of World War I, the Scot Hugh MacDiarmid, Mina Loy and Basil Bunting.
These poets turned to French models rather than either the New Country poets or English-language modernism, and their work was to prove of importance to later English experimental poets as it broadened the scope of the English avant-garde tradition.

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