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These and epic
These long lists of objects, places, and people place the finite action of the epic within a broader, universal context.
These include the epic battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra mentioned in the Hindu mythology ( including the recital of the Bhagavad Gita by Krishna ), and the three battles of Panipat.
These stories are often serious in tone and epic in scope, dealing with themes of grand struggle against supernatural, evil forces.
These works include genres such as epic poetry, hagiography, sermons, Bible translations, legal works, chronicles, riddles, and others.
These authors, in such works as The Republic and Laws by Plato, and The Politics and Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle, analyzed political systems philosophically, going beyond earlier Greek poetic and historical reflections which can be found in the works of epic poets like Homer and Hesiod, historians like Herodotus and Thucydides, and dramatists such as Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Euripides.
These including the epic Cabiria ( 1914 ), whose screenplay was attributed to Italian nationalist Gabriele d ' Annunzio.
These numbers brought an epic quality to the battle scenes.
These three imitational genres include dramatic dialogue, the drama ; pure narrative, the dithyramb ; and a mixture of the two, the epic.
These are reflected in Mesopotamian religion and in a variety of Babylonian literature in the forms of dialectic, dialogs, epic poetry, folklore, hymns, lyrics, prose, and proverbs.
These probably circulated independently, rather than being in the form of a unified epic.
These innovations were to have a profound influence not only on Roman poets, most notably Virgil in his epic poem on the founding of Rome, The Aeneid, but one that flourished throughout Europe.
These events and others in the Finnish War were later retold in a series of epic poems by Johan Ludvig Runeberg.
These two poems defined the form as the main one to be used for epic poetry in Italian for the next two centuries.
These include the bocet (" lament "), cântec batrânesc ( traditional epic ballads ; literally " song of the elders ") and the când ciobanu şi-a pierdut oile (" when the shepherd has lost the sheep ").
These include: Oleta Adams " Circle of One " album ( reaching No. 1 in the UK charts 1991 ); Marc Almond " Tenement Symphony " album which included the epic tracks " Jacky " and " The Days of Pearly Spencer "; The Associates " Wild and Lonely " album ; Rick Astley " Free " album ; B * Witched " Awake and Breathe " album ; Chris Botti " Slowing Down the World " album ; Boyzone " A Different Beat " album ; Cher " It's a Man's World " album ; Petula Clark " La Vie en Rose " track ; Lloyd Cole and the Commotions " Rattlesnakes " album ; Andrea Corr " Ten Feet High " album ; Cathy Dennis " Move to This " and " Into the Skyline " albums ; Electronic " Getting Away with It " single ( reaching No. 12 in the UK charts 1990 ); Frankie Goes to Hollywood " Welcome to the Pleasuredome " album which included their 2nd and 3rd No. 1s " Two Tribes " and " The Power of Love "; Elton John " The Big Picture " album ; Martyn Joseph " Being There " album ; Kingmaker " Sleepwalking " album ; Annie Lennox " Medusa " album ( No. 1 in the UK charts 1995 ); Let Loose " Best In Me " single ; Virginia MacNaughton " The Music " album ; Paul McCartney " Press to Play " album ; Malcolm McLaren " Duck Rock " album ; The Men They Couldn't Hang " A Map Of Morocco " single ; George Michael " Careless Whisper " single ( reaching No. 1 in 25 countries ); Liza Minnelli " Results " album ( reaching No. 6 in the UK charts 1989 ); The Moody Blues " Greatest Hits " album ; Moist " Gasoline " single ; Jimmy Nail " Crocodile Shoes " album ( reaching No. 2 in the UK charts 1994 ); The Painted Word " Lovelife " album ; Pet Shop Boys " Very " album ; Pulp " Different Class " and " This Is Hardcore " albums ( both reaching No. 1 ); Rialto " Monday Morning 5: 19 " single ; Frances Ruffelle " Stranger To The Rain " single ; S Club " 7 album " ( No. 1 in the UK charts 2000 ); Scarlet " Naked " album ; Seal first 3 albums " Seal " " Seal II " " Human Being "; Siphiwo " Hope " album ( featuring Nelson Mandela on the title track ); Wendy Stark " Stark " album ; Rod Stewart " A Spanner in the Works " album and " If We Fall in Love Tonight " album and the single " Downtown Train "; Suggs " The Lone Ranger " album ; Travis " More Than Us " EP featuring Anne on the title track ; Tina Turner " Wildest Dreams " album ; Wet Wet Wet " Holding Back the River " album ( reaching No. 2 in the UK charts 1989 ); Wham!
These works include genres such as epic poetry, hagiography, sermons, Bible translations, legal works, chronicles, riddles, and others.
These epic poems are sung, accompanied by a lahuta, a one-stringed fiddle.
He said, " We are now upon the very soil over which they exercised dominion ... Poetry still lingers around the scenery ...." These new Iroquois retained a literary frame of mind, but they intended to focus on " the writing of a native American epic that would define national identity.
These, however, are often considered only poems with an epic coloring ; a pure epic poem according to the rules of art was not produced during the Middle Ages.
These poems were meant to be performed in public by minstrels ( or juglares ), who each performed the traditional composition differently according to the performance context — sometimes adding their own twists to the epic poems they told, or abbreviating it according to the situation.
These include Sidney Lumet, who shot the mystery film Murder on the Orient Express ( 1974 ) at Elstree ; Ken Russellwho had worked with Mitchell on his first feature, the comedy film French Dressing ( 1963 ) made the biographical film Valentino ( 1977 ) at Elstree ; Stanley Kubrick with his The Shining ( 1980 ); Mitchell's previous employer Fred Zinnemann with his drama film Julia ( 1977 ); and most significantly for the studio's survival through George Lucas with his epic space opera film Star Wars ( 1977 ).
These events led to an epic battle between the original X-Men and the " All-New, All-Different " X-Men, where it seemed that Professor X betrayed the X-Men.
These paintings were intended to form part of an epic symbolic cycle called the " House of Life ", in which the emotions and aspirations of life would all be represented in a universal symbolic language.

These and introductory
These nonsystematic names are considered retained IUPAC names, although some introductory chemistry textbooks use names such as 2-propanone or propan-2-one instead of acetone, the simplest ketone ( CH < sub > 3 </ sub >- CO-CH < sub > 3 </ sub >).
An edition of the Emblems ( Edinburgh, 1857 ) was embellished with new illustrations by CH Bennett and WA Rogers These are reproduced in the complete edition ( 1874 ) of Quarles included in the " Chertsey Worthies Library " by Dr AB Grosart, who provides an introductory memoir and an appreciation of Quarles's value as a poet.
These works include introductory lectures, the early Greek thinkers, and lectures on Plato.
These two features, along with the introductory price of US $ ( US $ in current money ), gave the CB750 a considerable advantage over its competition, particularly its British rivals.
* – These notes ( 32 pages ) give an introductory review on brane cosmology.
These include a freshman introductory leadership course, an internship on leadership in action, a Jan-term course, a second-year course on national and international leadership, and a senior conference on advanced leadership studies.
These courses regularly include introductory economics, linguistics, and United States government.
These collections all contained introductory essays by Ellery Queen.
These alterations included dropping the introductory march ( K. 385a ) and one of the minuets.
These two levels are preceded by an introductory period for the physical and psychological preparation of the students.
" These senses are defined in part by Merriam-Webster's Collegiate as follows: " an authoritative rule "; " the title of a statute "; " something under which a thing is classed: CATEGORY "; " an explanatory or introductory commentary: GLOSS "; " an established rule, tradition, or custom "; "

These and tendencies
These twin tendencies seem to have reached their height in the Han dynasty.
These tendencies include Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Luxemburgism, and libertarian Marxism.
These general flow tendencies may be occasionally interrupted for brief periods to accommodate temporary tidal flow requirements, depending on various lunar and solar alignments.
These iconoclastic tendencies were shared by his son, Leo IV.
These tendencies however were never supported by the First Vatican Council's dogma of papal infallibility and primacy of 1870, but are rather inspired by erroneous private opinions of some Roman Catholic laymen, who tend to identify themselves completely with the Holy See.
These must be regarded only as general tendencies.
These tendencies now increased to megalomaniac proportions.
These tendencies may have accumulated substantial support among the working class by attacking the privileges and luxuries the state offered to its high-paid elite.
These emotions prompt behavioral tendencies aimed at oneself, at one's behavior, and at the features of one ' S body and character.
These tendencies effect the attitudes which, globally, we call self-esteem.
These tendencies were especially significant in the April 1978 election of Labour's Yitzhak Navon, following the inability of the governing Likud coalition to elect its candidate to the presidency.
These tendencies are strikingly shown in his editions of the Epistles and Ars Poetica of Horace ( 1869 ), the Satires of Juvenal ( 1859 ) and in the supplementary essay Der echte und unechte Juvenal ( 1865 ).
These tendencies, however, can only be described ; they can not, in the last resort, be summed up in a concept.
These tendencies have proved remarkably persistent: modern Dutch society, though much more secularized, is still considered by many to be remarkably egalitarian.
" These tendencies will continue in French individualist anarchism in the work and activism of Charles-Auguste Bontemps and others.
These are aspects of a Fair Folk's personality oriented towards dominance and aggression, and may appear as monsters under the control of Fair Folk, but they are not truly separate beings from their masters, and are merely the aggressive tendencies of powerful Fair Folk come to life.
These founding tendencies were the Istanbul-based Workers and Peasants Socialist Party of Turkey (), elements of the Green Army () in Anatolia ( which represented the left-wing sectors of the national liberation movement ) and a group of Turkish communists in Soviet Russia ( largely made up by Turkish prisoners of war, who had been recruited by the Bolsheviks ).
These tendencies contributed to maintaining the " racial divide " in the North, perhaps accentuating it.
These paintings, such as Bolton Landing ( 1957 ) and Door to the River ( 1960 ), bear broad brushstrokes and calligraphic tendencies similar to works of his contemporary Franz Kline.
These early tendencies of standardization ceased in the interregnum after the death of the last Hohenstaufen king in 1254.
These lines are well known for their drawish tendencies and 4 ... Bb7 is nowadays often employed by Black as a drawing weapon.
These tendencies are ways in which the mind becomes involved in and clings to conditioned phenomena.
These more extreme decisions are towards greater risk if individuals ' initial tendencies are to be risky and towards greater caution if individuals ' initial tendencies are to be cautious.

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