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These and extremely
These vary from extremely general ones ( PID controller ), to others devoted to very particular classes of systems ( especially robotics or aircraft cruise control ).
These two techniques are extremely different, and are very much a player's preference to perform.
These imports declined sharply to an average of only US $ 50 million annually between 1985 and 1987, presumably as a result of a dramatic reduction in oil revenues and the precipitous drop in the value of the sucre, which made imported arms extremely expensive.
These metals form an extremely thin layer of oxidized metal on the surface.
These mergers can be extremely violent ; galaxies often collide at speeds of 500 kilometers per second.
These range from the extremely informal to the highly organized.
These colonies were extremely crowded and dense, with some estimates stating that there was a nesting auk for every of land.
These granites are formed by melting of the lower crust under conditions that are usually extremely dry.
These austerity measures have proved extremely unpopular with the Greek public, precipitating demonstrations and civil unrest.
These trials were extremely costly in both money and time, but ultimately were successful for the firm.
These keyboards are extremely reliable, and are able to accept millions of keystrokes before failing.
These springs are the site of occurrence of certain extremophile micro-organisms, that are capable of surviving in extremely hot environments.
: These are usually traditional boxes, but these " mystery " boxes have either vague starting areas, no starting areas, no descriptions, no clue -- any number of things to make the box extremely hard to find.
These are prototypically voiceless, but voiced obstruents are extremely common as well.
These anti-tank obstacles extended from end to end in front of the major works across hundreds of kilometres ( miles ), interrupted only by extremely dense forests, rivers, or other nearly impassable terrain.
These problems were epitomized in a story that Sanger would later recount in her speeches: while Sanger was working as a nurse, she was called to Sadie Sachs ' apartment after Sachs had become extremely ill due to a self-induced abortion.
These have been used in extremely high power applications, such as experiments in inertial confinement fusion.
These impulses are extremely fast, with some myelinated neurons conducting at speeds up to 120 m / s.
These extremely short lifetimes mean that in 1 second, 10, 000 to 10, 000, 000 neutron lifetimes can pass.
These are extremely light-sensitive vacuum tubes with a photocathode coated onto part ( an end or side ) of the inside of the envelope.
These are made as extremely thin ( 2 – 3 mm ) versions of the popular French fry, but are fried in the manner of regular salted potato chips.
These effects are created by placing horse hair, feathers, or even sugar on the pottery as it is removed from the kiln and still extremely hot.
These places became extremely wealthy points of transit on what became known as the Silk Road between China and Europe.
These very often have extremely surreal or bizarre storylines, and often feature celebrities.

These and large
These vehicles, with large sensitive areas, have collected data for long enough times to give reliable impact rates for the periods of exposure.
These minimum costs may come to $1 per month, more or less, for residential and small commercial customers, although they are substantially higher for large industrial users, who require more costly connections and metering devices.
These large amphibians retain several larval characteristics in their adult state ; gills slits are present and the eyes are unlidded.
These materials are found mostly on the continental shelves and are thickest near large river mouths or off desert coasts.
These forest-types, which includes the Yungas and parts of the Chocó, are very rich in flora and fauna, although few large mammals exists, exceptions being the threatened Mountain Tapir, Spectacled Bear and Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey.
These and most other cities and large towns are now connected with asphalt-paved roads, while smaller towns are often connected by dirt roads, which may require a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
These were part of the official International Rules Series, which attracted large crowds and media interest in Ireland and Australia.
These large crucibles were capable of producing c. 20 kg of brass.
These specialty and pay BBSes usually had something special to offer their users such as large file libraries, warez, pornography, chat rooms or Internet access.
These are commonly seen at external filming locations to feed the cast and crew, and at other large events to feed staff.
These have some bosonic properties, while bosons, at sufficiently low temperature, can form a large Bose-Einstein condensate.
These included an obelisk, and a large statue of Albert by William Theed, inaugurated in 1867.
These works, which included the famed Rosetta Stone, were the first important group of large sculptures to be acquired by the Museum.
These " extras " to the basic systematic search have been empirically shown to be essential for handling the large SAT instances that arise in electronic design automation ( EDA ).
These were also used to print large billboards.
These platforms range from large mainframe computers to small handheld devices.
These usually are not high-value coins, but the interest is in collecting a large volume of them either for the sake of the challenge, as a store of value, or in the hope that the intrinsic metal value will increase.
These 98 elements have been detected in the universe at large, in the spectra of stars and also supernovae, where short-lived radioactive elements are newly being made.
These skills often assist in building political power through the formation of large social groups working for a common agenda.
These large pterosaurs were the last representatives of a declining group that contained 10 families during the mid-Cretaceous.
These methods can be applied to proteins and other large biological molecules, and allow studies of the approach and interaction ( docking ) of potential drug molecules ( e. g. and ).
These churches also often have a dome or other large vaulted space in the interior to represent or draw attention to the heavens.
These species can be distinguished from the cane toad by the absence of large parotoid glands behind their eyes and the lack of a ridge between the nostril and the eye.
These large litters act as compensatory measures against the high juvenile mortality rate – about 50 – 70 % of pups do not survive to adulthood.
These include concentration gradients of small molecules such as calcium, large complexes of enzymes that act together to carry out metabolic pathways, and protein complexes such as proteasomes and carboxysomes that enclose and separate parts of the cytosol.

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