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These and forms
These forms expressed immortality.
These can range from simple spelling changes and word forms to switching the entire writing system itself, as when Turkey switched from the Arabic alphabet to a Turkish alphabet of Latin origin.
These assumptions and the resulting forms of the momentum equations are outlined below.
These communities use extemporaneous forms of administration at the discretion of the minister, who need not be a pastor.
These sculptural forms guide water into rhythmic movement and are used both in water-purification projects and decoratively.
These three epistles are considered to be " the three great doctrinal books of the New Testament ," and Habakkuk's statement concerning faith forms the backbone of each book.
These forms of linear combination satisfy numerous simple-looking properties, like asymptotic formulae or integral representations.
These two great ocean currents interact creating huge foamy breakers which constantly advance towards the shore, and building submarine shoals rich in fish, shrimps, and an amazing variety of other marine life forms.
These acts may take many forms, in one of the various manners of communication.
These rock types are usually of varying resistance, so the coastline forms distinctive landforms, such as coves.
These individuals are often capable of relatively simple forms of visual awareness ( like being able to spatially locate an x in a picture ) but do not report anything concerning what it is like to experience these visual stimuli.
These declines have been due to competing technologies, cadmium ’ s toxicity in certain forms and concentration and resulting regulations.
These range from simplified forms of the first-principles equations that are easier or faster to solve, to approximations limiting the size of the system ( for example, periodic boundary conditions ), to fundamental approximations to the underlying equations that are required to achieve any solution to them at all.
These machines are self-replicating and, as is found out through the course of the movie, they are quite intelligent and have managed to " evolve " into newer, more dangerous forms, most notably human forms which the real humans in the movie cannot tell apart from other real humans except by trial and error.
These regions may be initiated by field electron emission, but are then sustained by localized thermionic emission once a vacuum arc forms.
These are so common that they are also used as metaphors for other forms of coercion.
These coordinates are a very special example of a more general concept of local coordinates from the theory of differential forms.
These generic forms are explored on the University of Winchester Journalism Department ' features web ' where ' long form journalism ' is classified by genre or content, rather than in terms of production as film, radio or ' print '.
These are traditional in some forms of music.
These are represented in theoretical and empirical forms ( as in the neoclassical and endogenous growth models ) and in growth accounting.
These phenomena were investigated in the late eighteenth century by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, who deduced that charge manifests itself in two opposing forms.
These hypothetical forms of life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to beings far more complex than humans.
These traditions show in Japanese folklore, theater, literature and other forms of culture, where the emperor is usually described or depicted as an adolescent.

These and AC
These bacteria also secrete proteins that enable the AC-II to enter host cells, where the exogenous AC activity undermines normal cellular processes.
These are also sometimes called simply AC1, AC2, etc., and, somewhat confusingly, sometimes Roman numerals are used for these isoforms that all belong to the overall AC class III.
These are the smallest of the AC enzyme classes ; the AC-IV from Yersinia is a dimer of 19 kDa subunits with no known regulatory components.
These also measure true RMS for an applied AC current.
These systems generally used a synchronous motor which ran at a speed synchronized to the frequency of the AC power supply.
These were almost always powered by the local AC line current and so were not particularly portable.
These instruments are optimized for measuring AC voltage.
These grids are fed by separate generators in some traction powerstations or by traction current converter plants from the public three phase AC network.
These TGV-derived components are the traction system derived from third-generation TGV trainsets ( including the four asynchronous AC motors per power car, rectifiers, inverters, and regenerative braking technology ), the structure of the trucks / bogies ( with a long wheelbase dual transom H frame welded steel with outboard mounted tapered roller bearings ), the brake discs ( although there are only three per axle, versus four on the TGV ), and the crash energy management techniques to control structural deformations in the event of an accident.
These circuits allow high voltages to be obtained using a much lower voltage AC source.
These signals may be impressed on one conductor, on two conductors or on all three conductors of a high-voltage AC transmission line.
* Transport ventilators — These ventilators are small, more rugged, and can be powered pneumatically or via AC or DC power sources.
* Intensive-care ventilators — These ventilators are larger and usually run on AC power ( though virtually all contain a battery to facilitate intra-facility transport and as a back-up in the event of a power failure ).
These newer cars ( units 1800 through 1885 ) use modern AC traction motors with solid state controls manufactured by General Electric, can only operate as mated pairs, and can partially interoperate with the older three series of cars in emergencies or non-revenue equipment moves, but normally are not interoperated in revenue service.
These included Mick Jagger's 1993 Wandering Spirit album, Lords of Acid's 1994 Voodoo-U album, Tom Petty's 1994 Wildflowers, AC / DC's 1995 Ballbreaker, Donovan's 1996 Sutras, and Metallica's 2008 Death Magnetic.
These are some of the most prominently featured specifications which define a surge protector for AC mains, as well as for some data communications protection applications.
These formats included: Adult Rock & Roll ( classic rock ), Adult Standards ( formerly AM Only ), Bright AC ( hot adult contemporary ), CNN Headline News, Hot Country, Mainstream Country, SAM-Simply About Music ( variety hits ), Soft AC, The Oldies Channel and Westwood One 70s.
These cylindrical structures are used in devices such as brushless AC motors, magnetic couplings and high field cylinders.
These taps pass the RF signal and block the AC power unless there are telephony devices that need the back-up power reliability provided by the coax power system.
These incisions can be of two types, either connecting or non-connecting ( Gulani AC: 10 Refractive Procedures for Hyperopia.
These motors are essentially AC synchronous motors with permanent magnet rotors.
These included the Bond Minicar and AC Petite in Britain ; the Iso Isetta in Italy in 1953 ; the Fulda, Messerschmitt Kabinenroller, and Brütsh in Germany in 1954 ( all two-seaters with a Fulda and Sachs two-stroke engine ; the Goggomobil Isard ( a 2 + 2, rather than a true four-seater ); and the Gutbrod Superior.
These inverters are capable of supplying AC energy to selected loads during a utility outage, and are required to have anti-islanding protection.

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