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These and four
These are traversed by another line of vaults, and thus rooms, arched on all four sides, are formed.
These chatty merchants made amusing and instructive traveling companions, for their business took them to all four corners of the globe, and Florentine gossip had already reached a high stage of development as even a cursory glance at the Inferno will prove.
These contemporary structures, beautifully adapted to a school in the country, are home to 60 children, ages eight to fourteen, grades four through eight.
These include four national forests and one national preserve within state borders that provide over 25 % of the state's public recreation land.
These four elements were eventually codified in most states.
These programs are divided into 15 colleges and schools which are spread across ASU's four campuses.
These are sometimes called " the four pillars of the Big Bang theory ".
These four young Hebrew men were taken captive in one of the Babylonian raids against Judah in 605 BC.
These include eliminating the positions of appointed senators and senators for life, granting the President authority to remove the commanders-in-chief of the armed forces, and reducing the presidential term from six to four years while also disabling immediate re-election.
These are accompanied by the classical Sìzì ( 四字 ) with four virtues:
These four functions are completed by five elements ; Detector, Transducer, Transmitter, Controller, and Final Control Element.
These Pythian Games rank second among the four stephanitic games chronologically and based on importance.
These four bases are attached to the sugar / phosphate to form the complete nucleotide, as shown for adenosine monophosphate.
These four so-called mega-quakes are believed to be an ongoing cataclysmic danger that could reprise the 1811-12 series of 2, 000 quakes that affected the lands of what would be eight of today's heartland states of the United States.
These four families ( Ascoviridae, Iridoviridae, Phycodnaviridae and Polydnaviridae ) may form a clade but more work is needed to confirm this.
These ships displaced 1, 850 tons and were armed with eight guns in four twin turrets and four torpedo tubes.
These were four of the most powerful ships in the world, but he positioned them so far away from his six battlecruisers that they were unable to take part in most of the engagement with Admiral Hipper's squadron of five battlecruisers.
These talks were attended by the four major combatant groups, including the EPLF.
These early Equidae were fox-sized animals with three toes on the hind feet, and four on the front feet.
These four schools share most of their rulings, but differ on the particular hadiths they accept as authentic and the weight they give to analogy or reason ( qiyas ) in deciding difficulties.
These four ' Quadruplex ' signals are then sent to the control surface actuator, and the surface begins to move.
These alterations included the removal of his tiny ears, 3 toes on each foot rather than four, enlarged central dorsal fins and a bulkier body.
These are sufficiently numerous to challenge the theory that the Gospel of John was the last to be written among the four Gospels and that it shows marked non-Jewish influence.
These testbed satellites will be followed by four IOV Galileo satellites that will be much closer to the final Galileo satellite design.

These and universities
These universities worked with high-yielding varieties of wheat and rice, initially developed in Mexico and the Philippines, that in the 1960s began the Green Revolution, an effort to diversify and increase crop production.
These reforms included guarantees to ensure the Ottoman subjects perfect security for their lives, honour, and property ; the introduction of the first Ottoman paper banknotes ( 1840 ) and opening of the first post offices ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the finance system according to the French model ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the Civil and Criminal Code according to the French model ( 1840 ); the establishment of the Meclis-i Maarif-i Umumiye ( 1841 ) which was the prototype of the First Ottoman Parliament ( 1876 ); the reorganization of the army and a regular method of recruiting, levying the army, and fixing the duration of military service ( 1843 – 44 ); the adoption of an Ottoman national anthem and Ottoman national flag ( 1844 ); the first nationwide Ottoman census in 1844 ( only male citizens were counted ); the first national identity cards ( officially named the Mecidiye identity papers, or informally kafa kağıdı ( head paper ) documents, 1844 ); the institution of a Council of Public Instruction ( 1845 ) and the Ministry of Education ( Mekatib-i Umumiye Nezareti, 1847, which later became the Maarif Nezareti, 1857 ); the abolition of slavery and slave trade ( 1847 ); the establishment of the first modern universities ( darülfünun, 1848 ), academies ( 1848 ) and teacher schools ( darülmuallimin, 1848 ); establishment of the Ministry of Healthcare ( Tıbbiye Nezareti, 1850 ); the Commerce and Trade Code ( 1850 ); establishment of the Academy of Sciences ( Encümen-i Daniş, 1851 ); establishment of the Şirket-i Hayriye which operated the first steam-powered commuter ferries ( 1851 ); the first European style courts ( Meclis-i Ahkam-ı Adliye, 1853 ) and supreme judiciary council ( Meclis-i Ali-yi Tanzimat, 1853 ); establishment of the modern Municipality of Istanbul ( Şehremaneti, 1854 ) and the City Planning Council ( İntizam-ı Şehir Komisyonu, 1855 ); the abolition of the capitation ( Jizya ) tax on non-Muslims, with a regular method of establishing and collecting taxes ( 1856 ); non-Muslims were allowed to become soldiers ( 1856 ); various provisions for the better administration of the public service and advancement of commerce ; the establishment of the first telegraph networks ( 1847 – 1855 ) and railroads ( 1856 ); the replacement of guilds with factories ; the establishment of the Ottoman Central Bank ( originally established as the Bank-ı Osmanî in 1856, and later reorganized as the Bank-ı Osmanî-i Şahane in 1863 ) and the Ottoman Stock Exchange ( Dersaadet Tahvilat Borsası, established in 1866 ); the Land Code ( Arazi Kanunnamesi, 1857 ); permission for private sector publishers and printing firms with the Serbesti-i Kürşad Nizamnamesi ( 1857 ); establishment of the School of Economical and Political Sciences ( Mekteb-i Mülkiye, 1859 ); the Press and Journalism Regulation Code ( Matbuat Nizamnamesi, 1864 ); among others.
These troubles of 1934 harmed relationship between the two universities and ethnics.
These are often based within, or connected to, universities and colleges.
These works became so widely recognized that the brothers received honorary doctorates from universities in Marburg, Berlin and Breslau.
" These schools were not yet the official universities that they would become in the 13th century, but by the end of the 11th century both had numerous schools for the arts and sciences.
These universities include Jawaharlal Nehru Agriculture University, Madhya Pradesh Veterinary Sciences University, Madhya Pradesh Medical University, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Barkatullah University, Devi Ahilya University, Rani Durgavati University, Vikram University, Jiwaji University Gwalior and Dr HariSingh Gaur University ( Sagar University ).
These two universities are the second and third to be founded in Finland, both by private donations.
These projects include 8 museums, 38 corporate headquarters, 7 research facilities, performing arts centers, theaters, and campus buildings for 6 universities.
These regional governments are responsible for the administration of schools, universities, health, social services, culture, urban and rural development and, in some cases, policing.
These 3 universities are currently forming a PRES ( a university consortium ), which is planned to soon become a single university: the University of Southern France, Montpellier.
These moves have been criticized by other conferences containing historically black universities, especially the only other Division I conference made up entirely of such schools, the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, which annually places its champion into the FCS tournament.
These rankings appeared in the THES-QS World University Rankings, a widely acknowledged international ranking of universities.
These universities evolved from much older Christian cathedral schools and monastic schools, and it is difficult to define the date at which they became true universities, although the lists of studia generalia for higher education in Europe held by the Vatican are a useful guide.
These host institutions must be accredited four year degree granting colleges and universities in a state, province, territory, or federal district of Canada or the United States.
These academies ' main responsibility is overseeing primary and secondary education, but public universities are in some respects also answerable to the academy for their region.
These demonstrations took place mainly on campuses located in the cities of Rangoon, Mandalay and Moulmein and were often followed by closure of universities and colleges.
These universities are known for their upper-class attendance.
These activities did not go unnoticed at other universities in Great Britain, and soon they followed Cambridge's example.
These halls of residence are common in Australian universities and primarily provide accommodation to students.
These colleges were to all intents and purposes independent universities ( the University of Wales ' powers being largely restricted to the formal awarding of degrees ).
These law universities were meant to offer a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to legal education.
These programs are mainly provided through affiliated colleges at universities.
These changes have proved controversial, and numerous universities have opted out of the deal.

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