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These and frequencies
These frequencies are amplified and detected by the FM receiver after each burst of transmitted energy and, after the `` pill '' has been calibrated, precise internal pressure indications can be obtained.
These frequencies can be used to study geological phenomena such as earthquakes.
These frequencies were immediately adjacent to the existing cellular band.
These frequencies are at the upper range of human hearing and are inaudible to many people ; however, some people ( especially children ) will perceive a high-pitched tone near an operating television CRT.
These absorptions are resonant frequencies, i. e. the frequency of the absorbed radiation matches the frequency of the bond or group that vibrates.
These parameters each describe some aspect of the response curve seen as a whole, over all frequencies.
These properties enable a better balancing of pipeline stages than before, making RISC pipelines significantly more efficient and allowing higher clock frequencies.
These, and the HEMTs ( high electron mobility transistors, or HFETs ), in which a two-dimensional electron gas with very high carrier mobility is used for charge transport, are especially suitable for use at very high frequencies ( microwave frequencies ; several GHz ).
These frequencies range between 25 and 55 kHz, with the displacement amplitude of the resonant body of between 22 and 50 µm ( 0. 00087 and 0. 0020 in ).
These frequencies are invisible to humans, but visible to a number of insects and birds.
These new frequencies are called heterodynes.
These unwanted frequencies, along with the unwanted heterodyne frequency, must be filtered out of the mixer output to leave the desired heterodyne.
These reflected sound waves, when added to the direct sound, cause cancellation and addition at assorted frequencies ( e. g., from resonant room modes ), thus changing the timbre and character of the sound at the listener's ears.
These modes share many properties, such as synchronization and / or frequencies and grey / color level correspondence.
These complex exponentials sometimes contain negative " frequencies ".
These processes are observed in the neighborhood of their characteristic absorption frequencies.
These mutations reach significant frequencies in specific populations.
These names referring to frequency usage originate from the early 20th century, when regular radio service used the terms LF ( low frequencies ), MF ( medium frequencies ), and HF ( high frequencies ).
These services were to use the D-Mac and D2-Mac format and BSS frequencies with circular polarization from orbital positions allocated to each country.
These Doppler shifts correspond to velocities of about 6 km / h ( 4 mph ) and 60 km / h ( 40 mph ) respectively at 1800 MHz, one of the operating frequencies for GSM mobile phones.
These systems were common in the era when electronics were large and expensive, as they placed minimum requirements on the receivers-they were simply voice radio sets tuned to the selected frequencies.

These and corresponded
These corresponded to the two different forms of property over the means of production that existed in the Soviet Union: state property ( for the workers ) and collective property ( for the peasantry ).
These parallels led to confusion over the classification of these languages, until Haudricourt showed in 1954 that tone was not an invariant feature, by demonstrating that Vietnamese tones corresponded to certain final consonants in other languages of the Mon – Khmer family, and proposed that tone in the other languages had a similar origin.
These signal aspects corresponded with upper-quadrant semaphore signal positions: vertical display for proceed, a 45 ° angle display for approach, and horizontal display for stop.
These new art forms pushed the limits of traditional notions of " art " and corresponded to the similar rapid changes that were taking place in human society, technology, and thought.
These changes corresponded with changes in the types of cars given away: the first several weeks of the car game saw luxury cars given away, but was changed to mid-price sports cars and later to base model cars.
These corresponded in weight to only, but matched the weight of the worn solidi that were circulating in those areas.
These events corresponded in time with a visible upsurge of Russian nationalism orchestrated by official propaganda, the increasingly hostile Cold War and the realization by the Soviet leadership that Israel had chosen the Western option.
These categories were renamed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd class in 1960-which effectively corresponded to the same classification.
These eponymous figures may have corresponded to the obscure ages associated with the semi-legendary dynasty of the Atyads and / or Tantalids, and situated around the time of the emergence of a Lydian nation from their predecessors and / or previous identities as Maeonians and Luvians.
These provinces corresponded to the " Districts " of the pre-Independence administration of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea.
These declines corresponded with a general decline in the prestige of socialist organizations in the Cold War period, as well as the growth of Americans for Democratic Action and other liberal organizations, which tapped the SDF's support among sympathetic progressives.
These corresponded to midshipmen and first-class volunteers respectively in the executive line.
These categories were renamed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd class in 1960-which effectively corresponded to the same classification.
These corresponded to structural alterations made to the buildings and the bridge that were replicated with great care to detail, as can be seen on the depiction to the left.
These two migrations have corresponded with two different economic phases.
These people corresponded with monks who still had tea drinking culture.
These " Hours " usually corresponded to certain times of the day.
These new provinces corresponded to the councils of the districts before 1981.
This idea was given avid support by Melbourne's Catholic Archbishop, Dr Thomas Carr, who welcomed the idea of a hospital to take care of the ' poor and sick and abandoned children ... the young girls of poor parents and servants ...' These ideals corresponded directly with prevalent Victorian ideas of benevolence, which were particularly popular with the middle classes.
These directly corresponded ( through the Schwinger-Dyson equation ) to the measurable physical processes ( cross sections, probability amplitudes, decay widths and lifetimes of excited states ) one needs to be able to calculate.
These were mapped in a manner that corresponded to their place names on the Earth, particularly with respect to the ancient world as known to the Roman and Greek civilizations.
These corresponded to numbers painted on the fret board of the psalmodikon.

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