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These and generally
These concessionaires traded where they wished and generally dealt with the Indians through engages, who might be habitants, voyageurs, or even soldiers.
These controversies have generally been of two types: liturgical and social.
These ordinances proved, however, generally ineffectual to secure strictness of diet, and contemporaneous literature abounds with satirical remarks and complaints concerning the inordinate extravagance of the tables of the abbots.
These are collegiate foundations, which provide a home and an income for unmarried ladies, generally of noble birth, called canonesses ( Kanonissinen ) or more usually Stiftsdamen.
These generally cause developmental abnormalities.
These audiences were generally not fluent in the English language.
" These criteria for autobiography generally persisted until recent times, and most serious autobiographies of the next three hundred years conformed to them.
These include the Athanasian creed, which is today generally seen as being of 5th-century Galician origin.
These are generally electrically powered.
These BBSes were generally more family friendly, avoiding the seedier side of BBSes.
These three categories provide the most compelling evidence that the scribe was generally attentive to his work while he was copying, and that he later subjected his work to careful proofreading.
These are generally thick, rectangular foam pads with a heavy-duty fabric shell.
These birds are generally solitary or found in pairs early in the year, but family groups are common in the late summer and winter roosts may have two dozen or more birds in a single covey.
These are generally monogamous birds, though some evidence of polygamy has been noted.
These cases generally involve severe manic episodes with dangerous behavior or depressive episodes with suicidal ideation.
These persons generally have increased energy and tend to become more active than usual.
These boroughs were generally governed by a self-selecting corporation ( i. e., when a member died or resigned his replacement would be by co-option ).
These churches are generally not in communion with Eastern Orthodox Churches with whom they are in dialogue for erecting a communion.
These are generally called " jumps " and facilitate behavior like loops, conditional program execution ( through the use of a conditional jump ), and functions in programs.
These areas are grouped around asterisms ( which themselves are generally referred to in non-technical language as " constellations "), which are patterns formed by prominent stars within apparent proximity to one another on Earth's night sky.
These two approaches frequently converged and generally complemented one another.
These are also named by IUPAC, which generally adopts the name chosen by the discoverer.
These weapons can be considered carbines, while rifles with barrels of 508 mm ( 20 inches ) or more are generally not considered carbines unless specifically named so, and depending on the weapon's power.
These introductions have generally been well documented, and the cane toad may be one of the most studied of any introduced species.
These early mentions show that couscous spread rapidly, but generally that couscous was common from Tripolitania to the west, while from Cyrenaica to the east the main cuisine was Egyptian, with couscous as an occasional dish.

These and provide
These revenues make it possible to provide essential freight and passenger service over the entire New York Central system as well as the New York area commuter and terminal freight services.
These amendments to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act were designed to help provide for more specialized rehabilitation facilities, for more sheltered and `` half-way '' workshops, for greater numbers of adequately trained personnel, for more comprehensive services to individuals ( particularly to the homebound and the blind ), and for other administrative improvements to increase the program's overall effectiveness.
These machines are designed to provide higher operating speeds, larger yarn packages, and greater flexibility of application to different types of yarn.
These are to be fed at a rate to provide 10 milligrams DES per head daily.
These schools are intended to provide the facilities and specialized curriculum that would not be possible for very small school districts.
These records, when systematically maintained, provide much information about the children, which the teacher can use in guidance, instruction, grouping, and reporting to parents.
These " abbots " are appointed by the brothers and sisters of Redwall to serve as a superior and provide paternal care, much like real abbots.
These include four national forests and one national preserve within state borders that provide over 25 % of the state's public recreation land.
These are all used to provide imagery and information to the flight crew.
These numbers provide valuable services to the customers they serve ; it is, therefore, inadvisable to misuse them.
These estimates provide an insight into reasonable directions of search for efficient algorithms.
These drugs stop production of stomach acid and provide longer lasting relief but they do not neutralize any stomach acid already present in the stomach.
These, transaction costs, taxes, and other costs provide an impediment to this kind of arbitrage.
These laments that are attributed to Jeremiah “ provide a unique look at the prophet's inner struggle with faith, persecution, and human suffering ”.
These unmodified fields are to provide a location to harbor pests.
These bonds, which are stronger than the sp < sup > 3 </ sub > bonds found in alkanes and diamond, provide nanotubes with their unique strength.
These measurements are expected to provide further confirmation of the theory as well as information about cosmic inflation, and the so-called secondary anisotropies, such as the Sunyaev-Zel ' dovich effect and Sachs-Wolfe effect, which are caused by interaction between galaxies and clusters with the cosmic microwave background.
These are intended to ensure basic political, social and economic standards that a nation state, or intergovernmental body is obliged to provide to its citizens but many do include its governments.
These fundamental similarities and differences provide a unifying theme, sometimes allowing the principles learned from studying one cell type to be extrapolated and generalized to other cell types.
These provide some of the earliest evidence for Irish knowledge of Latin.
These are created and managed by individual Perl developers, and provide data feeds to each other in various ad-hoc ways.
These conventions generally provide stronger ties between congregations, including some doctrinal direction and pooling of financial resources.
These observers recommend careful market research to determine if and where the phenomenon can provide measurable benefits for client interactions, sales and support.

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