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These and include
These sages include poet Carl Sandburg, statesman Jawaharlal Nehru and sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, in Volume One, and playwright Sean O'Casey, David Ben-Gurion, philosopher Bertrand Russell and the late Frank Lloyd Wright in the second set.
These services include procurement and technical assistance and notice of surplus sales and invitations to bid on Government contracts for products and services within the registrants' field of operations.
These municipalities include: Barrington, Lincoln, Middletown, Newport, North Kingstown, and South Kingstown.
These cities and towns include Bristol, Glocester, Pawtucket, Cumberland, Central Falls, and Woonsocket.
These student-directed organizations include eight to ten members each ; ;
These include: leaves of absences, illnesses, and layoffs.
These include encouragement of, and assistance to, the engineer in preparation and publication of technical papers.
These include low-temperature ethanol ( Cohn ) fractionation, electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation and column chromatography on ion exchange celluloses.
These area reports will be followed, according to present plans, by a summary report, which will include a detailed statement on methods.
These include:
These types include the endosymbiotic events of cyanobacteria, red algae and green algae, leading to the hypothesis of the supergroups Archaeplastida, Chromalveolata and Cabozoa respectively.
These include graphical methods based on limiting
These include hypothesis testing, the partitioning of sums of
These grounds typically could include errors of law, fact, procedure or due process.
These lampoons include appealing to the authority of " a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London " and " the famous Psalmanazar, a native of the island Formosa " ( who had already confessed to not being from Formosa in 1706 ).
* Central Anatolian steppe: These dry grasslands cover the drier valleys and surround the saline lakes of central Anatolia, and include halophytic ( salt tolerant ) plant communities.
These include:
These outcomes include balance tasks, gait, and individual activities of daily living.
These tests include, but are not limited to:
These include all quadratic surds, all rational numbers, and all numbers that can be formed from these using the basic arithmetic operations and the extraction of square roots.
These include four national forests and one national preserve within state borders that provide over 25 % of the state's public recreation land.
These include Metals and Materials ; the Secrets of Chemistry ; the Origin of Metals ; the Origins of Compounds, and a Concordance which is a collection of Observations on the philosopher's stone ; and other alchemy-chemistry topics, collected under the name of Theatrum Chemicum.
These include: On the Soul, Problems and Solutions, Ethical Problems, On Fate, and On Mixture and Growth.
These include, for example, the beta-lactam antibacterials, which include the penicillins ( produced by fungi in the genus Penicillium ), the cephalosporins, and the carbapenems.

These and Albania
These three entities, covers the history of Albania between the late 12th century, until the half of the 14th century, when Albanian Principalities were created through all Albania.
These coordinates indicated he was on the Kosovo = Albania border, which was a sealed border at the time.
These boundaries, though, were probably never static-At times the territory of Caucasian Albania included land to the west of the river Kura.
These areas include the United Kingdom and most of the European Economic Area ( except Malta, where they are considered vagrant, and Iceland, where they are absent ), plus: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia ( former Yugoslav Republic ), Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.
These rules have resurfaced during the 1990s in Northern Albania, since people had no faith in the powerless local government and police.
These items are similar to other artifacts found in northern Albania ( Kukës and Mat ), Kosovo ( Gjilane ) and northwestern Greece ( Pogoni ).
These traditions are stronger in the northern parts of the country and are also shared with people in eastern Herzegovina, western Serbia, northern Albania and central Dalmatia.
These areas had always lied far outside the influence of Caucasian Albania and similarly fiercely fought off ( as the neighboring Chechens, or Vainakh at that time, did ) the Arab invaders, with assistance from the Khazars.
These include the Inter-American Development Bank ( e. g., in Ecuador, Colombia and Honduras ), the Asian Development Bank ( e. g., in China ), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Eastern Europe, German development cooperation through KfW ( e. g., in Albania, Armenia, Jordan and Peru ), French development cooperation ( e. g., in Senegal ) and British development cooperation ( e. g., in Tanzania and Guyana ).

These and Afghanistan
These developments gave rise to the Islamist and Islamic movement opposed to the increasing communist and Soviet influence over Afghanistan.
These included the communist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan ( PDPA ), which had close ideological ties to the Soviet Union.
These tombs, which date to the Early Dynastic IIIa period ( approximately in the 25th or 24th century BC ), contained immense amounts of luxury items made out of precious metals, and semi-precious stones all of which would have had to been imported from long distances ( Iran, Afghanistan, India, Asia Minor, the Persian Gulf ).
These are, the reduction in gun crime in Northern Ireland ( which led to guns coming from there to the criminal black market in England ); guns ( official issue or confiscated ) acquired by military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan ; and guns coming from Eastern Europe after the fall of the iron curtain.
These activities are also robbing thousands of Afghan children of their right to education, and prevent health workers from doing their jobs in Afghanistan.
These skills provide vital components in the Army's operational capability, and Royal Engineers are currently deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, Kenya, Brunei, Falklands, Belize, Germany and Northern Ireland.
These standards can vary from the very strict standards of modesty in places such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, which require most of the body to be covered, to tribal societies such as the Pirahã or Mursi where full nakedness is the norm.
These demonstrations against the war were mainly organized by anti-war organizations, many of whom had been formed in opposition to the invasion of Afghanistan.
These programmes have included Technofile, Diana: The Final Word, Canoe Man: Rise and Fall of John Darwin and Pathfinders: Into The Heart Of Afghanistan.
These master musicians were revered not only in Afghanistan but also in India, Pakistan, and the entire Middle East.
These birds migrate south through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, to key wintering sites in Israel, Syria, Eritrea, Sudan and north-west India.
These projects enable the local population to become familiar with and trust the U. S. counterinsurgency efforts in Afghanistan.
These have largely been the reason why Colombia now has similar landmine casualties to Afghanistan.
These long-distance migrations were stopped in the early 1960s when the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan were closed, but many Kuchis are still allowed to cross as border officials recognize the Kuchi migrations which occur seasonally and allow them to pass even in times of political turmoil.
These Airmen are assigned to perform traditional US Army duties in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa.
These range from the establishment of the US $ 450 million international Aga Khan University with its Faculty of Health Sciences and teaching hospital based in Karachi, the expansion of schools for girls and medical centers in the Hunza region ( one of the remote parts of Northern Pakistan bordering on China and Afghanistan that is densely populated with Nizari Ismailis ), to the establishment of the Aga Khan Rural Support Program in Gujarat, Indiaand the extension of existing urban hospitals and primary health care centers in Tanzania and Kenya.
These include the nominate form ( type locality Bengal, India ) which is found from Oman and Arabia, Afghanistan, northern India and extends into China and northern Myanmar.
These troops arrived in Afghanistan in September, and their location was revealed in the Norwegian press.
These efforts did however build many of the relationships that would prove essential in the 2001 U. S. Invasion of Afghanistan.
These texts are in the Kharosthi script native to today's Pakistan and Afghanistan.
These include the painted frescos from Dilberjin ; inscriptions, fragments of architecture, sculpture, metal objects, and coins rescued from the French excavations at Ai-Khanoum and Surkh Kotal ; the spectacular collection of objects found at a merchants warehouse in the city of Begram, which include ivories from India, mirrors from China, and glassware from the Roman Empire ; the stucco heads of Hadda ; Buddhist sculpture from Tepe Sardar and other monastic institutions in Afghanistan ; and a large collection of Islamic art from the Ghazvanid and Timurid periods found at Ghazni.
These embedded war artists have depicted the activities of Australian forces in Korea, Vietnam, East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
These secret funds, totalling $ 3 billion over three years, are said to be destined for covert CIA operations within Iraq ( as well as, to a small extent, Afghanistan ).
These secret funds, totalling $ 3 billion over three years, are said to be destined for covert CIA operations within Iraq ( as well as, to a small extent, Afghanistan ).

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