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These and involve
These involve more the mechanics employed in adjusting to fiscal uniformity than they do actual disadvantages to the principle.
These interventive treatments could involve cleaning, stabilizing, repair, or even replacement of parts of the original object.
These disorders typically also involve depressive symptoms or episodes that alternate with the elevated mood states, or with mixed episodes that feature symptoms of both.
These cases generally involve severe manic episodes with dangerous behavior or depressive episodes with suicidal ideation.
These incidents involve far more than a mere claim to the Messiahship ; taken in their setting, they constitute a claim to be the Son of God.
These may involve a combination of chemical processes, erosion from water, tectonic forces, microorganisms, pressure, atmospheric influences, and even digging.
These can take part in self-perpetuating circuits in the gene regulatory network, circuits that can involve several cells that communicate with each other.
These clubs catered to varying interests, primarily sports, and might involve distinctive manners of dress and custom.
These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear.
These processes involve the uptake of larger membrane areas than clathrin-mediated endocytosis and caveolae pathway.
These markets involve numerous variables and human emotions which may be impossible to deterministically characterize, thus expert systems based on the rules of thumb from experts and simulation data are used.
These ameliorative effects are thought to involve inhibition of glutamatergic transmission, though the numerous targets of ethanol make it difficult to determine the exact underlying mechanism.
:* Night Cache: These multi-stage caches are designed to be found at night and generally involve following a series of reflectors with a flashlight to the final cache location.
These steps are found in Negri's manual and involve a galliard step usually ( though not always ) ending with a spin.
These proteins help to modulate IGF action in complex ways that involve both inhibiting IGF action by preventing binding to the IGF-1 receptor as well as promoting IGF action possibly through aiding in delivery to the receptor and increasing IGF half-life.
These costs ( which can be a significant part of the entire plant costs ) involve the differential impact of the presence of drying equipment in a specific plant.
These effects are believed to involve muscarinic and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
These approaches involve contrasting ideas as to the purpose and process of learning and education-and the role that educators may take.
These micronations tend to have a reasonably serious intent, and often involve significant numbers of people interested in recreating the past or simulating political or social processes.
House parties that involve the drinking of beer pumped from a keg are called keg parties or “ keggers .” These parties are popular in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia and are often attended by people under the legal drinking age.
These parties are usually of short duration and sometimes involve getting ready for the event ( e. g., the guests may put on makeup or costumes ).
These stories typically involve " frontier " colony worlds ( colonies that have only recently been terraformed and / or settled ) serving as stand-ins for the backdrop of lawlessness and economic expansion that were predominant in the American west.
These involve shooting clay disks, known as clay pigeons, thrown in various ways.
These generally involve pre-coating the chamber with any of a variety of substances, or by gently smoking a new pipe to build up a cake ( a mixture of ash, unburned tobacco, oils, sugars, and other residue ) on the walls.
These relate to the way in which observations have been gathered and may often involve an assumption of random selection of some type.

These and subtle
These terms by themselves are not very precise, and many subtle intermediate cases exist.
These patients have recurrent absence seizures, brief episodes of unresponsive staring, sometimes with minor motor features such as eye blinking or subtle chewing.
These users specialize in flaming and target specific aspects of a controversial conversation, and are usually more subtle than their counterparts.
These fields are interrelated often and share the common goals of protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information ; however, there are some subtle differences between them.
These can be as subtle as a size difference ( sexual size dimorphism, often abbreviated as SSD ) or as extreme as horns and color patterns.
These are regulators for cheating and subtle cheating.
These were published in a journal called The Fat Abbot in the Fall Winter 1962 edition, along with an essay illuminating subtle characteristics of the originals.
These have been toned down in recent decades as he has adapted and transformed the techniques into more subtle methods.
These parameters are mostly only used for describing HPLC reversed phase and HPLC normal phase separations, since those separations tend to be more subtle than other HPLC modes ( e. g. ion exchange and size exclusion ).
These colourful photo-paper works are folded, creased or otherwise manipulated, allowing for a subtle play with the material surface and the resulting illusion of lines and contrast.
These games would initially show that the copy was successful, but eventually render themselves unplayable via subtle methods.
These works are subtle in their narrative links to one another.
These include symbols of mortality, whether obvious ones like skulls, or more subtle ones, like a flower losing its petals.
These five subtle elements are themselves evolvents and cause the creation of the five gross elements space, air, fire, water and earth.
These " positive " results tend to be based on demonstrating more subtle relationships between risk and purchasing behavior ( e. g. between mortality and whether the customer chooses a life annuity which is fixed or inflation-linked ), rather than simple correlations of risk and quantity purchased.
These recent trends can be described as " electro tango " or " tango fusion ", where the electronic influences are available in multiple ranges: from very subtle to rather dominant.
These are subtle ways of drawing attention to the key bar of the Mozart piece.
These subtle forms of applause may not be recognized as such by the audience.
These subtle differences can influence the players experience and in some cases the difficulty of the game.
These two 32-bit versions added slightly redone graphics, a CG animated opening and other subtle changes ( most of them derived from the English Mega-CD version ).
These subtle differences are called Lesser Features, and have no mechanical gameplay effect.
These two sections are made up of mostly very short aphorisms on man ’ s and women and child ’ s natures or " evolution ," in Nietzsche's subtle and anti-Darwinian sense.
These subtle changes along with its renowned handling kept the NSX-R in competition on the track against considerably higher-powered cars.
These philosophical arguments were not entirely successful in convincing the filial Chinese that the behavior advocated by Buddhism was correct, and so less subtle methods were employed.

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