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Page "fiction" ¶ 249
from Brown Corpus
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These and little
These little problems help me to do so ''.
These proposals would reduce the amount of tax that DuPont stockholders might have to pay -- from an estimated 1.1 billion dollars under present law to as little as 192 million dollars.
These attempts met with little sucess for a variety of reasons.
These included, as one, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Payne, who had checked in a little after noon the day before, and had not checked out together.
These men -- for the most part educated in our `` best '' New England colleges, well established financially and socially in the community -- under kindly but insistent probing, reveal little or no objective or explicit criteria or data for their generalizations about the interests and attitudes of the people they claim to serve, or about the public responses that actually follow their occasional breach of a `` client-service relationship ''.
These keys are the working principles of physics, mathematics and astronomy, principles which are then extrapolated, or projected, to explain phenomena of which we have little or no direct knowledge.
These metals found little practical use until the introduction of crucible steel around 300 BC.
These collections deal primarily with Carnegie philanthropy and have very little personal material related to Carnegie.
These conditions apparently had little effect in the deep tropics, where lush coal swamps flourished within 30 degrees of the northernmost glaciers.
These contain about 80 % ground granulated blast furnace slag, 15 % gypsum or anhydrite and a little Portland clinker or lime as an activator.
These methods have seen little application in Africa for more than half a century.
These rivers rise in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains along the Syro – Turkish border and add comparatively little water to the Euphrates.
These often consisted of minor deities with little individual identity.
" These summaries were usually simple concatenations of received replies with little to no quality checking.
These brown powders reduced burning rate even further by using as little as 2 percent sulfur and using charcoal made from rye straw that had not been completely charred, hence the brown color.
This early interest in Heidegger followed Marcuse's demand for “ concrete philosophy ,” which, he declared in 1928, “ concerns itself with the truth of contemporaneous human existence .” These words were directed against the neo-Kantianism of the mainstream, and against both the revisionist and orthodox Marxist alternatives, in which the subjectivity of the individual played little role.
These harps can only play in a single key during any given performance, though any string on a harp can be tuned to a corresponding sharp or flat before a performance and then be returned to its regular tension ( key ) afterwards with little effort.
These claims have little credibility with historians.
These areas support little life and are the least populated regions of Jordan.
These keyboards are generally quiet and the keys require little force to press.
These cycles are often affected by changes in sleep cycle ( too much or too little ), diurnal rhythms, and environmental stressors.
These little homilies became known as " Doddisms ".
These scholars argue that there is little connection between the notion of original jurisdiction and the Supreme Court, and note that the Act seems to affirm the Court's power to exercise only appellate jurisdiction.

These and songs
These songs ( practically all Persian music, for that matter ) are limited to a range of two octaves.
These praise songs are probably the same performed at Matilda's coronation, but might have been used at other court ceremonies before Ealdred's death.
These songs were typically performed while adjusting the rigging, raising anchor, and other tasks where men would need to pull in rhythm.
These songs usually have a very punctuated rhythm precisely for this reason, along with a call-and-answer format.
These later sheets could include many individual songs, which would be cut apart and sold individually as " slipsongs.
These songs of longing and romance once served as a courtship ritual and still do today to some extent on this island where the drum is an integral part of the culture.
These composers, like many of their predecessors, both made arrangements of folk songs and incorporated traditional material into original classical compositions.
These songs were unreleased.
These free arrangements for piano and low or high voice were intended to fit the tastes and musical practices associated with art songs of the time.
These tapes were soon replaced by CD + Gs, but a plug-n-play karaoke microphone that housed a factory built-in songchip loaded with hundreds of karaoke songs quickly became a favourite.
These tracks feature the 2001 release bonus songs and previously unissued recordings, including alternate electric backing versions of three songs.
These songs provided a means of passing on through the centuries highly important information about historical events.
These rhymes seem to have come from a variety of sources, including traditional riddles, proverbs, ballads, lines of Mummers ' plays, drinking songs, historical events, and, it has been suggested, ancient pagan rituals.
These two songs were written in the weeks before Curtis took his own life.
These masques contained songs and dances.
Music Journalist Hal Horowitz wrote: " These songs aren ’ t as loud or frantic as those of her late 70s heyday, but they resonate just as boldly as she moans, chants, speaks and spits out lyrics with the grace and determination of Mohammad Ali in his prime.
These recordings, made circa 1860, include fragments of two French songs and a recitation in Italian.
These three efforts were among five original songs by Simon included on their first album for Columbia Records, Wednesday Morning, 3 A. M., which initially flopped upon its release on October 19, 1964.
" These bands were quieter and featured more low-key, often near-childlike songs as Richman drew on folk-rock and other genres.
( These three live albums are from the same three 1971-3 performances, but add and subtract a few different songs.
These songs would be recorded by Waits as a studio album 10 years later on Alice.
These songs were available to purchasers of the box set in digital format only, with the use of a special download code.
These continued to be copied and performed after his death, along with songs composed by Piagnoni in his memory.

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