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These and lives
These moments are historical events in the lives of individual authors with which the student of comparative literature must be frequently concerned.
These dogs naturally experience enormous growth surges in the first year or two of their lives.
These developments have indeed made our lives better, but the best contribution that bionics has made is in the field of biomedical engineering.
These anthropologists continue to concern themselves with the distinct ways people in different locales experience and understand their lives, but they often argue that one cannot understand these particular ways of life solely from a local perspective ; they instead combine a focus on the local with an effort to grasp larger political, economic, and cultural frameworks that impact local lived realities.
These clutches had long operating lives, cycling for tens, maybe hundreds of millions of cycles without need of maintenance other than occasional lubrication with recommended oil.
It consists of a group of heroic tales dealing with the lives of Conchobar mac Nessa, king of Ulster, the great hero Cú Chulainn, the son of Lug, and of their friends, lovers, and enemies. These are the Ulaid, or people of the North-Eastern corner of Ireland and the action of the stories centres round the royal court at Emain Macha ( known in English as Navan Fort ), close to the modern town of Armagh.
These demonstrations were violently suppressed by the authorities, " between two and twenty people lost their lives, and between 763 and 1137 received injuries.
These engineering marvels radically altered the 19th-century urban environment and the daily lives of people.
These later medieval lives do, however, reveal that during Goscelin's lifetime persons suffering from gout were urged to pray at Mellitus ' tomb.
These include: The Inhumans, another genetically unstable race ( like the Deviants, but in their case its due to their use of a substance called the ' Terrigen Mists ') that was created by a Kree experiment long ago ; The Subterraneans, a race of humanoids adapted to living below the surface, created by the Deviants ( some subterraneans were transformed into ' Lava Men ' by a demon ); and Homo mermanus, a humanoid race of water-breathers that lives in Earth's oceans.
These masculist circles worship both the god and the goddess, but tend to emphasise the role of the god in their lives.
These reforms included guarantees to ensure the Ottoman subjects perfect security for their lives, honour, and property ; the introduction of the first Ottoman paper banknotes ( 1840 ) and opening of the first post offices ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the finance system according to the French model ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the Civil and Criminal Code according to the French model ( 1840 ); the establishment of the Meclis-i Maarif-i Umumiye ( 1841 ) which was the prototype of the First Ottoman Parliament ( 1876 ); the reorganization of the army and a regular method of recruiting, levying the army, and fixing the duration of military service ( 1843 – 44 ); the adoption of an Ottoman national anthem and Ottoman national flag ( 1844 ); the first nationwide Ottoman census in 1844 ( only male citizens were counted ); the first national identity cards ( officially named the Mecidiye identity papers, or informally kafa kağıdı ( head paper ) documents, 1844 ); the institution of a Council of Public Instruction ( 1845 ) and the Ministry of Education ( Mekatib-i Umumiye Nezareti, 1847, which later became the Maarif Nezareti, 1857 ); the abolition of slavery and slave trade ( 1847 ); the establishment of the first modern universities ( darülfünun, 1848 ), academies ( 1848 ) and teacher schools ( darülmuallimin, 1848 ); establishment of the Ministry of Healthcare ( Tıbbiye Nezareti, 1850 ); the Commerce and Trade Code ( 1850 ); establishment of the Academy of Sciences ( Encümen-i Daniş, 1851 ); establishment of the Şirket-i Hayriye which operated the first steam-powered commuter ferries ( 1851 ); the first European style courts ( Meclis-i Ahkam-ı Adliye, 1853 ) and supreme judiciary council ( Meclis-i Ali-yi Tanzimat, 1853 ); establishment of the modern Municipality of Istanbul ( Şehremaneti, 1854 ) and the City Planning Council ( İntizam-ı Şehir Komisyonu, 1855 ); the abolition of the capitation ( Jizya ) tax on non-Muslims, with a regular method of establishing and collecting taxes ( 1856 ); non-Muslims were allowed to become soldiers ( 1856 ); various provisions for the better administration of the public service and advancement of commerce ; the establishment of the first telegraph networks ( 1847 – 1855 ) and railroads ( 1856 ); the replacement of guilds with factories ; the establishment of the Ottoman Central Bank ( originally established as the Bank-ı Osmanî in 1856, and later reorganized as the Bank-ı Osmanî-i Şahane in 1863 ) and the Ottoman Stock Exchange ( Dersaadet Tahvilat Borsası, established in 1866 ); the Land Code ( Arazi Kanunnamesi, 1857 ); permission for private sector publishers and printing firms with the Serbesti-i Kürşad Nizamnamesi ( 1857 ); establishment of the School of Economical and Political Sciences ( Mekteb-i Mülkiye, 1859 ); the Press and Journalism Regulation Code ( Matbuat Nizamnamesi, 1864 ); among others.
These stars are the most massive, and have the shortest lives of a few tens of millions of years.
These publications demonstrate that oral history can contribute greatly to our understanding of many interesting fields in human lives and history itself, such as the motives behind the dissidents ' activities, the formation of opposition groups, communication between dissidents and state representatives and the emergence of ex-communist elites and their decision-making processes.
These insects spend most of their lives as grubs underground.
These incidents, which claimed many lives, were a blow to the civilian government.
Xeer is defined by a few fundamental tenets that are immutable and which closely approximate the principle of jus cogens in international law: These precepts include: a ) payment of blood money ( locally referred to as diya ) for libel, theft, physical harm, rape and death, as well as supplying assistance to relatives ; b ) assuring good inter-clan relations by treating women justly, negotiating with " peace emissaries " in good faith, and sparing the lives of socially protected groups " Birr Magaydo ," ( e. g. children, women, the pious, poets, messengers, sheikhs, and guests ); c ) family obligations such as the payment of dowry, and sanctions for eloping ; d ) rules pertaining to the management of resources such as the use of pasture land, water, and other natural resources ; e ) providing financial support to married female relatives and newlyweds ; f ) donating livestock and other assets to the poor.
These include the " super-powers " of the computer characters, the feather power up which allows players to jump high into the air and having a restricted number of lives.
These saintly figures, he asserts, are " the focal points of spiritual force-fields ", exerting " powerful attractive influence on followers but touch the inner lives of others in transforming ways as well.
These dramas are distinguished by their emphasis on a strong sense of style, deportment, and a witty repartee that is used to conceal the raw emotions which lie just beneath the surfaces of the dramatic lives of its characters.
These Protestants add that " eating and drinking " is sometimes used metaphorically, as of Jeremiah " eating " God's words (), or David speaking of water as blood, since it was obtained at the risk of the lives of his men ().
These underground refuges have saved thousands of lives.
These films were neorealist in style, being semi-documentary studies of the lives of ordinary people.
These include asylum seekers, refugees who have returned home but still need help in rebuilding their lives, local civilian communities directly affected by the movements of refugees, stateless people and so-called internally displaced people ( IDPs ).

These and are
These are just another couple of characters to roll.
These men are not callous.
These things are important to almost all Persians and perhaps most important to the most ordinary.
These are traversed by another line of vaults, and thus rooms, arched on all four sides, are formed.
These songs ( practically all Persian music, for that matter ) are limited to a range of two octaves.
These are not, however, differences in federal structure.
These my grandmother left in their places ( they are still there, more persistent and longer-lived than the generations of man ) and planted others like them, that flourished without careful tending.
These are like the initial ways in which the world forces itself upon the self and thrusts the self into decision and choice.
These are suggestive of Selma Lagerlof.
These assumptions lead to an organization with one man at the top, six directly under him, six under each of these, and so on until there are six levels of personnel.
These ways are absolutely irreconcilable because they offer two different recipes for man's redemption from chaos.
These responses are explicable in terms of characteristics inherent in the crisis.
These discoveries are of present interest chiefly to the scientific community ; ;
These are personality factors ; ;
These are, if the research is done with subtlety and skill, researchable topics, but the research is missing.
These conceptions and the manner in which they were transposed into poetry or engendered by poetic form are intrinsic to western life from the time of Aeschylus to that of Shakespeare.
These biographical analogies are obvious, and far too much time has been spent speculating on their possible implications.
These women whose organization grew out of the old suffrage movement are dedicated to Thomas Jefferson's dictum that one must cherish the people's spirit but `` Keep alive their attention ''.
These are, of course, the same people whose support he has only now rejected to seek the independent vote.
These are New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Illinois and Minnesota.
These men are spenders.

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