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These and mean
These losses depend on fiber diameter and length, absorption coefficient, the mean value of the loss per internal reflection and last, but not least, on the angular distribution of the incident light.
These typically have a mean diameter of about 0. 7 micrometers.
These two sequences converge to the same number, which is the arithmetic – geometric mean of and ; it is denoted by, or sometimes by.
These models predict an upward trend in the global mean surface temperature, with the most rapid increase in temperature being projected for the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.
These asymmetric bonds mean a strand of DNA has a direction.
These measurements can be considered as secondary realizations ( in a metrological sense ) of the primary definition of ET in terms of the solar motion, after a calibration of the mean motion of the Moon with respect to the mean motion of the Sun.
These elements mean that they are often cited as one of the progenitors of hard rock and heavy metal and they have been described as the " definitive heavy metal band ", although they have often eschewed the label.
These words mean that people who have in them what indeed constitutes nationality are able to extend the existence of their nation regardless of the political circumstances of that existence, and may even pursue its re-creation.
These extremely short lifetimes mean that in 1 second, 10, 000 to 10, 000, 000 neutron lifetimes can pass.
These sources also indicate that " between the two evenings " was taken to mean the afternoon.
These three constraints are often competing constraints: increased scope typically means increased time and increased cost, a tight time constraint could mean increased costs and reduced scope, and a tight budget could mean increased time and reduced scope.
Quid agis here would mean, “ How are you ?” These archaic forms present the reader with a richer understanding of the Latin language.
These order-theoretic properties lead to a number of important results in real analysis, such as the monotone convergence theorem, the intermediate value theorem and the mean value theorem.
These eight data points have the mean ( average ) of 5:
These words literally mean " beggar ", learner, auspicious, adept, endowed with harmony and order ; and it is traditional for bhikkhus to beg their food.
These data are compared to the reference ( or datum ) level usually called mean sea level.
These characteristics mean that 10BASE2 is ideal for a small network of two or three machines, perhaps in a home where easily concealed wiring may be an advantage.
These complications mean that there are three common ways to express a polynomial as an integer: the first two, which are mirror images in binary, are the constants found in code ; the third is the number found in Koopman's papers.
These delays mean that part or all of a given symbol will be spread into the subsequent symbols, thereby interfering with the correct detection of those symbols.
These overlapping spelling patterns mean that in many cases the same sound can be spelled differently and the same spelling can represent different sounds.
These differences could mean that the bacterial and archaella could be a classic case of biological analogy, or convergent evolution, rather than homology.
These terms originated in martial arts and uke is used in Japanese gay slang to mean the receptive partner in anal sex.

These and respectively
These have been labeled Regions 1, 2, and 4, respectively, in Fig. 1.
These types include the endosymbiotic events of cyanobacteria, red algae and green algae, leading to the hypothesis of the supergroups Archaeplastida, Chromalveolata and Cabozoa respectively.
These beliefs have persisted despite ( and have been influenced by ) the introduction of Islam and Catholicism to the islands in the 13th and 16th centuries, respectively.
These two theories respectively evolved the doctrine of individual and universal immortality, or the absorption of the individual into the eternal One.
These were rededicated during the early Roman Empire to Augustus or Claudius ( uncertain ), and Agrippa, respectively.
These operas were composed in 1787 and 1792 respectively.
These are applied to back-and front-vowel words respectively.
These forms of AC have been reported in specific bacteria ( Prevotella ruminicola and Rhizobium etti, respectively ) and have not been extensively characterized.
These were followed by groups of infantry ( dismounted cavalry ) commanded, respectively, by the Dauphin ( later Charles V of France ), the Duke of Orléans and King Jean.
These symbols may be placed above any other symbol, turning it respectively into a “ thing ”, an “ action ”, and an “ evaluation ”:
These three battalions are respectively the Bataillon Special Amphibie ( BSA ), the Bataillon des Troupes Aeroportees ( BTAP ) and the Bataillon Blinde de Reconnaissance ( BBR ).
These are called " agent-focused " and " agent-neutral " theories respectively.
These fiber types are chemically different, corresponding to proteins, carbohydrates and synthetic polymers, respectively.
These polar unit vectors can be expressed in terms of Cartesian unit vectors in the x and y directions, denoted i and j respectively :< ref > Note: unlike the Cartesian unit vectors i and j, which are constant, in polar coordinates the direction of the unit vectors u < sub > r </ sub > and u < sub > θ </ sub > depend on θ, and so in general have non-zero time derivatives .</ ref >
These were ruled respectively by caciques Guacanagarix, Guarionex, Caonabo, Bohechío, and Cayacoa.
These digits are often used with a decimal separator which indicates the start of a fractional part, and with a symbol such as the plus sign + ( for positive ) or minus sign − ( for negative ) adjacent to the numeral to indicate whether it is greater or less than zero, respectively.
These two examples are respectively for two major storage types:
These positions are referred to by the letters A, B, C and D respectively.
These two examples are respectively for two major storage types:
These volumes respectively form the most extensive development of his views.
These occur in years 3, 11, and 14 of the Gregorian 19-year cycle ( corresponding respectively to years 19, 8, and 11 of the Jewish 19-year cycle ).
These are defined by PICMG 2. 0R3 and PICMG Exp0 R1 respectively.
( These directions are also known as orthodromic and antidromic, respectively.
These are called the radix-2 and mixed-radix cases, respectively ( and other variants such as the split-radix FFT have their own names as well ).
These solids can clog or pass through the filter, respectively.

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