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These and measures
These are only halfway measures, and the answer will come when some way is found to allow the technical man in industry to progress without limit in salary and prestige ''.
These proclamations embodied Johnson's conciliatory policies towards the South, as well as his rush to reincorporate the former Confederate states into the union without due regard for freedmen's rights ; these positions and his vetoes of civil rights bills embroiled him in a bitter dispute with Radical Republicans who demanded harsher measures.
These measures are used primarily as a marketing tool, and are not as well standardised as toner yields.
These measures had the effect of clearing out the docket.
These large litters act as compensatory measures against the high juvenile mortality rate – about 50 – 70 % of pups do not survive to adulthood.
These include the number and types of the attributes or variables and the various statistical measures which may be applied to them such as standard deviation and kurtosis.
These military measures, severe as they were, did not succeed in reducing the local Druze to the required degree of subordination.
These swarms can be recorded by seismometers and tiltmeters ( a device that measures ground slope ) and used as sensors to predict imminent or upcoming eruptions.
These are typical of fandangos and sevillanas, suggesting their origin as non-Gypsy styles, since the 3 / 4 and 4 / 4 measures are not common in ethnic Gypsy music.
These measures have contributed significantly to subregional cooperation, development, and the reduction of tension.
These measures received retrospective sanction in a special one-article Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defense ( Gesetz über Maßnahmen der Staatsnotwehr ) ( July 3, 1934 ).
These laws were among the first race-based measures instituted by the Third Reich.
These measures favoured the further fragmentation of the Empire.
These austerity measures have proved extremely unpopular with the Greek public, precipitating demonstrations and civil unrest.
These measures caused a general commotion which hastened the death of King Wenceslaus by a paralytic stroke in 1419.
These measures work best when returns follow normal distributions without autocorrelation, and these assumptions are often not met in practice.
These correspond to the alternative measures of skewness that are not based on ordinary moments.
These measures did not prevent, however, a group of army officers led by then Captain Muammar Gaddafi ( a signals officer ) seizing power on 1 September 1969.
These measures are used more commonly within Radiation Health Physics, as survival beyond 60 days usually results in recovery.
These measures are commonly used to indicate the comparative efficacy of chemical warfare agents, and dosages are typically qualified by rates of breathing ( e. g., resting = 10 l / min ) for inhalation, or degree of clothing for skin penetration.
These measures did not contribute to any notable increase in support for the government, because the mujahideen had a stronger legitimacy to protect Islam than the government ; they had rebelled against what they saw as an anti-Islamic government, that government was the PDPA.
These measures fell most harshly on the members of the former ruling class of Spanish or Spanish-descended church officials, military officers, merchants, and hacendados ( large landowners ).
These measures had the effect of blocking a main source of papal revenue.

These and plus
These form thirteen established families ( plus perhaps Shompen, which is poorly attested, as a fourteenth ), which have traditionally been grouped into two, as Mon – Khmer and Munda.
These wore leather armour or mail plus a helmet.
These companies offer both English-and Spanish-language television, plus a range of channels in other languages, high definition channels, pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages and premium movie channels such as HBO, Playboy TV, Cinecanal, etc.
These digits are often used with a decimal separator which indicates the start of a fractional part, and with a symbol such as the plus sign + ( for positive ) or minus sign − ( for negative ) adjacent to the numeral to indicate whether it is greater or less than zero, respectively.
These two, plus all the other known invertebrates, have only one cluster of Hox genes, while the vertebrates have duplicated their original cluster more than once.
These are marked with a plus sign.
These and other developments hint that the retroactive rediscovery of Feynman ’ s “ Plenty of Room ” gave nanotechnology a packaged history that provided an early date of December 1959, plus a connection to the charisma and genius of Richard Feynman.
These included: Rheinterrasse, Löwenbräu ( Bavarian beer restaurant ), Grinzing ( Viennese café and wine bar ), Bodega ( Spanish winery ), Csarda ( Hungarian ), Wild West Bar ( aka the Arizona Bar ) ( American ), Osteria ( Italian ), Kombüse ( Bremen drinking den-literally " galley "), Rübchen ( Teltow, named after the well-known turnip dish Teltower Rübchen, made with turnips grown locally in the small town of Teltow just outside Berlin ), plus a Turkish cafe and Japanese tearoom ; additionally there was a large ballroom.
These engaged and defeated the Carthaginians ' 15, 000 infantry and 1, 500 cavalry ( plus an unknown number of elephants ) and the remaining insurgent Sardinians at the Battle of Cornus.
( These three times, plus in some congregations the Aleinu prayer during the Musaf Amidah on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, are the only times in Jewish services when Jews engage in prostration, with the exception of some Yemenite Jews and talmedhei haRambam ( disciples of Maimonides ) who may prostrate themselves on other occasions during the year ).
These profit-sharing contributions plus the matching contributions both cannot exceed 25 % of the employee's pre-tax compensation.
These part-time guardsmen are augmented by a full-time cadre of Active Guard & Reserve ( AGR ) personnel in both the Army National Guard and Air National Guard, plus Army Reserve Technicians in the Army National Guard and Air Reserve Technicians ( ART ) in the Air National Guard.
These worms have specialized tentacles used for exchanging oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide, plus they are used for reproduction.
These include profit sharing ( Mudharabah ), safekeeping ( Wadiah ), joint venture ( Musharakah ), cost plus ( Murabahah ), and leasing ( Ijarah ).
* Hors d ' age: These are too old to determine the age, although ten years plus is typical, and are usually of great quality.
These variables begin with %%, a letter, then alphanumerics plus underscores ( e. g. %% my_variable_1.
These prints used a silver plus dye soundtrack that were printed into the magenta dye layer.
These basic values are modified by other factors such as the position of the pieces ( e. g. advanced pawns are usually more valuable than those on their starting squares ), coordination between pieces ( e. g. a bishop pair usually coordinates better than a bishop plus a knight ), and the type of position ( knights are generally better in closed positions with many pawns, while bishops are more powerful in open positions ).
These 16 rockets plus 16 reloads gave them as much firepower as a destroyer's guns.
These characterizations, plus the Jordans ' change from being singers / musicians to comic actors, pointed toward their future ; it was here where Marian developed and perfected the radio character " Teeny ".
These routes provide a variety of links to locations within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, nearby and neighbouring boroughs including Bexley, Lewisham and Bromley, plus links into Central London and to Bluewater which is across the London boundary in the Dartford borough of Kent.
These correspond to the three spatial dimensions which define position ( the x, y, z in a Cartesian coordinate system ), plus the velocity in each of these dimensions.
These include ; a tearoom, a co-op food store, two newsagents, two butchers, various take-aways such as a fish and chip shop and a Chinese take-away, plus an award-winning Bangladeshi restaurant.
These minerals such as potassic richterite, chromian diopside ( a pyroxene ), chromium spinels, magnesian ilmenite, and garnets rich in pyrope plus chromium, are generally absent from most other igneous rocks, making them particularly useful as indicators for kimberlites.

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