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These and men
These men are not callous.
These new pictures focussed on the familiar and commonplace objects that he had heard the men in his prison camp talking about as the things they missed most, hence associated with the sense of lost freedom: the cafe at the corner, the newspaper kiosk, the girls in doorways and windows along the street, the golden-crusted French bread they lacked, the cigarettes denied them.
These men are spenders.
These expenditures are estimated to be $12.1 billion, an increase of $187 million over 1960, reflecting additional longevity pay of career personnel, more dependents, an increased number of men drawing proficiency pay, and social security tax increases ( effective for the full year in 1961 compared with only 6 months in 1960 ).
These were educated men, who, as Mr. Justice Holmes was fond of saying, formed their inductions out of experience under the burden of responsibility.
These men are considered managers of engineers.
These 1750 cases were carted off in a one-night operation by the O'Banion men, who left in their stead the same number of barrels filled with water.
These men were without capital or experience.
These men -- for the most part educated in our `` best '' New England colleges, well established financially and socially in the community -- under kindly but insistent probing, reveal little or no objective or explicit criteria or data for their generalizations about the interests and attitudes of the people they claim to serve, or about the public responses that actually follow their occasional breach of a `` client-service relationship ''.
" These Teutons or Teuton men appear to have been in Angeln and the land around it.
These songs were typically performed while adjusting the rigging, raising anchor, and other tasks where men would need to pull in rhythm.
These four young Hebrew men were taken captive in one of the Babylonian raids against Judah in 605 BC.
These were militarily far weaker, as Strabo assessed their combined military potential at just 40, 000 armed men, and were often involved in internecine warfare.
The only difference is that in the chorus, instead of singing " These are men, America's best ", they sing " These are men, The Netherlands ' best ".
* The Croatian Bojna za specijalna djelovanja ( BSD ) use the lyrics, but instead of " These are men, America's best " they sing " These are men, Croatia's best " and in the final chorus, referring to the son of a killed Green Beret, they also sing " Make him one of Croatia's best ".
These include Quanterness chambered cairn ( 3250 BC ) in which the remains of 157 individuals were found when excavated in the 1970s, Cuween Hill near Finstown which was found to contain the bones of men, dogs and oxen and Wideford Hill cairn, which dates from 2000 BC.
These letters were intended to reach men and women of her circle, increasingly widening her audience to include figures in authority as she begged for peace between the republics and principalities of Italy and for the return of the Papacy from Avignon to Rome.
These men received additional pay ranging from $ 36 to $ 45 per month depending on their rating.
These were men suited to dealing with petitions, requests, correspondence, legal affairs, and foreign embassies.

These and were
These were the ones Keith sought out -- the loners, the ones who killed for the joy of it, like himself.
These were the last words he ever uttered.
These two were going to be easy pickins.
These performances were being staged at historical monuments throughout Europe.
These were Oneida Indians.
These conceptions and the manner in which they were transposed into poetry or engendered by poetic form are intrinsic to western life from the time of Aeschylus to that of Shakespeare.
These basic ideas concerning the nature of religion were, Adams believed, some of the major keys to the understanding of history and the movement of society.
These were his public academic activities, domi forisque, in the college and in the university.
These early experiments were evidently not altogether satisfying to Patchen.
These people were not talking much about it, but you, a foreigner, sensed their apprehension and disappointment.
These public efforts were rare because Mr. Rayburn normally did his counseling, persuading and educating long before an issue reached its test on the House floor.
These microfossils indicate the swamp was `` formed during the Lower Cretaceous period when dinosaurs were at their heyday and when the first flowering plants were just appearing.
These were heroes nine feet tall to him ''.
These little songs, however, were sweet nothings from the heart, tender memories of his childhood, little melodies that anyone could hum and that would make one want to weep.
These were the ships of His Majesty's Navy, herding the hulks of the East Indies merchants and the yachts and ketches of the loyalists.
These trumps were more touching than they were anything else, and seemed to imply that the nights were long, her children ungrateful, and her marriage bewilderingly threadbare.
These were selected carefully and included not only detailed clinical information but adequate pathology of value for research and educational purposes.
These amendments to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act were designed to help provide for more specialized rehabilitation facilities, for more sheltered and `` half-way '' workshops, for greater numbers of adequately trained personnel, for more comprehensive services to individuals ( particularly to the homebound and the blind ), and for other administrative improvements to increase the program's overall effectiveness.
These plans, like Du Pont's, contained provisions for passing the vote on Du Pont's General Motors shares on to the ultimate stockholders of Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware, except that officers and directors of the three companies, their spouses, and other people living in their households, as well as other specified persons, were to be totally disenfranchised.
These curves were derived by an analysis of extensive skywave measurement data.
These boys acknowledged an introduction to anybody by gently pressing one of his hands in both of theirs, while they gazed, misty-eyed with care, into the eyes of the person they were meeting.

These and organised
These organised offices and support systems include aides-de-camp, press officers, financial managers, speech writers, trip organisers, event planners and protocol officers.
These four faculties were formed at the start of 2009 from the consolidation of ten academic divisions, to enable a more organised and centralised approach to teaching and research:
These ex-marines reportedly organised themselves in villages along the lines of the military companies in which they had fought.
These two organised the campaign against Chaban-Delmas in 1974.
These events are often invitational and are organised by sports organisations, sports promoters, or other institutions.
These cells are organised biologically to eventually form the whole body.
These formations were organised and equipped as motorised infantry divisions, and often played a " fire brigade " role on the western front.
These figures seem small but it has to be noted that there were no amusement parks and festivals, fairs and other major happenings were rarely organised.
These lectures, organised by the LSE Events office, are open to students, alumni and the general public.
These and other dedicated assault vehicles were organised into the specialised 79th Armoured Division and deployed during Operation Overlord-' D-Day '.
These yearly markets have been organised on the second Tuesday of July since at least 1557.
These terms thus divide combatants in a war zone into two classes: those in armies and organised militias and the like ( lawful combatants ), and those who are not.
These troops were already organised into numbered recruit training regiments, and it was decided to use this existing configuration to organise the Greek troops, supplementing them with experienced men arriving from the mainland.
These were typically organised by educational institutions, military organisations and sports clubs as competitions between rival establishments.
These confrontations contained organised police lines including charges by police and police mounted on horseback.
These support groups organised thousands of collections outside supermarkets, communal kitchens, benefit concerts and other activities.
These took the place of hundreds found in most other English counties, and originated in military subdivisions organised for the defence of the county from incursions by Scottish troops.
These were the first large tournaments organised by the British Chess Association, international players were allowed to participate.
These acts resulted in a conspiracy organised by the members of the different factions of his court against him.
These organised their own intakes, and were not tied to the curricula of any of the above schools.
These deposits are mostly known of due to the large numbers of surface bound worked flint ; indeed there is substanital amounts to speculate on organised working of flint in the area.
These activities met by opposition from the Mid-War governments ; in 1929 George Papandreou, as minister of Education in the government of Eleftherios Venizelos, passed legislation against organised communist teachers, known as Idionymon.
These gangs are a major component of organised crime in Australia and continue to arm themselves illegally.
These Folk Markets are organised by the Société de développement de Vevey.
These 265 local districts had their cult organised around the Lares Compitales ( deities of the crossroads ) but the Emperor Augustus " reorganized the cult into a worship of the Lares Augusti along with the Genius Augusti ".

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